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Appendix 1: How to Invoke the Spirit

Indians trying to adopt punctuality find it extremely powerful and useful. Some miserably fail to institute punctuality as a value in their company. They ask how to be punctual? It does not mean they do not know it. It only means they are unable to do so as the general atmosphere in the company is not conducive to punctuality. What then is the remedy? The usual answer is to go about it with a greater determination in which again many fail.

Does it mean punctuality is impossible? It only means our effort is not comprehensive, but summary. Punctuality is preceded by general orderliness, that is again preceded by greater productivity. Productivity needs energy in copious measure, which is released by aspiration. So, begin at the beginning. Everyone in the company must have aspiration for the company's progress. One may ask, ‘What shall I do if it is not there?' The aspiration of workers is the aspiration of the employer. Examine inside if you aspire for the company's progress. Begin there, go step by step and when you finally arrive at orderliness and find no punctuality, your attempts to install punctuality will succeed.

Many will succeed in invoking the Spirit. For them the question is how to build it up. For those who are unable to do so, there is a method available. When a man often loses his temper, others advise him to retire to a solitary place and think. Much of the temper vanishes and he is able to think somewhat. Mind is the next higher level to temper. Spirit is the next higher level to mind. As one invokes the Spirit, his thoughts interfere and frustrate him. Thoughts interfere because man is identified with his thoughts. Realising this fact and trying NOT to think separates him from his thoughts and invocation of the Spirit will then become possible. Again, one may say this is not possible.

Let these people take some time every day and call ‘Mother' into them. As time passes, thoughts will subside and a calm will emerge. Mother is more powerful than the Spirit. After a few days of calling Mother into oneself for sometime daily, he should do so for one full day of 12 hours. Next, that one day should be extended to a three-day sitting of 12 hours per day of calling MOTHER into oneself.

Though this effort is taken to let the Spirit or The Mother emerge from out of his surface being, after the three days calling he will suddenly witness -

  1. Most of his minor problems suddenly vanishing.
  2. The atmosphere at home will be POSITIVE in the very best sense of the word.
  3. If he had major problems unsolved, some solutions will appear on the horizon.
  4. All his difficulties in invoking the Spirit will vanish and he will feel the Spirit or The Mother is his constant companion in some substantial measure.

He should resort to this every day, either in the morning or evening for about a half hour. That will usher his life into a higher level of consciousness. Then he should,

  1. Endeavour to speak ONLY truth.
  2. Keep his house as clean as the cleanest place he ever knew.
  3. Talk almost in a whisper, giving up shouting.
  4. Take the other man's point of view in all transactions.
  5. Cultivate patience in a large measure.
  6. Before commencing any work, think of THE MOTHER.
  7. Know his past errors and scrupulously avoid them in future.
  8. Practise self-giving.

Once he sees the Spirit responds to his call, he must cultivate it and build up his life - ORGANISE IT - so that it progresses.

book | by Dr. Radut