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Professional Integrity



Professional Integrity


Integrity is the essence of integrality. Sincerity appears to be simple as a word, integrity is profound. English is most developed says Jespersen, the greatest authority, by the religious dimension of the society. Viewed from that point of view, for our purposes sincerity is profound, especially in the context of the Boon He got for the Earth from the Highest. There He talks of sincerity and surrender so that the Earth can be transformed. Integrity is the result of identity of vibration between the One and the Many. Sincerity is the emotion of that identity. Gratitude is the emotion sincerity feels in being. Sincerity is, gratitude is becoming as an emotion.  உண்மை, சத்தியம் are equally profound words carrying the entire infinite possibilities of the Spirit but life in India or Tamilnad has not given these words the power of their being socially accepted concepts. It can be only shown in work, but to explain them is difficult. 


The partner in work who shares the profit of your proceeds can be far more tough than the wife who shares the joys of domestic life. For her it is the joy of vital possession. The partner descends lower to material properties translated in terms of Money. Money has a personality that directly combines the wife and the partner metaphorically or even symbolically.


The professional integrity is in evidence in all professional moves. A doctor examining the body is physical. A lawyer listening to a case is vital. In one physical integrity is required while in the other what is required is vital integrity. It only means the lawyer not gloating the misfortune of the client. The doctor’s examination being neutral in examining different parts of the body demands greater austerity especially when the sex differs. These are the merest external. Please note to be liberal, positive, magnanimous towards a partner is not so difficult as to be Neutral. Neutrality is divine positivity. Starting from there, it is possible to see the human hazards at higher levels.  பேதையும் பதரே is our wisdom. He who gives his own ஆயுதம் தன் கைபொருளும் to another is not great but a Man of straw. It is not given to Man to rise above the visions of traditional wisdom. It is not given to the Force that enforces karma, but the being that rules that Force. In receiving Prasad, our people remove their shoes, get up, fold their hands in devotional humility and receive it with pious deference, as elderly women stand up at the sight of a ten year boy. Their inner significance is truly great.  Its obverse side is Savitri refusing God’s temptation. After She won Supramental heaven for the Earth and the sight for her father-in-law, along with his kingdom, Dyumatsena chided Satyavan for having gone away at a crucial time.


Reading the 22 pages of Self-consecration in Synthesis, one can know the profundity of that instrument. It speaks of the rebirth where the human body evolves the Spirit, the awakening of the Conscient in the Inconscient, making the call descend on him in a fashion his own nature permits. It ends in the three stages of the ascent and the descent where consecration, self-giving mature into absolute surrender. In any chapter of any book of His, one can meet with their profound depths as in the last para of The Hymn to the Mother of Radiances. It is that weight which can know the dexterous delicacy of Mrs. Gardiner at Lambton when she restrained herself from asking Elizabeth about her relationship with Darcy. In not one of the 45 novels of Trollope written a hundred years later do we witness that courtesy. L&T has projects  of 50,000 crores of rupees. Anyone who knows the reality of thought how it can be slashed to 10,000 crores with the resulting efficiency increasing, has arrived at the real idea. It is not difficult to explain the theory. It is not difficult to achieve it for them with this experience. What is NOT at all possible is to show the one in terms of the other, so that it can become a system for all the world to benefit from.

As the truth is this integrity has on the surface three sides, while each side readily opens up infinite forms of dimensions. In terms of Money it is readily seen. A simple hotel server who makes coffee with this great grand scale is not viewed in terms of this skill, but is valued as a better server deserving maybe a higher tip.

Man’s value is for his social status, NOT for his endowments or inner values.


The social status is the value that secures the value for any of its components. One understands more with deeper thinking, but the greatest understanding arises when the Mind ceases to think. It is in silence the wisdom of life reveals itself to Mind. Integrity, sincerity, gratitude, surrender, consecration are all great concepts that need a truly great Mind to tell us of their inner value.

story | by Dr. Radut