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Previously Unavailable Solutions and Their Tools


July 26, 2002

  • Technology constantly makes available fresh conveniences and changing laws of the land, fresh rights inconceivable in themselves.
  • A History of 1952-1999 records the dozens of nations that entered into liberated free nationhood. Naturally, the writer cannot know the spiritual force behind them nor will he countenance the argument when he is told. The devotees know.
  • Even the public more than once exclaims, "Yes, it happened, we never expected it." Well, we can ask them to stop and think and analyse when it happens the hundredth time. Not to do so is to be unconscious. I shall confine myself to devotees who cannot plead that Ignorance.
  • There is a Force in the atmosphere which offers previously unavailable solutions to the existing problems and previously non-existent avenues to avail of the opportunities that come our way. More. It creates or permits you to create ANY opportunity you wish.
  • If one has known Mother for some years and he still asks where it is, I shall not try to explain it to him. He chooses to be blind.
  • Certainly there are many who have seen the phenomena I speak of.
  • When it is there in the atmosphere and acts often or occasionally, we see how our frame of mind - attitude - helped it to act successfully.
  • To know that frame of mind, understand it as an organisation and create it in the mind is to enable the FORCE  to act always with success. It is an organisation of values.
  • It exists as a similar higher subtle spiritual organisation in the atmosphere. Further, there is a causal supramental organisation too.
  • One can create one of these three organisations in his own mind, the causal being the most effective.
  • One needs to observe his own mind, spirit and psychic for this purpose.
  • If you are in a negotiation for some months and finally have finished it to your own satisfaction, you know what it was in your mental attitude that brought that success about. I call that an organisation of values and attitudes of the mind. Know it, engrave it on your mind and keep it forever. That is the first step apparently.
  • As you have negotiated with a person, there are issues where no other person is involved but CIRCUMSTANCES are powerfully involved. Suppose you have a successful experience here, it means you know the organisation of the subtle mind.
  • If you have had both or the first, you will see the subtle organisation lies exactly behind the mental organisation. All that you have to do is to OBSERVE patiently and painstakingly.
  • The spiritual organisation is by itself subtle. It is there behind the subtle mental organisation. The causal is still behind it.
  • Even if one has the first and goes about organising it as a permanent possession, his effectivity will rise considerably.
  • To achieve this, the golden rule is,
  • When a work is completed to rounded perfection, DON'T pay attention to the result, look at the inner mental process.

  • As you are observing your own mind which you know well, see what strengths are in the forefront and what weakness are in the rear. To keep up that BALANCE is to create the organisation I speak of.
  • Spirituality is seen as Light, Silence, Peace, and Joy in the mind. Make a similar effort at organisation with them. When you succeed, the spiritual subtle organisation will be far more powerful than the mental organisation.
  • The causal forces are indicated not by Silence, Peace, Joy, Light, but by Self-existent Silence, Peace, etc. That they are Self-existent will be seen by their greater power and particularly the JOY that accompanies any such vibration.
  • Once you see them, keep them up. If you cannot, call Mother. She can do it as your call is a surrender to Her.


11-More that that it creates

11-More that that it creates or permits-More. It creates or permits

story | by Dr. Radut