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Principles of the Movements of Human Unity


September 19, 2006

  • Sri Aurobindo's yoga is one of Spiritual evolution whose centre is earth.Hence it is the evolution of earth.
  • On its surface lies the evolution of human society.
  • Its scope is the organised society. We call it Social evolution.
  • When the One became the Many divided by the dividing Mind, the Many retained its oneness with the One. All members of the Many were equal. The Many are not only the millions of individual souls but the millions of the inanimate objects, the plants and the animals.
  • The One became the Many for Lila with three expressions of play of being with being, consciousness with consciousness, Ananda with Ananda.

At this point arose the phenomenon of His being the Play, the Player as well as the Play ground that retained the original unity.

Here we see the reversal that is the Mystery of creation or its Secret of division retaining Unity through oneness.

It is again seen in the egoistic ignorance preceding the temporal and psychological ignorance while it is the Mind that created the ego by division.

It is also seen in the formation of Matter through aggregation when the division unable to proceed further begins to aggregate at the point of the atomic existence.

It is the point where Force refuses to become the Being which the evolution makes possible.

This is a movement from Supermind to Mind and back which will not reveal itself to Mind, but will reveal itself only to Supermind. This is the point of transition that is separated by the Golden Lid. It contains the Secret which is the Mystery.

Sri Aurobindo therefore called Overmind, the first step in the descent, as the dissimilar similarity.

This point of transition is ever present in all our existences. It is through this point alone His integral yoga is possible.

Human surrender to the Divine is complete only at this point.

The antithesis of slow deliberate delight of Nature that enjoys its infinity and the instantaneous miraculousness meet here.

Token experiments are devised for a devotee to see this point himself.

  • Mind becomes Supermind when it concedes to Infinity the Freedom to become the Infinitesimal where the partial passive Brahman becomes the Integral Brahman that flowers in life and Matter, making Sachchidananda express itself in objects the delight of the objectless.
  • Evolution in Nature is partial through the six parts of Sachchidananda Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power, and Love. The Being prevents Nature to wait till all the parts are ready. It refuses to permit the perfection of one before all the other arrives at that point. Out of this view arises a few facts

1) Sri Aurobindo consciously put obstacles in Mother's way.

2) "It is not for you to know" said He to Her questions.

3) HE disappeared from behind Her when SHE enjoyed His Presence.

4) The Slow deliberate Enjoyment.

5) The inevitability of Evil.

6) The Surface life.

7) The immediate possibility of the birth of the Supramental Being.

8) Its echo in life of infinite results for a finite exercise.

9) The birth of the Psychic Being.

  • Nature has taken human evolution in parts. Spirit, Mind, Vital, Physical Mind, Mind devoid of the Spirit, Vital unable to reach the Spirit.

The mountains and the sea are the abodes of the Spirit.

Mind needs a limited area to develop.

In wide areas emotions can develop.

If Mind develops in extensive areas, it loses its contact with the Spirit.

The Vital develops by extension while Mind develops in concentration.

Freedom is a sine qua non for progress.

The passage between the vital and the physical Mind is dark.

Science is of the physical Mind.

Technology is the organisation of the physical Mind in the physical plane.

Aristocratic culture is of the part of the society which won't last as it denies equality.

Freedom and Prosperity are the foundations of human progress towards unity.

  • India reached the acme in Spirit, but it was partial Spirit.

That partial nature was reflected in the territorial fragmentation.

Mesopotamia was the beginning of the river bed civilisation of the vital.

The Middle East is its vestige.

Its spirit Islam is therefore violent.

Its other part of Judaism is the recipient of Violence, the violence of the world.

Greece, being a narrow small territory, could develop Mind without Spirit and die its natural death.

India that developed the partial spirit would not allow its Spirit to die finally but preserved it in the cover of falsehood, first detaching the Light from Life.

Rome that could not respond to the Greek Mind, showed its dynamism in the vital of the Roman Empire that expanded.

It was the barbarians that responded to this movement from the physical Mind and as a preliminary condition sought Freedom through Martin Luther. That was the birth of Science.

Europe naturally followed the tendency to perfection and that is why HE said a child could destroy Europe.

Freedom is Freedom when it makes possible Prosperity for ALL.

America was born for that purpose.

The Mind in Europe with the vestiges of culture refuses to die and revives in political unity as EU.

The individuality of America is physical.

It can be Vital-Mental in Europe.

The world calls for the Spiritual Individual.

It is possible in India if the territorial unity is restored.

The darkness over the partial Indian Spirit represents armaments.

Indian leadership can get rid of that darkness and lead the world politically.

Kashmir is the symbol of tribal brutality fostered by the immature violent spirit of Islam made possible by the insincerity of the UK-USA combination.

A beginning for human unity and world government can be made if UK-USA can rise to put pressure on Pakistan to return to India in unity during the Indian effort at world leadership.

story | by Dr. Radut