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067. Peaceful Sleep

An officer in an erstwhile British-owned company came to a small farm and felt more relaxed than usual. He was tempted to stay there overnight in a small guest room that was there. Next morning he felt it was heaven on earth as that little room gave him the most refreshing sleep he ever had in the previous 15 years. God, it is said, who gave all wealth to man consciously refrained from granting him rest for fear that HE might be forgotten.

Most people sleep well, even enjoy a good, deep, refreshing, relaxing sleep. To those who have nightmares and are unable to have one good hour of sleep, these people are a wonder, maybe objects of envy. All people can enjoy really peaceful sleep, if they agree to leave that problem in the hands of their own Spirit. Many of them may be pious religious people. They wonder why God has denied them good sleep. Sometimes they curse Him. It often happens when people mistake vital spirits to be godheads and start worshipping them. Whatever the reason, now they can overcome it.


By invoking the Spirit to preside over their sleep, they can get rid of the problem of sleepless nights. By meditating for some time before the sleep and putting their sleep, dream, nights under its care, their sleeplessness will vanish. The flower bougainvillea, spiritually known as 'protection', if kept on their person, will relieve them from nightmares. An employee was fond of borrowing endlessly. It reached 30 times his salary when it became a problem in his sleep. He happened to stay with a few friends who live by Spirit. Having slept there that night he said the next morning, "I used to have dreadful nightmares daily till 2 A.M. and then was never able to go back to sleep. For the first time since this problem arose, I slept peacefully here till 2 A. M. After that I remained awake as before but without any terror."




story | by Dr. Radut