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074. Silence Destroys Enemies and Their Plots

There are two main ways of fighting the opposition. One is to organise your strength and deliver a blow in return for each blow as it is aimed at you. This is a physical, mental method man normally chooses. The other is to refuse to receive the darts and be SILENT. This is more difficult, but more powerful. At its acme, it can turn the blows aimed at you against those who released them. It is the power of Silence.

Offices are often like families, friendly, brotherly, etc. They can also be fertile fields of rivalry, talebearing, and intrigue. Sometimes they succeed in ruining the victim, often a good, innocent person. Caught in the whirlpool of such machinations, man loses faith in God and degenerates into a mania of internecine quarrels.

There was one such institution where a new young entrant suddenly became popular beyond expectation for his efficiency in work and knowledge in the affairs of the world. Two senior men who posed as his good friends while continuing the external friendship, clandestinely turned hostile and carried 29 'complaints' in succession to the boss who was weak and had no independent judgement.

The boss called a meeting to 'discuss' the complaints. The victim chose to be centred inwardly and to be SILENT. For some inexplicable reason, the boss became nervous. The promptings of the talebearers fell flat and backfired. The atmosphere grew grave and suddenly the boss burst out ostensibly against the tale-bearers, "I am the boss here. No one should tell me what I should do. Do your work properly and don't bring me any more of complaints!" The two senior men could not go back to the boss for quite sometime with another tale.


story | by Dr. Radut