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021. Meteor that Falls

In Europe there is a belief that falling meteors are good omens. There is a popular belief that to think of an idea or wish when a meteor falls is to have it fulfilled in one year. If a wish should be formulated exactly at the moment of seeing a meteor, it should have been on the consciousness all the time. Generally we know that what our hearts are after all the time gets fulfilled. To convert this experience and the spiritual truth behind it into a method to solve life problems is possible. Whatever problem one strives to solve, he can try to bring it to the surface of his consciousness. It can be done, if he can think of it every hour, on the stroke of the hour exactly. To do so, it should be on his consciousness all the time.

A tuberculosis patient was rich but was employed. In view of his illness, he remained unmarried. His malady was to vomit blood once a mouth. Prolonged treatment had extended the interval between two such disasters. He sought asylum in his religious centre which gave further relief but not total cure. He could walk 30 or 50 yards at the most.  To him, those who could run were a standing wonder.

It was suggested to him that a lasting cure lay in his invoking his own Spirit. He took a rickshaw and travelled a mile to visit a man to be initiated into this discipline. While he was listening to the new method, he felt new energy. The patient agreed to remember his problem or the Spirit every hour by way of invoking the Inner Divine. On coming out of that room, he felt like walking. He walked beside his rickshaw and walked all the way-a mile or so-back to his residence, even before he had practised the new method.

After remembering the Spirit on the stroke of the hour for 24 hours--a rare feat-he walked all the way the next day to report his immediate success. Swabhava is said to be unchangeable by all religious traditions. One tradition says it is possible in 35 years of discipline. Coming out of her art studio, a French artist saw a meteor and clearly formulated the idea that her swabhava must change. It changed in one year.

story | by Dr. Radut