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September 11 2001


October  3, 2001

  • The media is full of ideas, opinions, as to why it happened and what is to be done in the future.
  • Most of them may be right from their own point of view.
  • The question is, from what point of view does one have to learn the lesson?
  • Economic crisis centuries ago was confined to national borders.
  • Drought may affect only one region of the country, though it is not strictly true.
  • USA felt that World War II was its problem too as it took a world view.
  • These are days of world trade, globalisation, computerisation, satellite communication and days when arms trade goes on across political borders.
  • The view must be a world view and we must understand what forces are emerging on the surface through this event.
  • Two factors are obvious.

- These symptoms are more than 10 or 20 years old.

- Only the aggrieved nation acts each time there is an attack.

  • Also the world has a habit of considering issues only when they precipitate as problems.
  • The idea of responding to the symptoms requires a wider perspective of what those symptoms are.
  • To be aware of that, a historical view of the global life - a theory of human social evolution - is called for.
  • We are in a period where ambitions of world domination were scotched by the end of the war and the ambitions of an ideology dominating the world destroyed from inside in 1989.
  • Destruction of such ambition is now followed by a residual conflict between two ancient religions-- Islam and Judaism. They are really not religious conflicts. A modern conflict assumes the outer appearance of an ancient conflict.
  • Spiritually all conflicts reduce themselves to that of Knowledge and Ignorance.
  • Socially they translate into that of abundance and poverty.
  • It can be seen further as one's own inner conflict of knowledge and ignorance. If the terrorists attack USA, the above described conflicts can be traced inside American life.
  • Poverty is the root cause of terrorism. In Rio di Janeiro Indira pointed out in 1972 that the greatest pollution the world suffers from is from poverty.
  • Poverty is ignorance of practical skills.

- Issues are global, not national.

- Disequilibrium in welfare.

- Aid is not a solution; it can aggravate the problem.

- We cannot allow grass to grow under our feet.

- The world needs a perspective to act in anticipation and not wait till it is caught unawares.

  • The world is possessed of all capacities to remove all such causes at its very roots.
  • Terrorism has flourished on drug money, ammunition sold by big powers, operated bank accounts in various nations, forged passports and visas and has put all public facilities to its nefarious uses.
  • All these avenues can be closed by one stroke of the pen when the governments realise that they cannot shut their eyes to this menace.
  • It is time for the national governments to realise their lapses, repent of their past and reverse their courses unanimously.
  • Unanimous action and not unilateral moves will solve the problems.
  • International terrorism is very much a creation of international politics.

story | by Dr. Radut