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048. Miracles that Became Commonplace

For some time I have been writing in this column that one can invoke the Spirit in his own life, exercise his Silent Will for that purpose, address a prayer to God that is answered without fail, make Life respond, call the indwelling Spirit to act in mundane activities.

These things occur occasionally in everyone's life, but pass unnoticed. In the lives of those who believe it a way of life, such occurrences become commonplace for a while and become infrequent later. Below I would list many I have already mentioned and many more that I will be writing about in the future.

One who ventured to buy one acre without any savings on hand ended up buying 365 acres in thirteen years. Another person got a promotion to the highest post in his all-India organisation at a comparatively young age for that post, overlooking thirteen other seniors. To a perverse guru who miserably failed to collect a purse for himself, his disciple who took the guru's perversity as a reflection of his own inner being endeavored to collect a sum five times higher. He collected 24 times more. Office colleagues plotted against an employee for six long years and had him suspended when the employee committed an indiscretion. The employee had his order destroyed by the boss on the fourth day of its issue. An American businessman of a half a crore sales in 1972 was offered by the government of India a project of 800 crores. The excruciating back pain by a dislocated disc that bothered a man for fifteen years vanished on his receiving a boon in his dream. Businesses small and big have shown an expansion of ten times, fifteen times in 2 1/2 years and ten years.

Indira, at a moment of political crisis, agreed to avail of the Spirit. She desired to win 250 seats, but got 356 seats in the Lok Sabha. The Spirit invoked during times of labour incalcitrance came to work early and left hours later.

The Spirit is not only for the Rishis. It is available to all who are pure inside and work hard for prosperity.

story | by Dr. Radut