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Profitability & Silent Will


March 5, 2006

  • Profits are understood to be the difference between the cost and sale prices.
  • It is determined by various factors such as:

1. the period in which the company acts,

2. its technology,

3. the social, psychological worth of its people,

4. the reach of the market and its quality,

5. the structure of the company organisation.

  • Each of the above five items can be further subdivided, e.g. the period can be examined from other sub-factors.

1. What technology a particular period offers.

2. How the company is enabled or prevented from using such a technology.

3. What is the social, psychological productive capacity such a period throws up.

4. Where the market is situated and how the company reaches it.

5. What the latest productive organisation is that the country knows, and how efficiently the company utilises it.

  • In theory, every way the society knows of production today will affect the company and those ways are as many as the ways of life.
  • As the approaches to the issue of Profitability are endless, almost infinite, one who considers this becomes endlessly resourceful.
  • The human brain is known to use ONLY a minute fraction of the infinitesimal portion of its energies, and any company uses a similar small portion of the social energies.
  • The energies the human being can use today are in latency and deeply buried potential. The real quality and quantity of it is enough to evolve him into a Supramental being. It is indicated by the speed in Time, Timelessness and simultaneous Time.
  • The highest energies we now use are thought energies of our intellect.
  • A comparison of human energy with the animal, plant, and inert matter in terms of energy will explain the greater energies available in Silence, Light, Intuition, knowledge and Supramental knowledge. The multiple is a million-fold.
  • Compare the wealth creating capacity of

i. India with the USA

ii. The lowest and the highest productive energies available there.     

      Capacity of availability differs from capacity of utilisation. Consider the multiple generally and for this company. Can we say it is ten or a hundred?

  • Because a company knows all the potentials, is it in a position to use them?
  • Each company is helped and hindered in its own fashion in this respect. In this area, much can be done just at present.How much the management and employees are willing to comprehend and enthuse themselves to do so depends on our educating them.
  • One stroke of management wisdom in any situation is if ALL possible efforts are taken, the results will multiply 600 times in Quality and Quantity taken together. In the lowest field of agriculture, the output varies from 3 to 240.
  • Software companies that do phenomenally well employ an organisation which can be used everywhere. Even that suggests a multiple of ten to 100.
  • The human attitudes we saw can be approached in 380 ways. When changed, each such change offers a cumulative effect of more than doubling the result.
  • Educational systems that are not the very best are changing every possible brute into a degree holder, a Ph.D., a world class expert in one or the other subject.
  • These systems themselves are five hundred years old, refined only by the refining social culture. Please NOTE, there is no theory of education in the world. The very best is only empirical. Please also NOTE there is no theory of Management. In short, the world has no theoretical knowledge of any subject it knows.
  • From empiricism to theory, what is the jump?
  • My theory of profitability is today's turnover can be tomorrow's profits because the scope issues in all directions endlessly.

Silent Will


  • Consider the hypothesis of Silent Will in the company at all levels from above and from below.
  • It means in their thought that the instructions are carried out 100%, the missions are achieved fully, the goals are realistic in full measure.
  • If this much is conceded, all that we have to create is the understanding, faith and confidence in Silent Will at all levels.
  • Silent will can vastly change from conception of policy, designing of strategy, choosing the attitudes, fixing the price, determining the procedure etc.
  • Conception of policy is thought.Designing of strategy is the sensation of work.Choosing the attitude is pure vital, though there are mental, physical attitudes.Fixing the prices, one exercises his WILL.Determining the procedure requires knowledge of work movement through a system.
  • Conceive Silently, implement Silently, watch silently. Further, consecrate that idea.It will be an inner life lived fully more romantic than any living MAN has ever known.
  • Silent will goes Silent at a level where HE uses the phrase Silence behind Silence. It makes one level of Silence equivalent to activity at another level.
  • Consider Silence of speech, act, thought, knowing, existing, enjoying, Being and Non-Being.

story | by Dr. Radut