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063. The Spirit of the Sea

Spiritual aspirants are the heroes of the society; they are the soldiers of the Spirit. Rare is the soul that is drawn to the Spirit or a Guru; rarer still is the soul that believes in that Guru or the Spirit when the occasion arises. Vivekananda's doubt about Ramakrishna's spiritual stature survived till the end.

Those stalwarts who joined the Freedom Movement obeying the call of the great Mahatma sacrificed their all. Having entered the fray, it was not given to them to overcome the human deficiencies.

The wall of the coal storage in Pondicherry was washed away by the sea waves some time in the 20s. The Mayor who owned the place, having consulted the French marine engineers, discovered it was a vain pursuit and put up the building for sale. There were no bidders. The seller approached the members of the Ashram hoping the Mother would come to his rescue. She is Divine Mother, but here was a wall that was washed away several times by the advancing sea. No human sadhak had a heart that would believe the wall could be saved.


The property was purchased. Fresh efforts at putting up the wall met with the same fate as before. After several attempts failed, the Divine Mother offered to visit the spot and invoke the Spirit of the sea. The sea god came to meet Her at Her call, but said he had decided to advance. Generally any of these deities obey the Divine Mother at once. But he persisted. She explained to him that She needed the place and it would be good if he changed his intention. He agreed. Again the wall was erected. It is still standing today.

If your car stops in the middle of nowhere, and you are not able to repair it, call the Mother, it will start. It never fails. Supposing it fails, call the Spirit in the car and it will start at once.

The Spirit is great. The Spirit in people and things is greater still.


story | by Dr. Radut