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066. Prosperity Movement

The Indian National Congress was NOT a party but a movement of Freedom in the pre- 1947 days. The development of the nation demands a similar popular movement. The Vision 2020 of the Planning Commission has goals to be achieved by such a movement. Kalam finds the youth awake asking for higher education and a prosperous future. A movement, not a party or government is needed to organise the awakening into tangible action.

Freedom was won not by petitions for better government, but by a determination to achieve complete Independence. No amount of administrative programmes can release the energies of India. The secret of Prosperity lies in man wanting more and his capacities to work for that more. No longer can agriculture alone or manufacture alone perform that miracle. Millions of men and women demanding of themselves higher comforts and higher education is the creative market of the service sector. It has come into being in a good measure in the metros and major towns.

Rural India can produce more, and commercialise her cultivation which are helpful, but the rural man wanting urban comforts out of his own efforts creates an unprecedented market which is the Prosperity of the Nation. All that the government needs to do is to provide the infrastructure -- roads, storage, refrigerated vehicles, information, etc. so that energy released by the people will be organised into material results.

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story | by Dr. Radut