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I am NOT Born Like That

December 7, 2001

  • We see people who are bold, adventurous, patient, courageous, risk-takers, intelligent, intuitive or endowed with one or the other of great talents.
  • The greatest of them is Luck.
  • Then we tell ourselves we are not born like that and satisfy ourselves. That is an end in itself.
  • Our belief is native intelligence does not grow, but education works beneficially. Wise men would say that all education has left native intelligence untouched. It is true.
  • Education increases information, and offers mental training. Experience gives capacity through training while native intelligence remains untouched.
  • It was thought at one time that education is not for all. It was ardently believed that not all people can occupy seats of power. Even for ICS and IAS, only children with a high background of social status were selected. No longer is this true.
  • As education increases information, experience increases capacity, and mental awakening increases all mental faculties.
  • Boldness, adventurousness, patience, courage, risk-taking, intelligence, and intuition are endowments of mind.
  • Social awakening gives education.
  • Social prosperity offers experience.
  • Psychological awakening gives mental endowments.
  • Man is more awake psychologically NOW than before.
  • To remember Mother is psychic awakening.
  • To call Mother and remember Her without the mental awakening or psychic opening is to insist on a method excluding its purpose like resorting to rote memory, keeping understanding at a respectable distance. It is a superstition.
  • Sri Aurobindo says Fear and Courage have the same energy in different ways. Life is a field where one chooses to travel from one end to another end by life experience, like walking all the way to Delhi.
  • It was all right a couple of centuries ago. Now, to insist on walking by avoiding transport is not conceivable.
  • Without exception, men in all walks of life do this all the time.
  • At best, we can say it is a misfortune; at its worst it is nothing but superstition.
  • A devotee has seen time and again that the impossible is possible.
  • The question is whether he wants it or not.
  • Once he wants it, he complains that the experience is bitter and agonising.
  • If it is so, it is not the only way one can change.
  • Let us remember all changes in the society and in the individual meet with the same argument.
  • It is worthwhile reading a long list of incorrect predictions. Einstein and Bill Gates made such predictions about science and money.
  • The change is frightening when the experience is greater than the willingness for the experience.
  • It is true that there is always some willingness to change and the change within that limit is not frightening, but even enjoyable.
  • The Key lies in locating it and acting within these limits. The old story says the tortoise always reaches the goal, no matter if it is before the hare or after the hare. The point is the goal is always reached.
  • The change is painful when it is imposed from outside. It is never so when it is chosen from inside. The more it is from the inside the more cheerful it is. Mother makes it all cheerfulness.
  • For the last hundred years the world has discovered that education can be given to all, and training can give anyone any capacity.
  • Mother can do this many times more.
  • We learn to do a thing rightly and it is done. This can be done in all fields.
  • We know one can always acquire patiently any knowledge.
  • We also KNOW that it is done in a trice by consecration.
  • The question is DO YOU WANT THIS or THAT ? Again, do you want it through Her?
  • Thus, whatever you want, SHE gives, whatever you are.

story | by Dr. Radut