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008. Spiritual Atmosphere of India – Power

There is a story of a poor African who, having been excited by the gold rush of the 19th century, sold his farm and house and went to South America. The person who bought his farm discovered diamonds beneath the soil. Indian spirituality is rich; the Rishis had discovered God as Sachchidananda. What the scientists have discovered in the last century - that energy is the ultimate thing - the Rishis had already discovered in the period of Upanishads. They went beyond it. They found that energy issued from Existence. That too was not final. The Absolute that is infinite and eternal is final as existence emerged out of it. The question is why is India poor, and her life barren? Nature develops different aspects of life in different parts of the world, in successive periods of history before she consummates her work of bringing the kingdom of God on earth.

As long as India was a slave nation, her spirit as well as Mind were condemned to be dormant. Now her soul is FREE, but her life is low and dark, submerged in poverty. As it was essential to free Bharat Mata from the fetters of alien domination, it is equally imperative to relieve her life from poverty. At each period of her greatness, India was rich and her people were pious, honest, truthful and kind.

The prosperity of the West was achieved by the resourcefulness of the Mind. Logically, the resourcefulness of the Spirit must be greater, infinitely greater. If this is true, how can we accomplish it? Who should spearhead the movement? Is it the government or an organisation or the Individual? Using the power and resources of the Spirit is prevalent in India, but the general population is not conscious of their power. Nations should first of all awaken to their inner native endowment of vast proportions. Awakening must be followed by organisation. Let us look at instances where such powers peep out of the fabric of life.

story | by Dr. Radut