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042. Methods of Invoking the Spirit in Life – I

Tapas, dhyana, Japa, etc. are some of the methods of invoking the Spirit. This is the Spirit of the Tapasvi, Muni, Rishi, Yogi. It is powerful away from life. The Spirit I am talking about is the Spirit in Life, called Psychic by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. This is the Spirit that acts in life directly, giving us great results. For the same reason it is more difficult to evoke, in the sense, it demands a greater purity of Truth. There is Truth by itself and Truth in Life, just as there is capacity by itself and capacity expressed in acts.

The Psychic hears the call of the Truth in Life.

A lawyer taking the case of a client and doing a good job is the first stage, but when he takes interest in the client as a personal friend, his performance rises in quality. If he is a lawyer in a lower court but knowledgeable, it is open to him to marshal all the legal points usually raised in the higher courts and fight his case here. That may move him to the practice in the higher courts. Sense of justice is a keen faculty in men. Every man is actuated by it, every one who is your enemy. Often we appeal to it while confronting a malicious person with success. Even to the tyrant's sense of justice, we appeal irrespective of the outcome. Draupadi appealed so to Bhisma, Drona, Kripa, and Vidura in vain. These great souls may fail as they did, but god never fails. God's answer is not a social rescue but a divine bounty.

Suppose this lawyer in the lower court appeals to the sense of justice of the Judge, his reward will have no parallel. The above are the four stages of invoking the Spirit. They are called Sakthi, Viryam, Deivaprakriti and Sraddha. Crossing the first three stages, one resting on Sraddha, Faith, works to invoke the Spirit. The reply of the Spirit in Life, the Psychic, is copious, in infinite measure.

story | by Dr. Radut