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072. Punctuality is Abundant Prosperity

Spirit is there behind everything. Soul is the spirit of man. Intelligence is the Spirit of Mind. Truth is one expression of the Spirit of Speech. Skill is the Spirit of Work. Sweetness is the Spirit of human relationship. There is no work, person or thing behind which there is no Spirit. That Spirit reveals itself in grades.

Skill is the spirit of physical work at the first level. Skill that makes for pleasant human relationship is the Spirit of work of a higher order. When it expresses an idea of the mind in the physical work, Spirit of a higher shade emerges. Skill in work that is pleasant and expresses an idea of the mind rises further when it expresses a value like honesty. Values are spiritual skills.

Time is a God, Kala. Paying attention to it evokes the Spirit behind Time. Organising Time in work evokes a higher Spirit of Time. Time in one work that honours Time in another work is co-ordination. Co-ordination extended all over the company evokes the Spirit of Time of your company. Punctuality at all levels of a company that co-ordinates work is the highest Spirit of Company Time. Work done in an average company in 6 1/2 days time with pride can be done in a company that employs punctuality all over in half a day, a saving of Time which is money. Here is a 13 fold savings. Any company that resorts to punctuality with full understanding and commitment will increase its profits five or six times, as Time will be saved to that extent.

  • Punctuality is direct Profitability.
  • Punctuality converts a losing concern to profitability.
  • Punctuality is an organiser par excellence.
  • It was said punctuality was the manners of kings.
  • Now we can say punctuality is the hallmark of unfailing success.

Anything may fail, not punctuality

story | by Dr. Radut