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082. The Spirit in Life

Several readers have raised a question, "How to invoke the Spirit?" The question is again and again raised, I believe, not because the process is unintelligible, but because it involves raising one's consciousness. Of course, it is not something to be had for the mere asking, but it is eminently possible for everyone who is seriously bent on it. So, I suggest that a full day must be earmarked to see all the aspects - powers as well as difficulties - of this shift and one should STAY on this new level of consciousness for a continuous 24 hours.

More than allotting a day, it is important to prepare the mind through each of the known obstacles in the way. The process of shifting consists of believing, comprehending and then actually shifting. Ask yourself whether you believe that Spirit is more powerful than mind. If you do not, try to understand the difference between mind and Spirit until belief is born. As the mind is more powerful than the body, the Spirit is more powerful than the mind. Once you believe, intensify that belief into faith by comprehending the superior nature of Spirit as you have witnessed in your life.

Right comprehension will strengthen belief and some quiet or calm will already begin to collect inside. Know this is not a work to be done casually and be prepared for solid, intense, single-minded INNER work of shifting each thought into its higher counterpart of inner Silence. The inner calm that collects will indicate your readiness. Then fix a free day, utterly free from work. 

Do not sit quiet. Do something that engages you fully. At each moment of acting, SHIFT from thought to Silence. It will move. Life will pleasantly bend itself to your will. Persist patiently. In a day the entire atmosphere will have changed pleasantly and positively. Now you know how to do it.

story | by Dr. Radut