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086. The Spirit of Appreciation

If you are one who has seen that each time a genuine appreciation is expressed, not flattery, the result is disappointing, at least diluted, know the Spirit of Appreciation lies not in the expression of it but in not expressing it. Consider the truth in the above idea and when you are convinced, try to put it into practice. A desired result is determined by the energy of the Act. By giving expression to the idea, the energy in the idea of the act is scattered, i.e. becomes weak and diluted. When one rises to the occasion, catches hold of the energy and instead of throwing it outside in speech turns it inwards, the energy in the act and the idea of the act are not lost, are preserved, i.e. grow inside.

As you consider the theory of the energy of effectuation, you will see a strength, rather a shade of strength, gaining momentum. That must be enough to convince one of this truth. One who truly loved his young friend, actuated by instinctive impulse of native goodness, always tried to give expression to the very many good qualities the young man had. The young man was given to negativism, a capacity to say No to any statement made to him by anyone. Over the many years they knew each other, the one met with a failure to evoke a positive response from the other.

The above idea came into the mind of the elder man and the next time when a fine phrase about the young man - you are truly remarkable - rose inside, he managed to pause and send it inwards. A gentle calm arose inside. The young man, sitting opposite, pleasantly smiled and said, "Your are truly remarkable in recognising the strength of others and encouraging them." The success of the method was total and stunning

story | by Dr. Radut