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056. Power of Values to Earn Money

Earning money is an act, as any other act of winning the elections, passing an exam, etc. The components of such an act are energy that comes from interest, goal that gives the direction, ORGANISATION from which power issues, skills that convert that power into results.

Each component decides the issue or the quantum of money earned, but the earning itself depends on the harmonious functioning of all these components. One of these components cannot be missed or be present in a half-measure. When all the components are adequately present and harmoniously functioning, the result, the amount of money earned is decided by the value of each component. This is so because values are spiritual.

One who is earning Rs.10,000 a month or Rs. 1,00,000 a month can raise that income 5 fold if he introduces values at every stage and gently raises them to their maximum. A company that is marginally losing will become marginally profitable by this approach at once. To further raise the profits, it can be done by raising the values or organising better or employing any method that company needs particularly.

There is no work where values do not arise. Attention, organisation, comprehension, integrity, truthfulness, etc. are values we know. The list can be endless.

A family presided over by a father or mother whose priority is his own wants practices selfish values. Suppose he decides to meet the needs of all others before meeting his own needs, he will be practising selfless values. Or, he may decide to practise Self-giving which means he will go all out to meet anyone's needs which lie within the ambit of his duty or not. Soon he will witness a burst of income. Owners of companies taking such an approach will discover the ORDERS for which they have been searching all over like a needle in a haystack will start coming on their own.

Values are spiritual. They can earn a vast quantity of good money

story | by Dr. Radut