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045. Methods of Invoking the Spirit of Life, the Psychic -- IV

Moving from Sakthi, Viryam, Deiva Prakriti to Faith can be said to be the method here. Sakthi is to do the work on hand. Viryam is to do the work with full interest. Deiva Prakriti is to raise our personal interest in the work to a higher interest. To bring to bear on the work the best professional skill will be Deiva Prakriti in practice. Put in simple words, a work must be done to the very best of our honest abilities leaving no stone unturned. In this there is no compromise. This power of Spirit is for those who work hard and with skill and intelligence. Completing them prepares one to move to faith. Moving to faith, acting from faith can be divided into two parts or three parts as Mental and Physical or Mental, Vital and Physical. The first part of Mind gives the knowledge, the second vital part gives the energy, and finally the third physical part gives the power which brings about the results.

Mental part of knowledge - One's mind should understand the theme of faith moving Spirit in Life and that Spirit yielding inconceivable results. The Mind must know this fact. As soon as the mind begins to know this fact, a calm enters the Mind and the gathering of power in the Mind is visibly felt. The power thus felt is the Spiritual power of the Mind.  This much is for the knowing. Knowing is followed by taking emotional interest in the glory of the Idea. The power felt in the mind begins to swell into a flood. Knowing is power, taking interest is a flood of power. There is a further stage of believing the theme, the power, the Spirit. The swelling flood endlessly extends itself in an infinite expansion. In the experience of devotees, results have multiplied in various cases 24 times, 365 times and in one case 1500 times. There is one isolated good case where the expansion cannot be expressed in numbers.

story | by Dr. Radut