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Appendix 2: Invocation of the Spirit

  • Invocation of Spirit is powerful. Better still, if you call, "Mother" it is all inclusive.
  • There are several methods to do so, though in essence all are the same.
  1. In our personality there is a surface and a depth. As long as we are thinking of a problem we are on the surface. To go away from the surface we must agree to forget the problem or NOT to actively think of it. Now the problem moves to the depth where it causes a worry that does not explain itself. One can call Mother or the Spirit if he moves away from the depth. If you cannot move away from the depth, start calling Mother and you will move away from the depth. Problems are solved by calling for an hour for a few days. Three day prayer is the maximum which solves any problem.
  2. Where man ends, Mother (Spirit) begins. Exhaust all that one can do. SHE will begin to act at once. The last possible act must be so exhausted.
  3. To do better than we now do amounts to calling Mother. E.G. To take interest in a dull work; to organise an unorganised work; to give thought to a work which we are doing unthinkingly.
  4. To think of Mother once an hour for a few days.
  5. To think of Mother on the stroke of the hour for a day or two.
  6. To keep the house extra clean, to talk in a very low voice, to avoid all quarrels at home or at the office, to write precise accounts, etc.
  7. To shift from the outside to inside which means what we do by hand can be done by thoughts.
  8. To think of Mother before starting any work - consecration.
  9. Prayer

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