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National Events in the Light of His Winning Freedom in 1910


  • In a month after Motilal Nehru agreed to support Gandhiji's satyagraha, Jalianwallah bagh tragedy occurred. India needed an armed revolution. In 1916 the very strong went over to ahimsa. Life reacted with a tragedy.
  • Sri Aurobindo said about Congress leadership that of all the leaders Patel was the only strong man. Patel was joking that his phenomenal rise was not indicated by the rays of his palm, a sure sign of grace acting.
  • Pattabhi Sitaramayya wrote Sri Aurobindo shone like a star in the Indian political firmament for a short while.
  • p.308 Nehru's Political Biography by Brecher (NPB-B) Feb 19,1946 RIN Ratings. Patel rushed to Bombay and asked them to withdraw the Mutiny and surrender. Nehru too did so. Indian Freedom demanded armed revolution which the RIN Ratings supplied. It is characteristic that those who took to Ahimsa were forced to speak against it.
  • p.338 (NPB-B) The Kingpin of Northern India was the Province of Punjab, the most populous and wealthiest. (It is His Province). The slaughter there was on a massive scale.


  • p.341 (ibid) More than any other statesman of the age, Nehru responded to the mood of his immediate surroundings. Brecher says this about Nehru's response to the Asian conference in March 1947.


  • Churchill, who received Sri Aurobindo's Force could not refuse to support the Bill of Transfer of Power.


  • Gandhiji, the architect of Indian Freedom was removed from the leadership when Freedom was ushered in.

story | by Dr. Radut