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078. An Experiment – Silent Execution

Having shifted to the Spirit and thoroughly preparing your sales effort, you are now ready for Silent Execution.


In a sales situation, do you want me not to talk?

Not like that. In all matters of price, discount, etc. you should not take initiative, as it becomes an expression of expectation.

You mean I should be determined NOT to ask for undue favours?

Yes. Not only that. Your WILL should go silent, answering only what is necessary, or speaking only what is appropriate to the occasion.

In some very bad negotiations, the circumstances were such that I had to be like that out of necessity.

In all those cases, results would have been good. 

Yes, extraordinarily good. I had not noticed it.

It will go very well. After the good performance, it is not easy for the mind to keep quiet until written orders come.

That is really very difficult.

Even before we go, there must be a determination not to expect, not to dwell on it. Our decision will bring in such circumstances that various other duties will crowd in and help us forget the good sale we made.

So shift, complete preparation and Silent execution will get me the result?

As I said, if you ensure these three in full, even if your shift is off and on, the minimum will come.

Let us aim at the maximum and patiently wait.

The maximum is determined by one's personality.



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story | by Dr. Radut