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096. Mind, Heart and Spirit

Mind is powerful, very powerful when we concentrate there. Heart is more powerful than the mind. Spirit is far more powerful. When we concentrate we see the concentration collecting in the mind or heart. It is clearly felt. Rarely do we concentrate on the Spirit. Its centre lies behind the heart as well as above the head. Sahasradala lies above the head. The Vedas were written from a centre above the Sahasradala. Shakespeare wrote from above the mind but below the Sahasradala.

Someone needed a loan on a property bought for 55,000/-. He knew he could, at best, ask for half its value. Those were days before the nationalisation of the banks and agriculture was not entitled to bank support. But he needed Rs. 1,75,000 in all and Rs. 75,000 as the first instalment. As he concentrated in the mind and the concentration was powerful, he hoped it might be sanctioned.

His own work on the property was revolutionary in conception for those days. Relying on the sincerity of his own work, he approached the bank. While at the bank, he was calm, not only calm, but felt rich. It was a richness of heart, he thought, but it was a rich fullness he had not experienced till then.

The bank sanctioned Rs. 4,25,000 saying he had not asked for a godown, roads, tractor, etc. He hesitated, and the bank was not merely generous but benevolent. He could not understand what was happening and came away in a daze. What he had not known was his concentration matured and moved to the centre of Spirit seated behind the heart. Hence the unheard of response.

story | by Dr. Radut