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084. Spirit is Far More Powerful than Reason

This is an obvious fact and needs no pronouncement. It certainly is not obvious to us when we act. We only think, thus exercising our Reason. We know the Spirit is far more powerful than Reason but when it comes to action, we always rely on Reason and resort to thinking.

Think of any major achievement in our life, if there is one. Nine out of ten times, it would have resulted on its own, not as a result of our thinking or planning. Even in that one case where we clearly see the result is due to our own endeavour, when we closely scrutinise what happened, we will discover that at the crucial moment things happened on their own, not according to our ideas.

If this is your experience, you must come forward to believe it. Further, each time we activate our minds, we reason, we can see in our own experience that work has disintegrated or results have been postponed. Each time we refused to reason, to exercise our minds, results arose. This is a simple fact of our life that we lose sight of. By this time, it will be obvious that it is NOT Reason that achieves, but inner Silence. The truth is, Silence achieves in spite of Reason. Silence is of the Spirit. Spirit always achieves; Mind always destroys.

But Mind is a great instrument, the greatest instrument we are endowed with. Mind becomes destructive when it acts on its own. Mind becomes an instrument of creation, a great instrument at that when it subordinates itself to its ORIGIN, the Spirit. Relying on the Mind, insisting on our ideas, our capacity to plan is our undoing. Mind's ideas are powerful, its planning is effective when they are sanctioned by the inner Spirit and fully endorsed in its validity.

  •  Cease to Reason, you will end in Spirit.
  •  Ceasing to Reason, you are ushered into Silence, which is the atmosphere of the Inner Spirit.
  •  Spirit is the seat of true everlasting Power.

story | by Dr. Radut