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Mother’s Ideas


October 8, 1990

1. Work done by us must be flawless and perfect in execution and result.

2. Human relationships must be pleasant and sweet.

3. Hold yourself responsible for any shortcoming in the work executed by you even if others are there in the work.

4. Even for the errors of others, we must accept the responsibility.

5. Work executed with highest intelligence will have a 100% component of ignorance.

6. The blatant mistakes, errors witnessed in the work of others are really not errors or mistakes.

7. Such blatant errors are really aspects of perfection inversely understood.

8. We witness an event and understand it as a blatant wrong, crime or sin. We are the eye witness of it. We hear the proceedings ourselves first hand. Having instituted an inquiry, we arrive at an irrevocable conclusion that it is a sin, crime and wrong. Still, it is not so for the sadhak. The sadhak must know it is good, laudable and a virtue that is service. One must have the intuition to know that sin as this virtue.

9. One of the following attributes when made perfect carries the combined power of the above 8 items when fully consecrated.

  • Gratitude that thrills the body
  • Ideal sense of duty
  • Loyalty that lays down life
  • Spiritual devotion that fills the heart with moved emotion
  • The daily acts saturated with spirit of service
  • Perfect honesty
  • Sweet words that rise softly
  • Adorable spiritual humility
  • Purity that excels conscience
  • Gentle emotions that are incapable of complaining

If one has all these attributes, he will be able to do yoga.

story | by Dr. Radut