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081. The Spirit Awaits our Call – Will Man Call?

Many have said that it is difficult to call the Spirit. The great secret is the Spirit is in ardent love with Man, and is anxious for him to call. In fact, It has moved from its high pedestal and has journeyed to the door of man, stationing Itself there. Will man turn his attention to It; will he find the Spirit as attractive as the Spirit finds man attractive? One may ask why the Spirit that has come all the way down to man, does not enter into him without his having to call.

The time was when one had to sit in meditation for years to get a glimpse of the Spirit. Now that the Spiritual Force has entered the atmosphere of the earth, it has made itself easily accessible. With increasing receptivity of mankind, a time will come when man will not even need to call and the Spirit will enter his life. It has not yet come. One can make that TIME come if he can gather a good number of people who are fully receptive to the descent of the Spirit.

It is really not difficult for man to call the Spirit in. What is difficult for him is to give up the cherished ways of life, such as -- family is more important than the nation, property is more enduring than human loyalties, we should conform to the social values of the day. A daughter at the age of 38 in a well paid job sees her parents are not interested in marrying her, but her attachment to them is strong. As long as she is attached to the ungrateful, undutiful parents, she will not be able to invoke the Spirit. The world is too much with us and it takes many shapes. Will man find the Spirit more attractive than his own life?


story | by Dr. Radut