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094. Opinions and Attitudes

In subtle vision, opinions appear like needles. In the atmosphere, millions of such needles exist presiding over man's daily life, says the Divine Mother. If you ever tried to acquire open-mindedness and tried to shake off a preconceived notion, which is an opinion, you will appreciate the difficulty of getting rid of an opinion. After all your efforts, you will see that the opinion prevails. It would have implemented itself.

Attitudes are more powerful than opinions. An attitude is born when an opinion is endorsed by emotions. Some attitudes are, 1) I must stand on my own legs, 2) I must honour my professional status, 3) No one should speak ill of me. These attitudes are powerful forces that decide one's accomplishment.

When we come to the Spirit, it exists in a plane far beyond the realms of opinions and attitudes. Motives are of the whole being and include attitudes and opinions. Between a man who is incapable of opinions and one of strong opinions, the latter achieves more. He who has the attitude of standing on his own legs, of course, will achieve more than one who is unable to be independent.

The Spirit in its own realms is beyond opinions, attitudes and motives. The one motive of the yogi is to attain to moksha. While it is common to work for one's success or his family's progress, I wish we accept one motive in life: to seek one's progress by the Spirit emerging in life.  Let that be one's motive or attitude. At least, let us acquire the opinion that greater progress is in store for us when the Spirit guides our daily routine life at home and the work spot.

What man does, let us know, the Spirit can accomplish better.


story | by Dr. Radut