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046. Method of Invoking the Spirit in Life – V

Om is the pranava mantra. Om is the sound that emanates from the transition from the Immutable Brahman to the Mutable Brahman, known as Akshara Brahman to Kshara Brahman, the Spirit to Nature. That plane is Cosmic Consciousness where the God is the Cosmic Self. When repeated as it should be, Om takes one to the Cosmic Consciousness. The right method is genuine inner seeking of God. Oral repetition or mental repetition without that inner Truth will not have that result. That genuine inner seeking is the trump in Spirituality. In a soul otherwise inwardly mature without his own surface knowledge OM can directly take him to that higher region on being pronounced a few times. One will be face to face with God.

In life we call people good if their inner being is ripe and mature. These people when they work are gentle. They speak little and softly. They are invariably patient and rarely react to situations. Generally their work is more efficient than others, often perfect. Perfection in work is a call to the Spirit in work. One who is clumsy realising it lately may go about establishing certain orderliness in his work. This is to enter into the path towards spirituality. One who is fully emotional who never thinks or is incapable of thinking, launching himself consciously on the path of thinking moves towards Spirit. In theory, all life is Spirit and any positive move such as cleaning a filthy house and keeping it clean thereafter is a step towards Spirituality. Moving from negative to positive side is to move towards the Spirit. Life will begin to respond in proportion to such efforts. Reaching perfection on any such lines as cleanliness, orderliness, truthfulness, etc. results in a vast spiritual opening.

story | by Dr. Radut