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Principles of Expansion and Achievement


  • Presently our focus is on Marketing as it yields immediate results.
  • Work done anywhere - marketing, administration, production, reception, stores, organisation, people, machine, values and so on - is as much money as work done in marketing. Jewels, clothes, grains, articles like TV, flask and so on are all money, not only currency. Any work is money, any movement is money. If you don't think of money, that non-thinking is abundant money.
  • Work in any department will yield results of efficiency. Relating that work to those of other departments will give more money as a job of status. Integrating the work of one department with another - creating harmony - will yield the maximum money you can earn on that particular moment. The seven ignorances can be applied here, The three times can be taken up here and all principles, seventy of them, of The Life Divine can be meaningfully employed here. All these must be done by thinking, not reading and not even understanding.
  • The principles of expansion already explained in the first session are

1) The Act is the unit of work.

2) To achieve perfect mastery of the act is eminently possible, at least temporarily, if not permanently.

3) At the moment of arriving at perfection you can witness the finite breaking into the infinite.

4) Perfection is achieved by exhausting the physical information, subtle attitudes and causal invisibles. The first is done by work, the second is achieved by silence and the third is achieved by reversal.

5) Having risen to a peak, you have to maintain it. This cannot be done by the marketing department alone, but by working all the departments.

6) Constantly remind yourself that your outer accomplishment is what you are inwardly.

  • Achieving perfection by exhaustion, silence and inversion.

- This is what we had partially taken up in the first session.

- Thoroughness of work, precision of execution and penetration of perception are the methods.

- Everywhere it is necessary to see this phenomenon in one work.

- The volume of the end result will be indicated by many items of all the aspects but, particularly by the inner calm, non reaction, equality, capacity to understand the other man's point of view and so on.

- Do the work, forget the results. It will take care of itself.

- Consider exhaustion from Time, Space, Energy, Money, Man, and Work.


- About ninety percent of the time can be saved, beyond that, the system will change, the circumstances will change and the efficiency will rise ten fold.

- There are unusable savings of time. But the effort to save time will benefit. Ninety days will be reduced to ten and a half  hours.


- Saving space also saves time and money and other things.

- New dimensions of efficiency and new dimensions of thought will reveal themselves.

- The place or space has a personality. It is resourceful. It is infinitely resourceful.

- You cannot progress beyond a certain point unless other departments or aspects also come along. Hence the importance of integration.


- The first result of trying to save energy will be an increase of energy.

  • Energy increases in quantity and quality.
  • Energy organised is skill.
  • Efficiency is saving energy.
  • To do more with less energy is efficiency.
  • Energy energises the Mind. That is, it will make the mind think and that leads to labour saving machines, devises, systems, and organisations.
  • Self-discovery is self-growth.
  • Analyse energy from the point of view of Time, Space, Money, Men, Work etc., and you will see your mind becoming prolific.
  • Clumsy movements are removed.
  • Saving energy, work will move towards you. It is a reversal of existence - our lives.
  • At the end of the work there will be no tedium.
  • Energy has a colour.
  • Energy has a smell.
  • Energy has a sensation.
  • Energy creates a relationship and decides its quality.

story | by Dr. Radut