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043. Methods of Invoking the Spirit in Life – II

One may feel "I am not Draupadi and Lord Krishna is not going to answer my call." Before giving several examples from the lives of ordinary people, the theme needs to be explained and illustrated. One successfully reaches God's ear - Psychic -- when in his work he moves away from Sakthi, Viryam and Deiva Prakriti and acts from Shraddha, Faith, is the theme. Sakthi means energy, work done by energy, the energy of the physical body. To take interest in a work, to pour into it the temperamental energy is Viryam. To do so relying on God's energy is to resort to Deiva Prakriti. This means his energy is not merely of his own interest, his own temperamental energy but the energy of his faith and interest in the god he worships. Work rises in quality and he sees his own personality recedes in the background. At this stage when he desires to move higher still, he witnesses that it is not he, the man, who is at work but the Lokamatha is. In his own perception of work, he dissolves and only SHE remains. It is not a mere idea, a thought or a religious teaching. SHE works, She alone works and we are an instrument in Her hands, much as we see that the train carries us. We realise we do not have to carry our bag on our lap but can let it lie on the loft of the compartment as the train that carries us can carry our little bag too. It is a fact in our perception, not an intellectual argument. Acting thus, we act in faith. Acting in faith we successfully call the Spirit into our lives.

The Spirit Moves Into Action.

Once the Spirit acts, the results defy our rational understanding. Every act in life can thus be lifted to the plane of Spirit and be blessed by the Force of Gods.






Line number 6-mere idea

Line number 6-mere idea (correction:removed the comma)

-Sudha Arun

story | by Dr. Radut