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Inversion of Cause and Effect


The inversion of cause and effect is important in the spiritualist answering the materialist. Such inversions are common in life. If I help another and he returns another service I had not known he was capable of, it can be argued that in anticipation of that help, which I never knew of, I had helped him. We must find an example in the material event for such inversion.

In pages 360-364, when we understand His arguments for Space and Time and his suppositions of the scientists who say Time is a dimension of Space, we can illustrate it as an inversion of cause and effect.

Inversion of cause and effect in the physical plane is because of the imprecise observation of physical facts, an attempt of the physical at confusion, as the motor generates electricity. In the vital it is because of self-importance. In the mental, it is by a deliberate inversion of the order of things. An example for each will establish the process and the motive. Then, to illustrate Space and Time according to Him and the scientists will be easy.

story | by Dr. Radut