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013. Rain is Divine Grace

Divine Grace descends unasked. It descends as RAIN. No life can ever be sustained if rains fail. Rain also brings havoc when it comes down in far greater quantities than our systems can absorb. Grace must be received with inner true gratitude and unconditionally. But, we often curse the rain when it interferes with our work. Rains will never fail if the population is conscious that it is God's grace descending in the form of water. This year there is a short fall in rainfall in several districts in Tamilnadu. Can it be made good before the season is over?

The Southwest monsoon this year has not done its duty. It is a past event. Can Tamilnadu receive its full share and can the rest of India make good the loss of rain? Both are eminently possible if the Spirit of the rain or water is invoked. Who should do it? How is it to be done?

If any one takes upon himself this task, the response will be commensurate with his emotional identification with his state or country or even town.

The simplest method is to pray for rains. More powerful than that is to pay attention to water by using it carefully and with devotion. Conservation of water in any form is spiritual attention to it. Not to curse the rain when it comes down may be the most important discipline required of us.

Several years ago a realised person took many of his devotees to a dry dam in Karnataka and sat there in prayer. Atheists demonstrated, protesting against superstition. Next month the dam was filled. It is said that atheists have a greater faith. Their faith can be expressed as respect for human beliefs. Even that attitude will open the heavens. There is a flower called bridal creeper whose spiritual significance is 'water'. Offering that flower to God will bring down rains. The creeper has dense cascading clusters of small white bell-shaped flowers. 

Methods of conservation and attention to water:

  • o To use if frugally even at times when it is available copiously.
  •    To have a feeling that water too has life.
  • o Harvesting rain water to recharge the aquifer.
  • o Employing methods that will use water better - to use it more productively in the fields, avoiding seepage and leakage.



story | by Dr. Radut