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062. Spiritual Experiment in Daily Life

Spirit permits experimentation, but the field is one's own life. To experiment with Spirit is not impermissible, but it must be confined to only one occasion. Faith moves mountains, but it is not for the layman. There are Himalayan opportunities as well as immovable problems like a mountain in one's own personal life.


   To choose one of them and invoke the Spirit either to avail of the opportunities or to dissolve the obstacle that defies is permissible. It may be a husband lost in dissipation or a company that gently slides into ever increasing loss, or a court case where injustice, political power and corruption rule. Suppose a company will break even at eight crores income but the revenue rarely crosses seven crores, this experiment will help the revenues cross the 8 crore mark. Done with a TOTAL SINCERITY to work, avoiding all attitudes that are negative, the income next month will touch 80 crores. How to perform it?

  • 1) The attitude of the CEO must be conducive to work, avoiding all personal, religious, traditional, ritualistic attitudes that offend the Spirit.
  • 2) The goal can be achieved only by the CEO, but support from others is golden.
  • 3) The first requirement is an unshakable belief that Spirit can do it.
  • 4) To unsparingly evoke the Spirit into work, removing all obstacles.
  • 5) Collect all thoughts of mind around this goal and gently remove all others, which means be truly serious and refuse to lapse into silly behaviour in the mind.
  • 6) This will give a certain calm and Silence to the mind and one will witness a power of weight collects in the mind. It shows the direction is right.
  • 7) Believe the goal in your emotions until it removes the anxiety so far haunting you and gives a slight JOY occasionally.
  • 8) At a certain point, there will be JOY without any cause.

By this time, a hundred odd circumstances, small and big, that wee nagging will lose their nagging character and change into pleasant ones. When keeping the mind from dwelling on the goal, to avoid building the expectation, you will find the revenue more than 8 crores. In all likelihood, it would have touched 80 crores.



story | by Dr. Radut