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Silent Will


November 15, 2000

  • My normal explanation of silent will means that the will achieves more by silence.
  • I have been explaining it as a useful strategy, never touching upon the principle behind.
  • Thought travels in the atmosphere. It enters into our mind and expresses itself. When we, out of silence, deny that thought expression, the dynamism or personality of the thought insists on expression. So the thought expresses itself through another. This is how I used to limit the explanation of silent will.
  • Suppose the other man also practices silence, the thought instead of expressing itself as thought, deepens itself into emotion or action and fulfils itself.
  • Thought finding expression through another or deepening itself into action is determined by the quality of the silence practiced by the two who meet.
  • The topic extends in more than one way, rather in infinite ways. A thought finds expression in us or when denied expresses through another with whom we are dealing. If it finds denial in both places, a third person present here or elsewhere expresses it. At this point the thought is free to travel horizontally trying to find expression or deepen itself into emotion or action or even rise into pure SILENCE of the higher mind. Any idea has infinite potentialities. The potential becoming actual is determined by the human choice in man. That which makes the choice in nature is the strength of essence of experience so far collected, i.e. the psychic.
  • The profound secret here is man is all the time using this rationality and irrationality alternately and judiciously in hundreds of places daily. We never notice it.
  • Man, who is utterly rational in his daily function, suddenly becomes utterly irrational the moment he has to deal with a new issue. This is a profound secret of human nature.
  • The alteration of silent will and demand arises as we rise in the planes of our action. This is occasioned either by our progress or that of the plane. Should we confine ourselves to one plane of action, we can follow one rule.
  • The rules here are learnt not by the knowledge of facts and information - gross - as we know, but by what we know as subtle knowledge. Each time we cross over to the next plane it is demanded of us.
  • The Internet is the mechanical necessity that supplies us subtle knowledge so that we may cross over to subtle life on earth. That is the true significance of the Internet.
  • Man needs to outgrow his selfishness, his ego, his limitation, his possessiveness and break into selflessness, non-ego, wideness, and allowing himself to be possessed by the universal. The Internet does it by making things cheap, sometimes free. It does it through money.
  • The silent will of one plane is the demand of the next plane which can again change into silent will of that plane only to become demand of the next higher plane, should you rise further.
  • We have discussed the issue from will and silence. It can be expanded from will to force to consciousness. Or it can be taken from silence to sound or noise. Or in another direction of silence to higher silence. The expansion and extension are infinite.

story | by Dr. Radut