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Prosperity – Spiritual and Material



Prosperity – Spiritual and Material


Prosperity is all round progress whose multi-dimension is visible to the outsider and is sensationally felt by the subject. Vitally it makes one popular, while physical prosperity is sound health, sound as a bell. It’s Mental version is to instinctively comprehend concepts optimistically. A foreigner entering another country will see its prosperity readily, as it comes through a sensation. Many are shrewd who see at once whether the other man is good. Good men put others at ease. Poor men are suspicious when they are alert or intelligent. Timid intelligence is suspicious as well as shrewd. People will be uncomfortable in their company. Expansive personalities are native good men. Even the effort to be expansive gives the appearance of goodness. Expansiveness seeks an identification with others. Identification is spiritual. The main ingredient of prosperity is energy that is released by social aspiration. Man, a unit of Society, desiring to move up is a natural healthy endowment. It releases energy, makes him dynamic. How far his dynamism takes him is dependent upon his own organized personality. Organized inwardly he becomes extremely efficient and finds all his skills, capacities develop into talent and ability so as to raise him. If it is outwardly organized it at once becomes a faculty of selflessness ridding him of the vitiating influence of selfishness. Active Self-giving as we see in Charlotte helps him organize his own life in a wider fashion of which he has the choice of being the centre. Selflessness and Self-giving are basically spiritual. If any ideal is present, his personality will demand infinite quantities of energies. One who succeeds in organizing it into social power is a real leader of the society. One phenomenon that can be at once witnessed is the population will begin to move towards him. Their own support is vital. Mostly it turns into a kind of prosperity needed for survival and growth. A natural blissful Smile is its index. We may not have given thought to the fact that all men are not capable of a pleasing Smile. The scholar who writes a monograph on Smile, laughter, grimace, etc. will find himself with a document that has covered all types of Men in creation. Those who have seen Mother have said no one can Smile like Her. She smiles broadly on a few. Her Smile is an initiation into Spiritual Prosperity. Spiritual prosperity has an instinctive enjoyment in all things it meets with. Material prosperity issues out of capable, responsible, organized work. Productivity is the mark of prosperity. Spiritual Prosperity is an inner well-being. It enjoys being what it is, often seeks nothing from outside. To relate to the outside, it tries to give knowledge, energy or even material help. Great Souls carry spiritual prosperity from their birth. Welfare belongs to the material life. Well being is of the indwelling Spirit. Going to a new place, such a person carries that prosperous vibration to that place. He is expansive, cheerful, optimistic, outgoing. Some of them found institutions or movements. But all of them make the institutions they are in prosperous.


Anything good issues out of prosperity of one type or another.  Great men identified poverty, ignorance and disease to be the cause of all evils. In spiritual parlance it is low consciousness. Low consciousness organizes itself as perversity, sarcasm, shrewd suspicion, alert antagonism. Wherever they are they spread bankruptcy, chronic disease, and insurmountable poverty. They are like the two people Mother spoke of who destroyed a whole ship, their being safe. Mother accepts them too as a type to be transformed. Occasionally they are so well organized as to transform those who attempt it on them. Finding this characteristic in women, the Vedas, spoke of how they could be conquered. ஆவதும் பெண்ணால், அழிவதும் பெண்ணால் expresses the essence of this perception. It is a pity, an irony of facts that one who is the personification of Spiritual prosperity should find himself wedded to one who is the very spirit of material poverty. There is no equivalent to தரித்திரம் in English. Misfortune is only one aspect of it. The subtle dimensions of thought of the Indian languages are absent in the European languages. Such women prefer to die for the sole pleasure of seeing their husband cry over their death. Their intensity is perversity. Sincerity to them is successful perversity


Delta areas are rich. Consequently people there are emotionally rich. Should they acquire higher spiritual knowledge, their expression of it is exquisite. In a political capital where power accumulates, one finds the highest virtues of a culture. Such a capital in a rich delta is the best soil to produce great spiritual souls of magnificent dimension. Some of them are shy of mentioning £ 6000 missing, knowing a family member has taken it. It is great cultural sensitivity. When the subject surfaces in a general conversation, the culprit makes light of it saying she had taken it and given to charity. Culture prevents one to follow the thought further. To appreciate wealth, goodness, culture, sensitivity, one should go to dry tracts of mean culture and no education. There they delight in arming themselves with insulting arguments that offend even when not true. To them falsehood is a psychological weapon. Sri Aurobindo said the bold spiritual discoveries were made mostly by the Kshatriya saints. The Kshatriya is a noble soul who delights in courage. He dies happily defending the entire nation. The courage the nerves need, especially Mental will, is so fresh and elevating that he lives only to express it. Knowledge is great, but one’s courage elevates knowledge to nobility. Prosperity is a subordinate term to such courage and knowledge. The Vaisya who earns to give it away has an enormous capacity for organized production and distribution. He earns so much only to give it away. Only in giving it away his urge for earning is fulfilled. Still he cannot rise to the heights of courage or knowledge. Sri Aurobindo is of the warrior caste. He excelled all the traditional knowledge in Spirituality. To enter into the realms of Supermind He had to hew a new path through the virgin forest. To him Money came in floods as long as He lived. It did so after reaching the nadir of  மிளகாய் வத்தல் சாதம். He said God had got into a bad habit of waiting till one came down to half a rupee. His philosophy in life is best propagated by one who can earn all the wealth of the world to be distributed in joy.

story | by Dr. Radut