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We have been talking about Involution, but now we are going to trace the process back. There is a divine intention, to realize Sachchidananda in life, in the world. The Evolution starts with matter and its awakening. The main instrument for awakening is Ananda. The expression of Ananda in the world as sensation and physical attraction is the original force which begins the upward movement of evolution. Sri Aurobindo says that evolution is inevitable. There is a force hidden in it that is compelling matter to evolve and reveal what is inside. The Divine hidden in matter is an inevitable force that springs forth as Life. The starting point for that is matter. He describes for us the rules of the game in which this evolution began. He calls it the “knot of matter.” Everything seems to be loaded against the Divine in this game.

Evolution begins in conditions that are the very opposite of the status of Sachchidananda. It starts in the Ignorance. Matter is Sachchidananda that has forgotten itself. Matter is the Divine involved in itself. He uses the word “inconscient.” It is not self-aware. The plant does have some sensation. It is able to seek out light and water. The stone does not seem to be conscious of anything. The stone is totally oblivious of what it is and what its destiny is. A basic characteristic of Matter is Inertia. The Divine gives itself the challenge of trying to create animate, living, moving beings in a material that is inert and has no power for self-propulsion. Division is another characteristic of the material world. The stone has the appearance of being totally divided from everything else.

Knot of Matter

  • Ignorance
  • Inertia
  • Division

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