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Problem and Its Solution


September  6, 2003

  • Problems arise as long as we are in the Force and not in the Being.
  • The surface mind alternates between problems and solutions while it permanently resides in an atmosphere that generates problems.
  • A problem arises when we do not have the required skill or capacity permanently. We strive hard and solve it, but the problem recurs after some time as we lose the skill in between.
  • If we enjoy permanent skills or capacity with respect to a problem, it never arises. In the world war, the British succeeded in breaking a certain German code and were ready to attack successfully. The German attack stopped forever. Equipment prevents emergencies. Recurrence of a problem shows the equipment is ephemeral.
  • In the pre-war days, bright students in studies, brilliant workers in offices or factories would NOT be encouraged at all. Encouragement is a post war phenomenon in India. The ego is alert even in a child or a beggar. It is ubiquitous. Encouragement is for the enlightened and cultured who will benefit by recognition. Otherwise, encouragement is mistaken as equality with him who encourages and progress stops, as ALL that he looks for is not progress in work but equality with the boss. Hence the importance of humility. Society enforces humility by unfair humiliation. Absence of humiliation is understood as right for assertion. Attention is affection. Affection degenerates into assertion in the receiver. For a long time, it will be an unconscious process.
  • Marriages are the largest victim where affection directly releases assertion. The result is break.
  • Managing the relationship without degeneration will turn marriage into management, life of love into work of profit.
  • That is the only successful solution given to people in Ignorance. While we are in Ignorance, it does not benefit us to pretend to be in knowledge. Knowledge is humility. When a person has an endowment such as emotion, gratitude, clarity, intelligence, the other can address that faculty with benefit, as long as ego does not appropriate the attention to its own aggrandisement. If it does, things go wrong. What do we mean by going wrong?
  • A work is accomplished by the harmony between its components and the equilibrium of the energies in the field.
  • The human body is the best example. How is its health maintained? Why does disease arise? Equilibrium is health. Disease is because of disharmony. The body exists in successive stages of physical, vital, mental and spiritual energies. The above rules are true in each plane; but when the centre of man rises from the physical to the vital, to a very large extent the deficiencies of the physical are offset by the vital energies. But there is a limit. Hunger of the body can be held at bay for hours if the vitality of the company is attractive. But a LIMIT is there.
  • During 1940 when London was bombed by 200 or even 500 planes simultaneously and fires broke out at innumerable points, it was a sight to see the Londoners defiant. The theatres were full, the restaurants were full, government offices functioned as if nothing extraordinary was happening. A club full of 250 members was directly hit by a bomb and the whole building was smashed to pieces. It was a wonder that no one was killed though there were several injured. The courageous behaviour of the people of London to exhibit their patriotism and bravery is a thrilling account for reading. But Churchill, who writes all this, says explicitly that he could not say it would continue to be so if the bombing were severe or prolonged. There is a LIMIT.
  • The sticker of Mother's symbol offers protection. A young girl pasted it on the door, praying to Mother that the proposed visit of her mother-in-law should not hurt her. Her mother-in-law never came to her house after that. The sticker has protective powers. She uses it for her protection against a hostile mother-in-law. It works. The story never ends there. The lady should NOT hate, even her mother-in-law. The Force fully protects her and removes the mother-in-law from her forever. The Force is neutral. Our use of the Force is moral, giving the Force a positive or negative character.  We are not permitted to be negative. Our negative nature is not always seen. When dozens of people come and tell us, "You are Mother for us," naturally it goes to the head. It does not affect us in the beginning. One who overeats gains 270 pounds but is not hurt while he is growing up. One day his heart gives way. It is a tragedy. It appears a tragedy has hit all of a sudden.  No, it has not. It was growing behind the screen. Educated people do not permit the weight to touch 300 lbs. Absence of education allows physical catastrophes. Absence of higher consciousness is a source of tragedy to others in the beginning  and finally the person receives it.
  • Mother visited a village and saw the muddy water in a tank. They told her that is the drinking water for the village. Mother said, "It is not water, it is mud. The villagers do not fall ill now. But once they are hit, the whole village will be wiped out."  What is the way out? The people should stop drinking that water and start digging wells to secure a supply of clean drinking water. Devotees should acquire higher consciousness.
  • In fact, when the devotee awakes, he need not just protect himself. He can transform, i.e. he can rise as high as he is low now. It is an option man has.
  • One needs to explain why the attack is sudden. As the bodily health is based on food, vitality, mental beliefs and spiritual faith, in successive graded layers, when the body is mismanaged the excess energy from the higher planes neutralises the lack in the body. The human tendency is to exhaust any advantage to the last drop. In an unconscious person, only the benefits are seen, not the negative things collecting under the carpet. When the saturation point is reached, the attack appears sudden, though it has been gathering momentum all along. The man who has no knowledge of electricity can run his hand on the insulated wire, not knowing the insulation is missing in other places. The sudden attack is because of unconsciousness. He will hurt himself or others on whom he drops the wire.
  • Evil does not hurt as long as it is offset by the good in us. The moment the supply of good is exhausted, it comes down heavily. It is not the theory that will explain itself. It is the events. One who borrows knows not that borrowing is evil. One day when his assets are overcome, he becomes a bankrupt. At that point, anyone who signs a guarantee to the man on the brink of bankruptcy also becomes a bankrupt, if he did not know the true situation of his friend. As the bankrupt man had no intention of hurting the friend, he will see the disastrous result but will find no ill will in himself towards the friend. In subtle affairs, man is more unconscious and the results are more disastrous. Acquiring the higher consciousness, the same relationship will be a source of great good things instead of something negative. This is an option only to Mother's devotees when they are egoless.
  • Success should be Mother's success, not selfish success. The latter always leads to a zero point and then invites the attack. No one can easily know he is negative even when he continually fails. How can a person who is continuously successful know he is negative or hostile or unconscious?
  • What has been said so far has touched only the fringe of the problem. It ha so much more inside. That will come out only when individual events are opened up to analysis.

- Reliance on material security will insist on material success.

- It should be shifted to the higher consciousness and brought down to the material plane.

- When a man is bankrupt, he becomes of no value. Is it not a moment when he needs all the psychological support of the family in a higher form? When that is given by all the family members, he rises up and his bankruptcy recedes. The family will survive in a new higher consciousness. To drop him like a hot potato is to be selfish - i.e., the low consciousness. When such a support is given, the MAN blossoms, but rarely into higher consciousness. He desires to exploit more or hurt the benefactor. If he does so, he goes out of Grace, we rise further in higher consciousness and security and attract more Grace. It is not our duty to raise the other person. His bankruptcy is an occasion for us to rise. Any occasion is an occasion to rise. We have done our duty by him. That is all.

  • Respect is for the centre. Worship is of the Mother. Very easily one replaces Mother. Pranam is for the picture of Mother. Devotees out of deference make pranams to those who run the centre. It goes to the head. It is a one way traffic. It never comes down. Often it is consciously received. It is worse when it is subconsciously received. Even when no one makes pranams, the idea that one is an important devotee is impossible to get rid of, especially when prayers are answered.
  • Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It is not easy to serve without one's ego expanding in all directions.

- Power goes to the head and brings down the whole edifice.

- When power is not exercised, power shifts to subordinates who are readily spoiled.

- Not to exercise power or feel power and manage without allowing assistants to be spoiled by the ego is SERVICE.

- Power is like electricity. It acts at once. The wire must be insulated all along. Or the voltage must be brought down to 12 or 6 so that no shock is received.

  • The ego is all-pervasive. In the seven Ignorances, the first is the practical Ignorance. Second is the constitutional Ignorance where our parts of being are separate. Psychological Ignorance by which we do not know what happens in the other worlds follows next. Ignorance of Time is next. Even when one crosses Time, shedding temporal Ignorance, ego remains. Egoistic Ignorance is not shed until the Cosmic Self is seen. It is imperceptible, all-pervasive. Ego was created when the ONE became the MANY. The Buddhists have fashioned their lives without permitting the ego to develop.
  • All this will remain in theory. Self-importance has a way of growing even when there is NO importance or No Self. With the least pretext, it grows.
  • Results issue in various ways:-

- Ego grows silently and hits on a sudden. This is dangerous.

- Ego is patronising and very positive results issue at once.

- Ego brings on the catastrophe the moment it is activated.

- It grows below the surface and is ready to act on permission. It develops patronage and cronies.

- It gives an inner satisfaction and not a fulfilment.

  • Centuries ago people died at the age of thirty. The rare few lived beyond that. It was utterly due to ignorance of health rules. In Europe, the gout was widespread. Mother got it in 1920. It was due to malnutrition. Most of the aristocrats got it. Doctors could not control fever. That was due to lack of preventive measures. Life span rises to 67 in India and 75 in USA as we know more about health.  It is welfare. Well-being is of the soul. The soul's health requires knowledge of the subtle as well as causal planes. Science is NOT developed anywhere in the world. Mother has spoken out all the rules, but no one has codified them into a way of life. I do not know anyone practising it. It is not a domain wherein one can impose something on the other. Each is independent of the other. Where there is dependence, the ego of the other person grows.
  • It needs the Instrument of the Psychic. In the absence of the mental instrument, developing the mental psychic which is the first step is out of the question. Where the mental instrument is present, the mental ego forms solidly. The vital ego is the poison of life. Sense of responsibility is GOOD. But that responsibility is exercised ONLY for the vital ego. The ego of the lower consciousness is worse than the ego of the vital as it does NOT know itself. It is oblivious and unconscious. When such people take to rituals or socially good behaviour, they become poisonous. It is a subject as yet undeveloped. Sincerity is the test. One needs MIND to be sincere. Gratitude is a saving grace. But that too can serve self-importance. It is NOT enough that one submits. One needs to feel humble. That is very difficult. We can attempt HARMONY at best. WORK is the best field. Even that can be deceptive as work can flourish while poison collects behind the scene. It has to be accomplished dexterously.
  • This subject of ego developing imperceptibly and hurting on a sudden is somewhat akin to man levelling off at an early stage when he exercises his choice.
  • In a developing personality surrounded enormous social opportunities, and endowed with excellent psychological opportunities, the choice is decisive. It never permits the person to look beyond the limitation of choice. Growth is stunted. Ego is to be outgrown by knowledge, especially the knowledge that the other person is your equal in all respects. Limitation eliminates acquisition of knowledge. Ego dissolves by the knowledge that the MANY are equal and all of them are ONE. That comes by Self-giving, not by attachment which is physical passion. It is characterised by the knowledge that MAN is more important than MONEY. Importance of money eliminates man.
  • Also it is not to be achieved by any one principle, however high it is. All higher principles sum up in the higher consciousness. It is pointedly expressed in Self-giving. Pleasant humility expresses it, not autocratic shouting, however necessary it is for the welfare of the organisation. The partner in my story depicts that goodness of humility, but he is not a devotee as the mother of the children.

- It is rare to be humble and GOOD.

- It is rarer to be a devotee

- What is needed is the humility of the devotee.

  • As it is, it can only be explained by the living example of a devotee. Examples are not effective. Man has the resourcefulness to use the example to his own advantage taking humility as a social advantage.
  • Low consciousness has the advantage of being unconscious of all its faults. Hence, it becomes rude to point it out. That leads to a breakdown. Breakdown must be given up in favour of brain activity. Break down must be given up in favour of brain activity. One has to THINK. The difficulty is the absence of the Instrument. The way out is explained in the article 'Instrument'.
  • Mother says Truth or the Abyss. It makes no practical sense to us, as we do not know what Truth is. Abyss is comfortable.
  • The Indians do have many pieces of subtle knowledge which the Americans do not have. But what is the result. The knowledge the Indians has is isolated pieces of information, not usable in any form. Americans do not have the valuable subtle knowledge. But whatever practical knowledge they have, is usable. Therefore, they prosper.
  • Right and wrong are found in a mixture. Right succeeds over the wrong. When the right exhausts itself, it is the turn of the wrong. The wrong will begin its sway and go to its end which is total destruction.
  • Man above has the option to change the wrong into right. Devotees have the power of transformation. Coming forward to exercise the option of Transformation, the wrong is entirely got rid of.

- Most do not know they are in the wrong side.

- They perceive the wrong side as the right side because they are a success.

- What is needed is NOT success but the success of the RIGHT.

- Passing through the glory of success, no one can bring himself to perceive, is a dangerous success.

- Selfish successes are dangerous successes.

- NOT success but Right.

- It must be Mother's Right.

- Mother is always RIGHT.

- Mother's Right is Might.

Sept. 26, 1964 Agenda.

"There are people who proclaim they perform miracles with my name or my force -- bringing dying people back to life, wonderful things anyway. To me, it immediately smacks of the ego a mile off; and ego means vital entities taking advantage of it. I don't like that ................... Almost as if I were made to touch the rock bottom of insanity, in the root sense of the word."

Elsewhere Mother speaks of wonderful things that are happening, dying people coming to life etc. The objection for The Mother is not these miracles but the way they are performed, whether the person appropriates the success to himself or attributes it to Mother. In a centre, there is the normal management which no one there is capable of or interested in. It falls apart. Someone make the centre work, organising it. The Force acting in the centre is observed as

  • 1. acting effectively irrespective of the organisation of the centre.
  • 2. acting more effectively in proportion to the organisation of activities in the centre.

The Force is independent of the organisation. Also its effectivity grows in proportion to the organised nature of the centre. It is natural that devotees see the effectivity as a reflection of the organisation. In their ignorance they directly attribute it to the organiser, just as people mistake fluent speech for intelligence, especially English. It is inescapable for the organiser to mistake the power of the centre as his own power, especially when it is predicated to him. The above passage quoted from Agenda speaks for itself.

  • Ego is more dangerous when the person is more developed.
  • The danger that ego is, is subtle, invisible and stronger when the person is unconscious or of low consciousness, as the harm done is TOTAL in view of its being unconscious. Electricity can do far greater harm when you are unconscious of its power. The harm done by unconscious power is more comprehensive as it is oblivious of what it does.

story | by Dr. Radut