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Fourth Night’s Reading

 The Connection Between

Brahman and Reality

From The Notebooks of Peter Seeker

In the course of my many years of communication with Brahman, more of its mysteries appeared in my mind and revealed their secrets. I came to realize that all was Brahman, a Self-Existent Being, which possessed infinite consciousness and power to express its Real Ideas through Self-Choice. I spent many years trying to capture the Nature of Brahman in writing so everyone could understand it. But I knew scientists and the general public wanted to understand more about the relationship between Brahman and our world. In the following pages, I have tried to provide a framework to explain the relationship between Brahman and Reality.

The relationship between Brahman and Reality is quite simple to understand. Brahman is a Self-Existent Being, which exists in the dimension of Status. In Status all of the Real Ideas of Brahman are held within Its unitary consciousness where everything is one and there is no center of consciousness. In this powerful non-expressive dimension, Brahman exists outside of time and space. This is the starting point for everything. As long as Brahman chooses to remain in the dimension of Status, all knowledge and power of its consciousness remain in a state of unexpressed perfect harmony. This is the origin of the signal. They are all in Brahman ready to send their message to another dimension, but they remain in a state of absolute unexpressed power, until Brahman decides to manifest Itself. This is the true Nature of Existence.

The first step for Brahman to express itself takes place in Status when Brahman decides to project or extend itself into another dimension outside of Status. This action turns on the switch and powers up the transmitter to send out its signal. As soon as it is turned on, it enables all of the Real Ideas to release their creative power to express themselves outside of Status as material objects and energy in time and space. Once the decision is made, the process of sending the signals and their creative power begins. In the following pages, I have tried to share the intricate process through which the signals pass to create Reality, which is a material expression of Brahman’s Nature. Reality is not different from Status. If there is any difference, it is the change in poise from non-expression to expression.

This concept is not difficult to understand. On many occasions each of us has written a letter to a friend. The thoughts and feelings that exist in our mind are expressed in a letter where they take on an appearance of words on a paper. The words become sentences. The sentences convey our ideas and feelings. The thoughts and feelings inside our mind and in the letter are not different. They are the same. In the mind, they remain unexpressed but they have power. In the letter, they take on a form to express energy and power in the outside world, so they can touch others. This is exactly how Brahman creates Realities, except all Realities are within it, since it is a Self-Existent Being.

Step One in the Process of Creation

To understand how Brahman becomes Reality, we must start at Brahman in Status and follow the process all the way to Reality. We must begin by remembering that Brahman is One. Since its essential nature has no sense of division or even center of consciousness, it can only send out one signal. But if Brahman can send out only one signal, how can the millions and millions of Real Ideas in Brahman express themselves? When Brahman decides to express Itself, it has to maintain its essential nature. It must maintain the essential character of unity and at the same time permit the expression of all Real Ideas. To accomplish this, the original signal, which is one signal, must be divided into millions and millions of sub-signals for each Real Idea and each of these sub-signals must be contained within a single signal.

To accomplish this, a special device, called a Maya Transmitter, was created. This transmitter is designed to take the original single signal from Brahman and break it down into sub-signals for all Real Ideas and to transmit them into Reality. The Maya Transmitter takes the original signal that is written in Unity Code and uses a new code that divides up the original single signal of Brahman into millions upon millions of signals each with its own power of creation. In the process, it modifies the signal by adding a new element in the code. It creates a Unity/Reality code, which takes all of the millions of signals from Real Ideas and incorporates them in the basic structure of Unity code. Think of it as a copper wire, which is made up of thousands of strands of smaller wires. We use a single wire but we know it contains thousands of strands of wires inside it. The Maya transmitter creates the same kind of signal. It is a single signal, but it has millions and millions of sub-signals within it, written in Unity/Reality code.

The main purpose of a Maya Transmitter is to convert the original single signal into millions of sub-signals and to send all of these signals as one signal. The only change is in the code, which permits all Real Ideas to express in Reality while retaining its fundamental unity. Once this change has been accomplished, the converted signals are sent from the dimension of Status to Reality, so it can be processed and modified to create the universe.

Step Two in the Process of Creation

Once the signal has been converted to Unity/Reality code, it is sent to a relay station within Brahman but not in the dimension of Status. Here the signal undergoes further modification as it is projected into Reality. The signal is sent to the Sat-Chit-Ananda Relay Station, which has been designed to accomplish three things. It must receive and preserve the essential Nature of Brahman and its infinite Real Ideas in the code. It must process the signal and confirm and convert the knowledge and power contained within it into a new more advanced code called Unity/Reality/Will code. This code adds new features that permit the knowledge and power of all of the sub-signals to express in the Self-Creative field of Reality. Finally, it must process the original single signal and all of its sub-signals and send them further into the dimension of Reality. When it sends the signal, it must make sure that each sub-signal is perfect and that no signal ever interferes with another signal. The harmonics of the signal must be perfect in order for the full potential of Brahman to express successfully.

In the Sat element of the Relay Station, the Signal from Maya is received and processed without introducing a single change. As it processes the signals, it must make sure the Unity/Reality code is not altered. It must maintain its potential to express the infinite knowledge and power of all Real Ideas. It must also create a new monitoring signal that checks to see everything is processed successfully. This is the first action in the Relay Station.

Next, the signal passes to the Chit element of the relay station where it checks to see that the signal has been received properly without the loss of even one bit of knowledge or power. Next, it must translate and convert millions of sub-signals representing each of the Real Ideas into Unity/Reality/Will code. In the process of converting the signal, it must maintain the essential character of the original signal from Brahman and the structure of all the sub-signals. At the same time, it must release the creative power of each signal. Without this conversion, the signals cannot become Reality. Once this is complete, the signal is sent to the Ananda element of the Relay Station.

In the Ananda element of the Relay Station, the signal must be checked again to be sure that no knowledge or power has been lost. The Ananda element must maintain the frequency and modulation of every signal in perfect harmony with every other signal so each maintains its full power of expression in Reality. This element must keep millions and millions of sub-signals flowing into Reality without interfering with each other. The signals must always be in absolute harmony.

I have described the action of the Sat-Chit-Ananda Relay Station as having three elements and the movement of the signal from one element to another. This explanation does not really explain the way in which these three elements work together. The three elements act in an integral manner to complete all three operations in one process. The signal is simultaneously processed by all three in an instantaneous action. For the sake of avoiding confusion, I have described it as three steps, but this is not exactly how it functions. It is an extremely complex process, so it must work in a single action.

Step Three in the Process of Creation

As you can imagine, the capacity of this relay station is beyond anything we know. It receives the single signal and all of the millions and millions of sub-signals and it must process all of these signals instantaneously without the slightest modification or disturbance. Since it is such a complex process, it requires a special organizing computer called Supermind. The Supermind Computer is an essential part of the relay station designed to ensure a perfect process of creation from Real Idea to Reality.

This computer has five very important functions.

  • It must maintain a comprehensive and instantaneous view and review of the all sub-signals that are received and processed through the station.
  • It must maintain the essential character of the signal coming from Brahman in Unity Code.
  • It must make sure that the three essential elements of the relay station complete their designated functions as an integrated process so the knowledge and power in the signal is converted correctly to Unity/Reality/Will code,
  • It must receive and translate all of the separate signals sent from the Maya Transmitter into a powerful creative energy signal that contains the encoded knowledge and power of each signal.
  • It must maintain and retransmit all signals in perfect harmony. It must prevent any signal from interfering with any other signal. As it does this it must direct the resulting creative energy signal into a field of action, a dimension called Reality, where the signals express themselves as forms and energy in time and space.

Step Four in the Process of Creation

The Supermind computer acts as an integral part of the Relay Station to convert the original signal into the new signal type called Unity/Reality/Will. Once the new code has been written, the computer must convert the code into new more powerful energy signals capable of creating Reality. These new energy signals are projected from the Supermind Computer to a Self-Creative field, called universe. But since the signal is so pure, it must pass through some filters to further convert the pure energy signals into three modes of expression that are essential to the creation of Reality. These filters are critical to the process of creation, as they convert the pure energy signals into qualities and values, which are necessary to express the full power and knowledge of Real Ideas in Reality. These filters are called Mental, Vital, and Physical Filters. A single beam of pure energy signal sent from the Supermind Computer passes through these filters. In the process, three different modes of expression are created. As the filters break up the pure energy into three modes of expression, they do not disturb the essential character of Unity/ Reality/Will code or the knowledge and power of the Real Ideas that seek to express in Reality.

When the three modes of energy pass out of these filters, they are projected onto the Self-Creative field, called universe, where they express their vast creative power first as energy and later as objects and energy. This process is complex, but it is not that difficult to understand. For years everyone has used computers in schools and universities to create virtual worlds out of electricity. In the process of creating virtual worlds, a computer translates the single flow of energy entering the computer into a number of other types of energy signals that are necessary for the computer to simulate a Reality. In the computer the various signals acting together create an image on the screen or in a special medium to display virtual Realities. Millions of lines of code containing knowledge and power are processed through different elements of the computer and combined through the computer’s processor. The end result is a virtual reality. In many ways, Brahman does the same with its signals as they pass through the Maya Transmitter, the Sat-Chit-Ananda Relay Station, the Supermind Computer and Mind, Vital, and Matter Filters to express on the screen called universe. The only difference is that when Brahman sends out Its signals, the result is not virtual reality; it is Reality, as we know it.

Over the course of the last ten years of writing about Brahman, many of my associates have read and reviewed my notebooks. A number of them have raised complex questions about the process of creation, described in the previous pages. Their review of the process did not uncover any flaw that would account for some of the distortions in Reality. Many have asked me to explain what caused the distortions we find in Reality. They want to know why the basic quality of oneness has not been maintained throughout the transmission of the signal when such care was taken at each step of the conversion process. They wanted to know how Brahman could create a world full of suffering, death and incapacity? Where did it go wrong? Others wanted to know if it has gone wrong or is the distortion part of the process of creating Reality.

I have spent hours, days, and possibly years seeking answers to these questions during my connection with Brahman. Gradually, I have understood the reasons. There are two points in the process of transmission where an inversion or distortion took place. The first inversion took place in the mental filter, which was designed to see both sides of the signal coming from Brahman, but due to a design flaw in the filter, is unable to do this simultaneously. Rather, it can view one side of the signal first and a few seconds later, it can view the other side of the signal. The structure and functioning of the mental filter resulted in a distorted representation in Reality. Instead of all Real Ideas expressing both sides of the signal simultaneously, they have been limited to expressing one side and then the other. This small but important change created the sense of separation that is essentially different from Oneness in Brahman.

Next, there was another unexpected development that occurred into the process of creation as the signal moved from Status to Reality. The field of self-expression in which the signals created the universe was so perfect that everything appeared to be real. People felt it was so real they became lost in the outer expression of objects and force. Individuals mistook appearance as the true nature of Brahman, rather than an outer expression of its inner nature of unity. Over time, people became so identified with the outer expression they felt it was the only Reality. The knowledge of the true nature of Brahman was lost. This misperception combined with the distortion in the mental filter has led to the sense of a world full of division, ignorance and powerlessness rather than one of unity.

One night after I had spent days with Brahman, I understood these distortions might not have been a mistake. Rather it appeared to me that this was the original intention of the Brahman, which sought to hide from itself, so it would rediscover itself in an experience of intense joy, as part of the process of evolution. I saw a point in the evolutionary process in Reality, when individual human forms will no longer need to receive the signal though the mental filter. In time, they will be able to receive signals directly from the Supermind Computer. When this happens, these apparent distortions will disappear and individuals will be capable of fully knowing and expressing the perfect consciousness, power and joy of Brahman. In the meantime, Reality must pass through a period of distortion, as it progresses towards a point when the signal will become perfect again and all will know, we are Brahman.

Fifth Day of Class

I was up early again. I waited for Martha in front of the bus stand as we had agreed. She came a few minutes early with a broad smile on her face. She was usually quite serious, so a smile told me she was fine. We talked while we waited for the others. She told me that her mother had come to her room after I left and wanted to know why I barged in like that. “I told her the whole story. My mother and I talked for two hours about the legend class and some of the experiences she had when she was in school. It was great. As my mother was leaving my room she said I was lucky to have such a good friend who was looking out for me.”

I felt totally unprepared for Legend class. I had read all the sections again but none of the ideas stuck in my mind, so I decided not to worry about it. As I continued reading, there was an announcement over the public address system asking me to report to the principal’s office. The study hall teacher gave me a pass, even though the office was just twenty feet down the hall. I had no idea why I was being called to the office. When I got there Mr. Vidya was waiting for me. He asked me to sit down in one of the small conference rooms. He asked how Martha was. I told him she was fine. He asked if I had heard of anyone else in the class having difficulty. I told him about the jokes some of my classmates had made. “Yesterday’s experiment to quiet our minds touched people more than the first day.” He said he would discuss the practice of quieting one’s mind in class this afternoon so everyone had a better idea of what they were doing and why. I asked him if there was anything else. He said he saw me fight off the silence in class yesterday. “I saw the bell had touched you more than the day before, but you resisted it. If you did not want to participate in the exercise, it would be better to just read. No one should force another to quiet their mind, if they are not ready.” I told him about the discussion I had with my mother and how I did not want to stand out from my classmates. He said he understood and reminded me there was no pressure from his side. “Relax and enjoy the class. I see you are interested in the Seeker. You have plenty of time to learn about him.”

 When we got to Legend class Mr. Vidya was waiting as usual. He waited patiently as everyone settled in. It was Friday, so everyone was eager to finish the afternoon and go home. Finally, he asked his question of the day. “Why do you think we are studying the Seeker and his work?”

I raised my hand and said, “Seeker was famous, he had important ideas, his ideas changed the way humanity thinks about life, and he was a great scientist.” Mr. Vidya nodded and looked to see if there was another answer. Martha spoke almost immediately. She always had a better sense of history. I think it was because she read a lot with her father who was a history buff. She said, “Shortly after Seeker’s death, people realized they had not understood the importance of his message. He had been recognized, but most people had not taken him seriously. After he died, they felt society had missed a great opportunity, because people like him did not come along very often. A panel of scientists and politicians prepared a program to introduce students to Seeker’s ideas in an effort to get young people to relate to these ideas more seriously. They also hoped to identify students with some of Seeker’s specialized talents. Over the past thousand years there have been at least twelve students identified through these classes who have communicated with Brahman and of the twelve, two had maintained a connection for more than thirty minutes.”

Mr. Vidya thanked Martha for her answer. He said, “This is exactly why these classes have been started and why they have continued for hundreds of years. Seeker’s notes suggested students are receptive to training between the ages of 14-21, so classes are offered in high school and college. Yesterday, we tried our second experiment to quiet the mind. These experiments have helped teachers identify students with potential. They are also a way to show students something more of the deeper side of their nature. I understand that a few of you were disturbed by yesterday’s experiment. Therefore, I want to spend a few minutes talking about how some of you might feel and how you should respond. First of all, a number of people find quieting their mind pleasant, while others find it quite upsetting. Some people feel they may lose control of themselves and this makes them anxious or nervous. I know a few of you felt uncomfortable or disoriented by your experiences. This is quite normal and you should not worry about it. Tell your parents or a friend, so they can help you to deal with it.”

Louis Jolly interrupted Mr. Vidya. He said, “My mind was quiet for about three hours after yesterday’s class. At first I enjoyed the feeling. I felt that everything was fresh and full of energy. After basketball practice, I took a shower and it was gone. I couldn’t get it back.” “Exactly,” said Mr. Vidya. “If you take a cold shower, it helps you get back to your normal center inside yourself. For some people, a hot cup of tea or coffee will do the same. Remember, you have lots of friends around you and they can help you in just a few minutes. The most important thing is not to worry.”

“If any of you do not want to try the exercise, you are free to read or leave the class early,” he said. “These classes are designed to challenge you to find something more in yourself, not to frighten you.” Everyone understood. They felt Mr. Vidya had taken the time to speak to them as adults. He seemed to have a knack of making everyone feel comfortable, which they appreciated. He waited for a few minutes and asked, “How many would like to try the experiment again?” Everyone including Martha raised their hand. “Good,” he said. “We will try again later in the class.”

“Yesterday, we did not have time to cover all of the issues Seeker raised about the nature of Brahman. We talked about his descriptions of time and space. Does anyone have any questions about this?” Mr. Vidya asked. Harold Jennings spoke. “Yesterday, when I was watching a program on the television, a space ship carrying explorers came upon an invisible entity. This entity had great power over some worlds in this part of space. When the space travelers tried to take someone from one of these worlds with them, the entity prevented them. It was there, but since it was in a different dimension without time and space, no one could see it. It communicated telepathically to the space travelers about itself and its people. This entity lived in another dimension like Brahman, but it had the power to express its power in another dimension just like Seeker describes in his notes. After seeing this story, I had a better idea about what you told us in class.” Mr. Vidya said, “Many times a well-written story could help us to understand important ideas in the Legend of Brahman.”

Mr. Vidya looked at his watch. He informed the class that the teacher for next period’s class had left for an important meeting, so he had agreed to continue the Legend class for one more period. Before going ahead with any more discussions about Seeker’s Notebooks he wanted us to take some time to think about the first week of class. He asked everyone to take out a sheet of paper. For the next fifteen minutes he asked each of us to list out the five most important things we had heard this week and how we thought these ideas would affect our lives. Everyone sat quietly, thinking, writing, trying to figure out what Seeker meant to them now and what he might mean in the future. As the class worked on the assignment, Mr. Vidya went out to get something. He returned wheeling a very large bell about three feet in diameter. It was on a stand with wheels, so it could be moved easily from class to class. He asked all of us to rearrange our desks in two circles around the center of the room. Everyone got up and moved their desks. Within five minutes there were two circles surrounding the bell in the center.

Mr. Vidya waited for everyone to get settled. He said, “This weekend everyone will have a short homework assignment to complete. Based on the notes you prepared in the last fifteen minutes, write a three page essay about how your lives have changed and would continue to change based on what you have heard and read about Peter Seeker and the legend of Brahman.” Mr. Vidya told us this essay was important since everyone our age should begin to think about what they wanted to do with their lives. “Take your time. Think before you write. Call your friends and talk about it. Speak to your parents about it. Then write. Write what you feel, what is real to you about Peter Seeker as a person and the legend of Brahman,” he said. He also asked everyone to read the last section in Seeker’s Notebooks. “Next week we will discuss your papers after we finish covering the remaining topics in Seeker’s Notebooks.”

Everyone was anxious to try the experiment. He reminded us how to prepare ourselves for the effort. He began speaking in a soft and assuring voice. He seemed to take more time. He seemed to lead everyone into a quiet that was already there in their minds after the first two attempts. Everyone had finished preparing when the bell sounded. The room was full of sound. It was everywhere. It was a deep and powerful sound. It was so rich you almost felt you could touch it. Unlike the earlier sounds, it did not seem to end.

I felt myself floating above my chair. I saw waves of sound rolling past me, even through me. Gradually, it slowed and the last wave of sound was passing outwards beyond me. It was moving slowly with a rhythm and balance that was so easy to see and relate to. One did not have to rush after the wave. I felt myself become one with the wave. There was no need to fall into the quiet. The wave carried me slowly and gently into a realm of silence. Suddenly, my mind was empty. There was no excitement, there were no thoughts, and there were no friends to think about. There was only a deep stillness that seemed to continue to expand in quiet. I do not remember anything else.

Slowly a new sound arose in my mind. It seemed to be the same sound repeating. But now it was calling me back. I returned from the space where I was and sensed the rest of the class. Gradually the sound became real again and before I knew it, I opened my eyes. Mr. Vidya was standing next to the bell. He had struck it a second time to call us back. Almost everyone in the class was sitting motionless. A few students had already left but only a few. Everyone had responded to his call. It had been 45 minutes, though it seemed like a few seconds. Gradually, students began to stand up and stretch. Some began to speak though almost in whispers. Mr. Vidya had tea and coffee for anyone who wanted it. A few people who were a bit disoriented sipped a hot drink. I felt fine. I looked for Martha. She was sitting quietly. She looked relaxed. We both smiled at each other. I knew she was fine. As we left the room, everyone thanked Mr. Vidya for taking such interest in the class and the experiment. It was the best class we had ever had.

Martha and the rest of our friends who lived in the neighborhood met in front of the school about fifteen minutes later. Everyone was bundled in heavy jackets, scarves, gloves and warm hats. I felt like I did not need anything to protect myself from the weather. I felt so warm inside. The feeling was so rich. Everyone was cheerful. We walked quickly but not in a hurry. By the time we reached our neighborhood, I realized no one had spoken a word. One by one friends left the group as we reached their homes. When we reached my place, Martha waited to speak to me. She asked, “Can we discuss Seeker over the weekend before writing our papers?” I said, “Great. I will call you tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.” She said, “I have something to do with my mother in the morning. Afternoon is great.”

I went in and found my mother waiting near the door. She saw us coming and wanted to speak to me right away. As soon as the door closed, she told me she had been invited to a meeting of people interested in Seeker. The meeting was in two hours in a nearby church. “Would you like to come? There is a guest speaker from a Center in Asia. She is considered to be an authority on Seeker, but more importantly she was one of the few people in the last hundred years to make a connection with Brahman, even though it had lasted only a few seconds.”

I responded, “I would be happy to go.” I asked if Martha could come. She said, “I have no objection, but Martha’s parents should agree.” I called Martha. She said it sounded interesting but she was feeling very quiet, so she wanted to spend the evening alone. I understood. I told her I would call tomorrow as promised. My mother and I had a quick dinner and left. My father was out of town on business and would come late in the night. We arrived at the church a few minutes early. I struggled to keep myself from falling back into the quiet. There were less than a dozen people waiting at the church. They were my mother’s friends. They started talking, as the speaker was late. I told my mother I would sit in the other room, so I would not disturb the conversation. I asked her to call me when the speaker came.

I went into the other room. I closed my eyes and the silence from the afternoon rushed back into my mind. I let myself slip into the experience. My mind seemed to dissolve. I did not remember where I was or anything about the meeting. I went deep inside my mind. After some time, I became aware of pink light shining in the silence. In the midst of the quiet, there was a call from within the pink light. It was not a voice. What was it? What did it want? I did not recognize the sounds, but I sensed their meaning. Gradually, I remembered I was in the church and opened my eyes. There was an elderly woman sitting next to me with her eyes closed. She looked so peaceful. There was a light on her face that seemed to come from inside. I did not know who she was, but I knew she had called me from my silence. I waited and in a few moments she opened her eyes. Neither of us spoke. She stared into my eyes for five minutes without interruption. She seemed so serious. Then she smiled. I felt the whole world had smiled at me.

She stood up and asked me to join the others. I went into the other room and found my mother and her friends talking. The presentation had finished two hours before. The speaker had asked my mother not to disturb me at the beginning of her presentation. When she had finished, she came in to call me. She had taken more than an hour to reach me with her call and we both took an equal amount of time to return from the silence. Everyone was ready to leave, but they waited to see what their guest would say. She turned to me and said, “I sensed this meeting was important before I came, but I had no idea how important. It was a great pleasure to meet you in your silence. In the future, remember the secret lies in accepting oneness and flow. Enjoy your journey.” I did not know why she said this, as we had hardly shared two words. I remembered the monk in Seeker’s Notebook. I bowed and left with my mother.

On the way home my mother said, “I never enjoyed a talk about Seeker so much.” She said the woman radiated Seeker’s vision. She was delighted I had met her. As we approached home my mother asked, “Did you speak to the woman while you sat in the other room?” I told my mother she had called me from my silence. “She seemed to have entered a space where we were somehow one. She communicated but it was not in words. I am not sure what she said but I felt it inside of me. It was more a sense of rhythm and harmony. She appeared as a brilliant pink light. When I became one with the pink light, I knew you were waiting. I sensed there was something very special about her but I don’t know what it is.” My mother listened and said, “I think she came to meet you, so I wanted to know what she said.” I thought for a minute and said, “She appears to have left me a message I don’t understand. Maybe someday it will be clear.”

As soon as we reached home, I took a shower and was asleep within a few minutes. 

book | by Dr. Radut