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047. Methods of Invoking the Spirit in Life, the Psychic – VI


Man's physical work gives him skills. His vital work endows him with social skills of interpersonal relationships. Mental work offers understanding and skills of memory, thinking, judgement, etc. Values are spiritual skills. To employ values in a work is to render it spiritual. Every work of any description on earth has a value attached to it, maybe all the conceivable values. Loyalty, honesty, integrity, safety, the other man's point of view are the values generally known. There are work values such as punctuality, cleanliness, orderliness; life values such as pleasant behaviour, kindness, attention, affection, dynamism; mental values of loyalty, honesty, etc. and Spiritual values of Silence, subtlety, insight, intuition, etc.

To raise a work from the physical or mental plane to the plane of Spirit is to release the Spirit in the work. Spiritual values raise any work from its plane to the plane of Spirit. In India punctuality is the exception, not the rule. Let a company, where there is no punctuality at all NOW, vow to implement punctuality at all levels. The Spirit in the work will double the level of the company.

Of the two schools in a small municipal town one drew the elite children, employed teachers of reputation, and was in the centre of town. The other drew children from the first generation of education, could attract no teacher permanently and was situated outside the town. But this school followed the discipline of punctuality in every aspect of work and once in the heydays of the British Raj denied the D.E.O. entry as he came for inspection an hour late! The other enjoyed total absence of punctuality of any description. In the 1950's the first school had 80% results while the better one never raised its percentage of passes to two digits.


story | by Dr. Radut