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069. Pity, Sympathy, Compassion, Grace and Supergrace

Weak nerves cannot see gruesome sights. They suffer. It is pity. Fellow feeling for another is sympathy which can suffer but not relieve. Sympathy relieves the sufferer very much. Compassion is divine. It relieves the sufferer without itself suffering. Grace wipes out the cause of suffering. It can wipe off present suffering due to past acts -- karma.

Grace issues out of faith in God while sympathy arises out of goodness. Pity is the result of one's weakness of nerves. One suffers because he is weak. Often he aggravates the suffering of the sufferer. Faith in God indirectly causes withdrawal of faith in karma. Man shifting his faith in karma to the faith in the Divine invites Grace which dissolves his past karma in which Indian tradition strongly believes. The Rishi who takes to tapas is NOT bound by his past karma in the measure he shifts to God. The Divine Mother offers to any of us what the Rishi secures by his own tapas. Capacity to believe in The Mother is Grace and freedom from one's karma.

She goes beyond and offers man Supergrace if he comes forward NOT to believe in his own capacities but Her. Grace turns into Supergrace when the end results come to a man in the very beginning.

  • To know The Mother is Grace.
  • To believe in The Mother is Supergrace.

story | by Dr. Radut