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Spirituality is Prosperity


    The Chairman of Unilever has said that Indians have developed self-confidence and therefore would accomplish. To him, India may be a market of the future or even present. To us, India is our motherland. If India moves, she will move out of poverty and into Prosperity. The Chairman of Unilever has looked at India from the point of view of self-confidence and he sees that confidence is emerging. It is a Spiritual Truth that he who has self-confidence will accomplish. That self-confidence exists in grades. Does it not become a superstitious faith at some point? Yes, it does. When it crosses the region of knowledge and enters into the domain of Ignorance, self-confidence becomes self-willed obstinacy to ruin.

   Knowing alone can help a man accomplish at certain times. There are companies that meet consultants and pick their brains and don't engage them. We had an interesting experience of a slightly different type. A company of forty crore sales making two crore profits engaged us. We said we could double their profits. After our study in our report we said the profits could rise to 12 crores. The company never engaged us, but discovered the profits. Organisation is in us, the Indians, because our nation is Spiritual. Organisation is the essence of Spirituality. If print waste is reduced, we can calculate the savings. It is a gain, a good gain. But it has more. Let us know there is possibly avoidable waste at many places. As newsprint is saved, Time can be saved, energy can be saved, movement can be saved and many other things can also be saved. Suppose we make an exhaustive list of all these possible savings, we can imagine what the result will be.

  • Results show that improvements can be made.
  • Attitudes reveal that the effort can be maximized.

   Spirituality for us is to take the other man's point of view, to let the company benefit by cooperation and coordination. Harmony is productive. Therefore spirituality is Harmony. Napoleon used his formula mass x velocity = military success. This formula helped his small army to defeat a big army by the speed of its movement. Three new branches are opened without hiring new personnel or buying new furniture. What does it mean? It means maximum utilization. Speed reduces Time. Conquering Time means conquering karma as karma acts in Time. It is powerless in the Timeless plane of the Rishi. Delay is the opposite of speed. Two hundred fifty opportunities for delay have been reduced to twenty opportunities. Increasing speed and reducing delay are the same. Accounts means attention to money and work. Getting accounts on time is no mean job. Any progress is in essence spiritual progress.

   Communication is the lifeline of a living organisation. The biologist Sheldrake speaks of the advantage of doing things easier when people have already accomplished. It is true in the field of Indian prosperity, as half the world has already accomplished it. Now that we have accomplished something ourselves, that serves as the morphogenetic field of Sheldrake to us. When we accomplish something we get the result. When we know how we accomplished, we know the process of accomplishment. The gain here is not merely the results, but the knowledge of the process which enables us to achieve more and more.

   It is often our thought when we do something well, "Why have we not done it earlier?" It means we can accomplish only what we have not thought of it. Let us project ourselves five years into the future on the basis of our three year experience. We can know where we will be by that scale. Let us do it on paper. It is possible for us to exactly define where we will be five years hence. Let us ask ourselves NOW, "Why we cannot do it NOW, instead of five years later." Our work in the past three years has made many things possible, eliminated several bottlenecks, improved several functions, saved cost, but the one important thing this three year work has given is the knowledge of how we have moved. It has made us CONSCIOUS. And that conscious awareness can help us do what we can achieve five years hence, since -

  • Knowledge is Power.

To take advantage of knowledge, one needs to be conscious.

  • Consciousness is Spiritual awareness.

The last discipline of Spirituality is Freedom.

To instill self-discipline in an atmosphere of freedom

  • Enables Maximum Effort

We know of Silence. Sri Aurobindo speaks of

  • Silence behind Silence.

Let us consider this as our present accomplishment and look for

  • the Accomplishment behind this Accomplishment.

It is to accomplish what can be accomplished in future.

story | by Dr. Radut