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Fifth Night’s Reading

 Brahman’s Play

From The Notebooks of Peter Seeker

More than twenty five years ago I found the first evidence of signals from Brahman. It took another twenty years for me to find the source and understand who was sending them and their significance to our universe and life. Even now, after almost a decade of communication with Brahman, the world has not fully grasped the implication of these monumental discoveries. When I introduced my original findings, society was shaken. Many wondered how people would respond to the knowledge that all we know as Reality is the result of a consciousness outside of our dimension. Today, thirty years later, as I continue to communicate with Brahman and strive to share some of the knowledge I have gleaned from these encounters, I understand more clearly how humanity has responded. The world has continued on, as it has since the beginning of time caught in the outer play of life. Man’s vision has remained unchanged, trapped in the clutches of his outer nature and its fascination with objects and activities.

So far, I have been unable to communicate the marvel and significance of our existence to scientists, political leaders or even men of faith. This marvel remains trapped inside of me pressing for expression, yet there appears to be no one interested in listening. But the lack of response does not change the truth of things. Humanity now knows the signals from Brahman have released an infinite energy, which created our universe of matter, life and mind. Humanity knows the world is an expression of Real Ideas acting in an absolute rhythm and harmony seeking to express the full consciousness of Brahman. This is a knowledge from which we can no longer hide.

Humanity cannot remain an unconscious receiver forever. Now that it knows the signals are there, mankind must discover ways to shift the center of its life to understanding and act on the knowledge and power contained within the message of the signal. We can no longer allow the signal to trigger the genetic structure of our lives and sit quiet for the next seventy or eighty years living without understanding its influence in our lives. Humanity must refocus itself on the inner meaning of the signal. Mankind has already begun to sense the need for change. It has begun to seek for answers, which our outer life cannot provide. Humanity is awakening to the shift it must make. It must decide to consciously relate itself to the signal. It must learn to understand its complex and intricate message, so each individual becomes a conscious center in life where Brahman’s consciousness in Status expresses itself directly and consciously in Reality. This is the final perfection all Real Ideas seek to express in Reality.

Ok! We know the signals are there and they have knowledge and power. We know they are important. We understand they are the truth of our nature, but it appears to be upside down. For millennia man has lived in his outer world. He has discovered many truths about his environment and gradually he has begun to master some of its forces. How can he give up his existing center of life and create a new one based on these signals? This is the problem I have been struggling with from the moment I began writing about Brahman and the signals. How can I, Peter Seeker, convince humanity to step away from all it has known for thousands of years and accept a new center buried deep within its inner nature? How can I make it clear enough so people will consider changing their lives?

The process began long ago. The signals have been subliminally preparing the universe for change for millions of years, in Reality. My discovery is just one more step in a very long process in which humanity has been becoming more conscious of Brahman. Brahman is already acting in our world. It is, It has been and It will continue, because Brahman is Reality. So far its actions have been slow and unconscious. Its subliminal signals have shaped and directed the process of evolution from deep within our nature. From there the signal has acted indirectly on our outer nature to prepare for a continuous unfolding of Brahman in Reality. Today, we know the signal is there in each and every thing. We know it is acting in each of us. Something in our outer nature receives the signal and responds even when we are not conscious of it.

For the last twenty years scientists in many labs around the world have been measuring and testing the action of the signal in all life forms. They have begun to see the impact of the subliminal signals on our outer nature and the course of our lives. Efforts are already underway in many labs to create sensors capable of reading the signals and translating their message. Already science knows and can document some of the relationships between the deepest signals and our outer lives. It is only a matter of time before scientists uncover a conscious link between the inner message and our outer consciousness. When they do, it will become possible to live a totally conscious life in Brahman.

For a long time, Brahman has waited for the capacity of the Real Ideas to develop so they can more fully express Its nature. We are reaching a point of transition. Human consciousness will become a field for Brahman’s infinite consciousness to express directly in Reality. We are living in exciting times, when humanity has the chance to change itself rather than to wait. Man must begin to refocus his life to a new conscious center focused on the signal and its message. He must listen with a quiet mind for the voice of Brahman to show him the way forward. It is happening already though unconsciously. Man must choose to become a conscious instrument for the knowledge and power of Brahman in Reality.

In such times what can humanity do to awaken to Brahman? First, we must shift our view more and more inside. Next, we must stand back from the endless blur of activity and find a center of quiet deep inside ourselves. Finally, in the quiet, we must listen and discover the words and music of Brahman’s harmony and rhythm, which carry its knowledge and power. As this new center develops, individuals must learn to understand its message and express it in their outer nature. Brahman seeks total expression in Reality. We must become its conscious receivers to express its message in our universe.

            This is the final knowledge I have seen in the light of Brahman. I hope it shines upon those who are ready.

Weekend Assignment

For the first time in a week I slept in. It was past 8:00 am when I got out of bed. I took a quick shower, which left me feeling fresh and full of energy. My parents were still sleeping, which was their normal Saturday routine. I might see them in another hour. I made some breakfast and was quietly thinking about the woman I had met last night at the church. Last week had been jam packed with Legend class, experiments to quiet my mind, Martha’s nervousness and yesterday’s quiet. How could anyone think of cramming more into a week? But last night seemed as important as the entire week. Who was that lady? What had she said to me in the quiet? Why did she appear as a pink light? Why had she told me to remember oneness and flow? I could not make any sense of it, though I had a very good feeling after meeting her.

After eating I went into the den and sat in my favorite chair. I needed to relax. I needed to forget about Seeker, our class, quieting my mind and this woman. I needed some space for myself. I needed to let some noise back in my mind. All week noise seemed to recede into the background without even a fight. What was happening to me? I sat for about thirty minutes before my mother came in. She had showered and looked ready to leave. “Where are you going?” I asked. She said she had been asked to pick up the lady who spoke last night and drive her to a town about two hours from here. She was speaking to another group about Seeker tomorrow night. “What time will you be back?” I asked. She thought for a minute and said, “No later than 1:00 pm.” “Do you mind if I come along?” I asked. I was not meeting Martha until three and I had no other plans. My mother said, “I was about to ask you if you wanted to join me.”

Fifteen minutes later we were in the car headed across town to the home of my mother’s best friend. The speaker had stayed there last night. We arrived earlier than expected but it was not a problem. Everyone was ready. When I entered the doorway the woman from the church was sitting with her back to me in the other room. She smiled to my mother’s friend and said, “I thought he might come.” How did she know I was there? Who was she? I felt good when I thought about her but at the same time I felt a little nervous. I felt I was at a border in my mind and something in me was not sure it wanted to cross it. I walked over to her and she bowed as we had done last night. I returned the bow.

My mother and her friend watched us not knowing what was going on. Neither did I. We sat for a few minutes while the woman went upstairs to get her things. I watched her come back into the room. She seemed to walk with an effortless grace. It was almost like she was skating or dancing. She handed me her bag and I took it out to the car. My mother’s friend said a few things to her and thanked her for coming. She replied, “I had a package to deliver. I was honored to be the courier. It has been delivered safely. Now I must be off.” My mother and her friend had no idea what the woman was talking about. They wondered if she was feeling all right.

A few minutes later we were in the car. It took us about ten minutes to reach the highway which would take us north to the town where she was expected. As long as we were in the traffic she sat quietly looking at all of the cars. As soon as we reached the highway, she turned to me and asked, “I understand from your mother you have started studying the life of Peter Seeker in school this week. Are you enjoying your class?” she asked.

I thought for a minute before answering. “Yes,” I replied. “I started the Legend of Brahman class this week and it has been quite interesting so far. I have an excellent teacher who makes us think about Seeker, which I am enjoying. As far as my feelings about Seeker, I sense I have known him all my life even though I only heard his name a week ago. Something about him resonates with me. All week I felt like someone was removing a veil from my mind. I feel like I am discovering something I already knew some time ago. But somehow I felt you already knew this without asking me.” My mother looked over to me to see why I was being rude. She had never heard me speak like this. The woman smiled but did not respond. We sat for the next one and a half hours without speaking. My mother felt I had crossed the limit and somehow offended the woman. I did not have the same feeling. I almost felt I knew her, but I could not find the answer.

When we got off the highway, my mother asked her if she would like to stop for coffee. She said that would be nice. My mother located a convenient restaurant and pulled into the parking lot. As we walked to the restaurant my mother pulled me aside and asked me why I had been rude to the woman. “Don’t you see she is disturbed by what you said? She did not speak the whole way after you were rude.” I told my mother I had not meant to offend her in any way. I felt she already knew the answer, so I simply said what I felt. The woman saw my mother speaking to me as we went into the restaurant but said nothing to relieve my mother’s anxiety. I told my mother I would apologize to her during coffee. My mother was relieved.

We ordered coffee, hot chocolate, and some hot apple pie. While we were waiting for the waiter to bring the food, I turned to the woman and asked, “In the forest, Seeker learned two things. He saw the importance of seeing things from the perspective of the whole and not the parts. He saw the signal was not two parts but a whole. He also saw the river was a flow of energy from one plane to another.” She nodded as I paused. “This is the topic I want to write about in my essay for class on Monday. Can you tell me why Peter learned these things from the monk and not through the device?” Just as I finished the waiter came and served the food. It distracted us for a moment.

After taking a small bite of cake and a sip of coffee, she turned to my mother and said, “The package is open.” My mother did not know what she was talking about. She was more and more concerned about the woman’s health. The woman continued to sip her coffee. Then she looked at me and said, “Seeker was a man of science. He had faith in his equipment. He was open to Brahman but the structure of his mind was standing in the way of his reaching that knowledge. The monk came to show Seeker the other side of himself outside of science. The Monk showed him how to reach Brahman without the support of instrumentation but through the knowledge and power of his own consciousness. Once he understood this perspective, he had the complement to his outer knowledge. It was only a matter of time until he communicated with Brahman through his outer nature with his device.”

My mother sat quietly watching us discuss this issue. She understood it was important to me. She saw the woman was not offended in any way by my comments or questioning. Like Mr. Vidya, she was leading me to discover my own path. We finished our discussion in a few minutes. My mother paid the bill. We continued our journey for another ten minutes until we reached the place where the woman would stay. My mother took her bag to the house to give us a moment alone. She looked at me again and said, “Remember Seeker’s message. Have faith and aspire for the truth, answers shall reveal themselves in time.” She bowed once more and went inside. My mother and I started home a few minutes later.

We were more than halfway home before my mother spoke. She looked over at me and asked, “Did you enjoy yourself this morning?” I said the woman had answered an important question, which had been on my mind for the past few days. Her answer had given me a new insight into the relationship between Brahman and Reality even if I could not express it yet. My mother waited a few moments and said, “Do you know what she said when I left her at the door? She said, ‘I was one of Brahman’s favorites’.” My mother looked embarrassed. “She has been saying strange things all day. I think she must be tired from her travels. I hope she gets some rest over the weekend. I think she has been traveling far too much for her age.” I looked over at my mother and said, “I am sure she will be fine.”

We reached home a little later than planned. It was almost 2:00 pm. My mother and father had plans for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We had a quick lunch and within thirty minutes they left for an evening with friends. I was still a bit scattered after my morning episode with the woman, when the phone rang. It was Martha. She was calling from a shop on the other side of town. The work with her mother had lasted longer than she expected. She said she would not return home until at least 5:00 pm. We agreed she would come for dinner. My mother had left a meal, so we did not need to cook. I asked her come over when she was ready.

I went into the den and sat as I had in the morning. I wanted a few hours by myself to reflect on this morning and all of the other events of the week. I sat in the chair and closed my eyes. I fell asleep a short time later. I awoke to the sound of the doorbell. It must be Martha. I shouted for her to come in. She came in and found me resting in the den. She looked different. At first I did not guess what it was. Then it struck me. “You had a haircut,” I said. She smiled. It was much shorter than she normally kept it, but I liked it. “So this is how you spent your day, shopping and getting a hair cut,” I said. After taking off her warm coat and scarf, she sat down on the couch across from the chair where I was sitting. I told her I envied her. This morning I wanted to get away and relax. I wanted to forget the whole week and all its events. Something in me wanted to go back to where I started the week. I could see she had escaped from Seeker and his strange thoughts. I had a very different type of day.

She sensed I was not myself. She asked how I had spent the day. I thought about everything that had happened this morning and decided to leave the story for another time. Instead I asked her if she was in the mood to discuss Seeker. I told her I really needed a break from Seeker. I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie or get together with some friends. She saw I was not in the mood for homework and neither was she. We decided to heat the dinner my mother had left, listen to music, watch TV and talk, as we liked. Her mother came over around 8:00 pm to check up on her and found us sitting it the den watching a movie. Martha was sitting in my favorite chair. I was stretched out on the floor. She understood we were enjoying a well-deserved break. Martha stayed until about 10:00 pm. I walked her home when the movie was over. We agreed to meet the next day morning to talk about the paper. I was home and asleep before 10:30 pm.

The following morning Martha rang the bell at 8:00 am. I was up and ready for our discussion. We went into our recreation room, so we would not be interrupted when my folks came down in an hour. I told Martha I had decided to write a different type of essay for class. I did not feel like writing what Mr. Vidya had asked. I told her I had been thinking all week about Seeker’s trip to the forest with the monk and the questions it had raised in my mind. Martha was surprised by my interest in this section of Seeker’s Notebook. It was the one part of the story she did not like. We discussed her response to this episode. “There was something very pleasant about the monk and the relationship he developed with Seeker,” she said, “but I feel threatened by him.” She felt he represented a turning point in Seeker’s life. “After this encounter, Seeker could not come back. He had crossed over to another dimension with the monk, never to return to the life and people he had known, at least psychologically. This incident represents a choice I cannot make in my life.” She understood herself better than most of my friends. She knew she wanted a meaningful life but one within the confines of normal society.

I told her my reaction to this episode was just the opposite. She said she had expected as much. I found the monk so inviting, so welcoming. I sensed he had come just when Seeker needed him the most. I saw an action of Brahman in life, when these two characters met. All week, I had felt this encounter was the central point in Seeker’s life and I wanted to write about it. I agreed with Martha it was a very crucial point in Seeker’s life where he took a decision to follow his search for knowledge to the end, no matter the cost. “I don’t know why it was so important to me, but I need to understand it fully, as it had something to do with my future.” I told her more about the meeting at the church and the drive in the car. I told her about what happened with the lady from Asia and how I had bowed without understanding why. She listened with full attention but also with a sense of deep concern. After some time, she hesitantly asked, “Who was this woman and why did she come to speak?” I said I wasn’t sure but somehow I felt she was the monk. Martha stood up and started pacing the room. She was disturbed. “Do you know how crazy that sounds?” she said. “Yes,” I replied, “but it is the way I feel.” I also told her my mother felt there was some connection between us, which she did not fully understand. Martha looked at me in amazement.

We talked for more than an hour about the church and the car ride and everything the woman had said. Martha grew more and more agitated. She finally said, “I think you have gotten carried away with Seeker and the Legend of Brahman. I think you were right yesterday when you said you needed a break. I think you need to think about what you are doing and make sure you are not taking this idea too far.” We talked about Seeker and what he meant to each of us. We discussed all of the pages from the short notebooks we had from class. During the discussion, it became clear that each of us had responded to Seeker in a different way. Martha saw the Legend class as another piece of information to process and organize in her mind, to incorporate into her mental fabric. I had responded from a totally different point of view. Seeker touched my emotions. I felt a calling awaken in me. I felt a growing emotional identification with him and his message to the world. She saw ideas, principles and thoughts. I saw feeling, harmony and oneness. Mr. Vidya was right. A discussion with a friend was a great way to discover what Seeker really meant to us.

My mother brought in lunch at 1:00 pm when we did not come up. She sat with us for about an hour and listened to our discussions. She saw the play between the two of us and understood Seeker was becoming real to both of us in different ways. At 3:00 pm Martha said she had to go home and start writing. She had enjoyed the discussion but she sensed she and I were going down different paths. This disturbed her, though she tried not to show it.

I went to my room after she left and within two hours I had written five pages about Seeker and the monk. When I reread the paper, I saw I had completed the assignment Mr. Vidya had given in my own way. I took the paper down to my mother at dinner and asked her if she could read it. She said, “I have been eagerly waiting to read it.” About 9:00 pm, she knocked on my door. She had read and marked all of the spelling and grammar mistakes. She had also underlined some parts of the text and written short comments in the margin. She said, “This is the best paper you have ever written. Seeker has awakened in your emotions in a way I never expected. I am sure Mr. Vidya will like it a lot. Please tell me what he says when he returns it to you.”

About thirty minutes later, I was finishing the corrections to my paper before printing it. The phone rang. My mother called from the kitchen, “Martha is on the phone.” I picked up the phone to speak to Martha. As soon as I said hello, she started to speak, “Oh! You must think I’m really a bad friend after the way I spoke this morning. I said some things I probably should never have spoken and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are not speaking to me.” I listened for a few minutes. Finally, I decided to interrupt her. “Martha,” I said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m not mad at you and you didn’t say anything to offend me. We are good friends and friends are supposed to say what they mean. You and I don’t feel the same about Seeker but that is no reason for me to stop talking with you.” She tried to start again and I interrupted once more. “Martha, did your write your paper?” I asked. She said she had finished it about twenty minutes before. She felt it was one of her best papers. I told her that my mother said the same thing about mine. I paused and said, “I guess the heated discussion about our points of view helped each of us write a better paper. Isn’t that what Mr. Vidya asked us to do? I will print you a copy of my paper so you can read it when you get a chance. I hope you will let me see yours.” “I’ll have it for you at the bus stop,” she said. “See you in the morning.”

The Last Three Days of Class

After last week’s excitement in Legend class, it was hard to image what the next three days would be like. Martha and my friends met as usual in the morning and walked to school. We talked about our papers. We were both excited about what Mr. Vidya would say about our ideas.

Monday and Tuesday, Legend class was much the same as it had been last week. Mr. Vidya asked questions about Seeker and his ideas and we shared our thoughts about them. The discussions were interesting but not quite as intense as last week. Maybe we were getting used to looking at the world from a new point of view. Everyone handed in their papers and Mr. Vidya promised to read and return them on Wednesday, the last day of class. Each day he conducted an experiment to help us learn how to quiet our mind. A handful of students including myself was beginning to understand how to quiet our minds without a lot of difficulty. Others enjoyed the effort, but they never figured out how to stop the thoughts from entering their minds. Everyone continued to enjoy these experiments, even though the results varied dramatically. It was pleasant and for the most part relaxing.

We all looked forward to the last day of class because Mr. Vidya told us he would return our papers and answer any remaining questions we had about Seeker and the legend of Brahman. I reached class early on Wednesday. I was anxious to know what Mr. Vidya would say about my paper. I knew I had written what I wanted, but it was not exactly what he had asked for. I was not sure if he would appreciate my initiative. As usual, he was in class ahead of time waiting for us to settle in. He was sitting at his desk with all of the papers.

After everyone was seated and quiet, he began. “Over the past two days, I have read all of your papers. The views that each of you have expressed are unique. Everyone sees things differently in life. The same is true about Seeker and The Legend. Each of your papers helped me understand what Seeker means to you at this point in your life. Please keep it and reread it when you finish your last Legend of Brahman class eight years from now.”

“All of the papers were good, even the one from Mr. Zimmer,” he said. Everyone looked over at Charles and wondered what sort of joke or sarcastic remark he had put in his paper. Right from the first day, he seemed to dislike Seeker and the idea of a Legend. It was as if Seeker was too serious for him. Mr. Vidya asked Charles if he would come up to the front of the class and explain to everyone exactly what he felt about Seeker and what he had written about him. Zimmer loved it. He was always looking for a stage and now he had it. Mr. Vidya seemed to be playing right into his hands. I was anxious to see how this turned out.

Charles came to the front of the class and took his paper from Mr. Vidya. He opened the paper. It was a single page. On the page he had drawn a hand pointing. It was not pointing anywhere in particular. At the top of the page everyone saw an A. Nobody could believe their eyes, especially Charles. He showed everyone the drawing and waited. Finally, someone asked him what it meant. Charles said, “I am interested in what Seeker writes, but I cannot make anything out of it even after reading the Notebooks five or six times. I know it’s important, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. I was sitting at home on Sunday trying to write my paper and found I had nothing to say. I called my older brother at college and told him about our assignment. My brother knows me well and was surprised to see me acting seriously. He told me he would call back in an hour with some help.”

“An hour later he called. He said he had sent an e-mail. He asked me to open it. When I opened it, I found the drawing. I was surprised. I asked him what it was about. My brother told me about a famous Greek philosopher. This philosopher decided he could never describe anything in the world accurately because words never expressed what things really were. He lived by himself in a cave for years and when people came and asked him about something, he would simply point. He knew the marvel of existence was unexplainable, so he did not try. This was exactly how I felt about Seeker. This drawing was the best solution for my assignment.”

Everyone laughed but understood Charles had really gotten a lot out of the Legend class. Mr. Vidya congratulated him for his unique approach. He said, “This is one of the most novel papers I have ever received.” Charles was happy and everyone saw how Seeker had touched each person differently.

Mr. Vidya waited for the class to settle down again before he continued. He told us that after reading all of the papers he found two that stood out in his mind. He said, “This did not mean they are better than the other papers. Rather they are only different in their style and expression and so they stand out in my mind.” Martha’s paper was one of the two papers. He asked Martha to come to the front of the class and explain the key ideas in her paper.

She was reluctant to speak but everyone encouraged her. They knew she could express things well and they wanted to know what she had written. Martha came to the front of the room and took her paper. She spoke for five minutes explaining how she had spent six hours with me in heated discussion about Seeker before she wrote her paper. She explained how we had almost argued with each other and how we challenged each other to the point of shouting. A number of Martha’s friends knew she was capable of a good shouting match. She explained how her ideas had only become clear after I had made her clarify them in terms of the opposite point of view. She said that this was the main idea of her paper. She understood from Seeker’s life that the most important things in life come to us in a way that is opposite to what we think is right. They come as contradictions because our mind is not able to see both sides of the signal at once, so life makes us see both sides in a confrontation. She understood she was someone who did not like confrontation but she had learned in the last week that she had to accept both sides of the signal and find an idea to reconcile them. “Look at Seeker,” she said. “He was a man of science, a man of measurement, a man of fact and figure. He had tried to see the world through this side of the signal in his lab. Life did not let him enjoy his partial viewpoint. Life brought him Brahman, an existence beyond measurement, facts and figures. Seeker had to reconcile the two halves of Nature, the inner subjective and the outer objective sides. This was what his life was about. I know I will face some kind of confrontation in my life, which will help me to discover more about Brahman.” Everyone understood her and clapped.

Mr. Vidya paused again and said, “We have time for only one more paper. The final paper is in some ways like Mr. Zimmer’s paper, as its author did not follow the instructions given for this assignment.” I knew right away it was my paper, so before he embarrassed me any more, I got up and came to the front of the class to take my paper. Mr. Vidya smiled. Everyone was surprised, since I was known as one who always followed instructions. I really did not know what to say. I was trying to gather my ideas when I looked down at the paper and saw the note Mr. Vidya had written at the top — The fire of aspiration has awakened in you. Let it burn as bright as a star. He had understood how I felt. I knew what I had to say.

I began. “Last week was a very important time in my life. For the past fourteen years, I have been passing my time, living on the surface of life. Nothing has touched me. Life has not really brought me face to face with the opposites that Martha talked about. I work hard. I enjoy myself. I have a lot of good friends but nothing has challenged me. Nothing has engaged me. Last week I became engaged. Seeker represents the opposite for me. He had the courage to abandon the norm. He had the courage to act outside of social opinion. He was a lone individual floating in space with Brahman, an unexplainable existence which is the very opposite of the norm. I have not been able to get Seeker out of my mind. He is there in the morning when I wake and throughout the day, even when I am playing basketball. He does not leave me. Last week, I walked out of the exercise to quiet our minds in class, because I did not want to be different. I wanted all of you to think I was normal. I understand I must change my attitudes, if I am going to be like Seeker. Seeker has come to disturb the quiet of my life. For the first time in my life I feel alive.”

Everyone was quiet. They knew Seeker had touched me deeply. Many wondered what it was all about. Then everyone clapped as they had for Martha.

There were only a few minutes left in class. Mr. Vidya asked if there were any other questions. I raised my hand. He was not surprised. I told him I had asked a question last week, which he had not answered and I was still interested in understanding how the ancient rishis of his country had known Brahman without the support of technology. He remembered my question and was pleased I had not forgotten it. He asked if anyone knew the answer. There was no response. He waited as he always did and said, “In the time of the ancient rishis, there were no outer tools or technology. Man found himself in a world full of wonders, which no one could explain. Faced with the challenge of finding answers, men of the day like Seeker turned inward. Through the power of concentration, will and dedication, they sought knowledge about the inner realms of mind, the higher regions of mental consciousness and finally their connection with the source of all knowledge, Brahman. Seeker made great strides in his quest for knowledge with the assistance of outer technology but in the end he reached Brahman with the aid of the monk and the power of his own inner consciousness. Each of you, everyone can choose to turn inward and discover the infinite knowledge and power within yourself without the aid of machines and labs. For in the end, we are all Brahman.”

I was fully satisfied with his answer, as it corroborated what the woman had told me on Saturday. I knew what I must do. I must find a path that combined both the inner and outer parts of my life in a search for Brahman.

Mr. Vidya asked everyone to take out their Seeker’s Notebooks, open it to Seeker’s Closing Message at the end of the booklet and read the closing letter. We all opened and read for a few minutes. He was sitting on his desk looking intently at everyone in the class when he said, “This year you have had a short but powerful introduction to Seeker and the Legend of Brahman. This is the first class you will take over the next eight years. Hopefully, you have seen something of the infinity Seeker tried to share with us. Remember, whatever you do in life, make the three values Seeker speaks of in his closing letter a part of everything you do in life. If you can do this, you will find Brahman in whatever you do.” All of us listened in silence. When Mr. Vidya finished, we understood life would never be the same. 

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