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Nuclear Disarmament


April 27, 2007

He who has acquired a power and has been enjoying it for a long time, is not known to have relinquished it voluntarily with the exception of King Asoka. It has to be wrested from him. After India and 45 nations emerged free from colonialism, Vietnam fought a bitter battle for nearly thirty years to get rid of the occupying American troops.

We have seen in 1929 and 1940 what an unconscious humanity suffers and conscious leadership is rewarded with. In 1929 the American economy along with the world economy was not booming, they were at the peak of Prosperity. In an unformed society with unorganised market forces, as the positive side rises, the negative potential too rises. The speculative instinct in Man was urging from inside for the joy of total destruction.  The unregulated banks rushed into the fray pouring illegal Money into the hands of speculative individuals, breaking even the few rules that were in place.

  -- The Great Depression is an expression of Man wantonly destroying himself yielding to that urge that rises when he is at his acme of Prosperity.

In 1940 Hitler was armed to the teeth encouraged by the silent connivance of all the major European powers which together crushed Germany only twenty years before. As Man recklessly indulged in matters economic, nations gleefully encouraged Hitler now. Launching his diabolical attack, Hitler found hardly any resistance till all of Europe's resources were at his disposal. The Second World War could have been a repetition of 1929 in politics, the wanton destruction of all that Man cherished. One nation stood up led by literally ONE man. He knew there was no ghost of a chance on any material consideration.  The hero in him woke up, he awakened the heroism of the British public. In less than one year, the course of the war definitely reversed.

Now again humanity is at a similar crossroads with respect to nuclear weapons. The only difference  is in 1929 there was no formed human individual to apply his Will, in 1940 no one in his saner moments would have thought of winning the war. The positive forces were next to nil, the morale was at its lowest ebb. Now, all the positive forces are very strong, the negative arguments are seeking hiding shelters. Public opinion is overwhelmingly positive. Over 2000 NGOs are actively campaigning for their abolition. The Cold War is not there. The old remnants of vested interests in the shape of defence industry is sabotaging from behind the scenes. Those who offer the irrational NPT conditions have no faith in them, are timid in their persuasion. The only symbol of autocracy in international politics is the veto that has lost its political vigour but is there in its formal power. The member nations of UN will offer a majority willingly in spite of the US pressure in the economic field. The decades of its diplomatic experience have not given the wisdom that if she presses too hard for a wrong goal, her very pressure will backfire and achieve the public goal.

Now one nation should come out with an idealistic goal and table in the UN an amendment to the constitution asking for the abolition of veto and that the Security Council should be elected by the General Assembly. The Time is ripe, the strength is on the right side, the Cause is holy. Having secured her Freedom by a non-violent struggle, India is morally and spiritually qualified to be that leader.

In 1940 when Britain raised the flag of revolt against Hitler, she hardly knew she was working vigorously for the dissolution of her vast empire. That she had built such an empire was itself an argument for her to lead the world. But the world was marching ahead in the achievement of greater freedom for all mankind which was later achieved at her expense. Indian politics is steeped in corruption. She is the 74th most corrupt nation on earth. She is low on human rights, prosperity, and ever so many good things for humankind. But her economy is looking up. Her cities are booming, life is astir. No longer is she as weak as when China attacked her. India is led by a politician drawn from the martial race. All that he has to do is to shift his martial instincts to the mental will and give voice to the global human aspiration.

  • India will be heard in the comity of nations and the nuclear arsenal will be abolished.

Also, a few other things will follow slowly but surely.

  • Corruption in India will melt away in the same speed as it grew.
  • She will acquire the traits of international leadership gradually.

In the fight of Vietnam over three decades, one issue was mixed up. The designs of Soviet expansionism that were checked at the 38th parallel in 1950 were again to be met in Vietnam. It gave the American presence initial justification there.

The economic strength that rises within the borders of India is an argument and an occasion for her to act. Not for nothing was she a slave nation for eight centuries. Britain ruled the world as she was a slave nation during the entire first millennium. India is thus qualified to lead the world morally to a successful conclusion on two scores:

  1. She won a non-violent struggle for Freedom;
  2. She has undergone the apprenticeship for eight centuries to be a leader of the world.

story | by Dr. Radut