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065. No Industry in India Need Fail

India is a growing market in the sense people want more, want the minimum standards of life. He who wants more announces that he is willing to work for more. Prosperity is willingness to work for more. Work yields results when it is organised. Organised work can be honest or otherwise. No company which is willing to organise its work to express values need fail in India today.

Vision 2020 of the Planning Commission envisages that India will move to the 100th rank from its present 153rd rank in 2020. The youth all over India are astir. They reject the state of colonial poverty. Guaranteed employment is a constitutional right even as compulsory education is. Vision 2020 is realisable if a Prosperity Movement is organised in India. The market in India is vibrant. Organised honest work finds great reward.

Self-employment today is Patriotism.

Commercial Agriculture is Green Revolution.

Ask for more, want more, it is Prosperity.

Ask of yourself, you will grow.

Wanting more is the growing MARKET.

Growing MARKET is India's PROSPERITY.

We have a long way to go which means,

We have great PROSPERITY to gain.

The country is ASTIR.

Education is at a premium.

An educated nation is a prosperous nation.

Qualify for employment.

Guarantee the employment.

Seek self-employment, ORGANISE the work to express values, acquire continuously higher skills. Realise the vision 2020 earlier than the goal.

Awake, Arise, Organise -- It is Prosperity.



story | by Dr. Radut