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The Life Divine consists of two books and the second book consists of two parts. Book One, which constitutes the first 28 chapters, is entitled The Omnipresent Reality and The Universe. Here Sri Aurobindo presents to the world for the first time a comprehensive and integral knowledge of the true nature of the Spiritual Reality or Existence referred to variously as God, Brahman, Sachchidananda, Divine, the Unmanifest, the Transcendent, the Infinite and Eternal Spirit, or the Absolute. He also explains the true nature, origin and characteristics of the manifest universe we live in, which includes mind, life, matter, the individual, the soul, the ego, the dualities, and other fundamental aspects of the world. This book shows how all of these planes and structures are expressions and manifestations of the One Divine Reality.

Then, you might ask, what could possibly be left over to fill the second book? What the first book does not tell us and, in fact, no book has ever told before, is the process by which the One, Infinite and Eternal Spirit creates or rather becomes a finite, temporal universe populated by many individual forms and the process by which the finite universe of the Many is evolving spiritually back to the One so that it can manifest the true spiritual nature of Existence in this world, in life and in the physical body. These constitute the subject matter of Book Two, The Knowledge and The Ignorance: The Spiritual Evolution. In Part One of Book Two, which is entitled The Infinite Consciousness and The Ignorance, he explains the process by which the One created the Many, how an Infinite Knowledge has manifested as a world of Ignorance. In Part Two, which is entitled The Knowledge and the Spiritual Evolution, he explains the process by which the Ignorance evolves back to the Knowledge so that it can manifest Spirit in the world. This in a nutshell summarizes the contents of The Life Divine.

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