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  • The only protection that man needs is protection from himself.
  • Though it is simple and self-evident, it sounds outrageous.
  • It is easier for us to see this truth after we have come to Mother as Her conscious atmosphere enables us to be a little objective and see. Though the principle remains true earlier, it is not so easy as our subjectivity then was greater.
  • Every failure in our life and in the life around us after coming to Mother issues out of a conscious choice of ours. This truth will be self-evident to anyone who recollects his own life and thinks.
  • Coming to Mother only means to be in Her atmosphere unconsciously.
  • I see it is totally true in my own life and I can actually trace back to the particular decision of mine which led to the failure. Now its folly is clear.
  • Even now, one can see the old folly will be full of energy and interesting.
  • One who cannot see the truth here does not see at all.
  • On page 317 of The Life Divine, He speaks of the negative side and says it is not negative but only the rest of the whole left uncovered by what we call positive.
  • When you refuse to recognise the role of the negative and its existence, it presses forward as an initiative and presents itself as temptation. What appears to be insignificant is the only significant in life or yoga.
  • The yoga of Sri Aurobindo is called by Him the yoga of Self-Perfection where the Self perfects itself in the self.
  • The work of the Self is always impeded by the self that is the ego and desire soul.
  • There is no protection to the Self from the self unless the latter outgrows itself and becomes the former.
  • What stands in the way is social conformity, physical insecurity, mental misconception, vital self-assertion, in short, the ego in the different parts of our being.

story | by Dr. Radut