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The Experiment I spoke of is the crux of the entire theory I have explained. The result, the manifold result, validates the theory. But the experiment carries within it something more important than the magnificent result. One who values the result, of course, will certainly get the result. Everything will stop there. After some years when he again hears of such things or recollects the earlier experience, he will, like the MLA who acted as the Chief Minister for one day, say to himself, "Of course, it was one golden day in my life. Now what?" That was why I plead that we can recognise the result, but disregarding it, we should go after the Process. It is eminently possible for us to know the process, as it is our own experience. We must be able to enumerate that process step by step and learn its value. I repeat, the value of that Process lies in what Sri Aurobindo calls the Mystery, what the world has been feeling as the Mystery. Memorising the various steps of the Process, or writing it down, if we repeat it on another occasion, we will certainly get the result which everyone gets, not the grand result of manifold magnitude.

  • The Mystery is the state of Consciousness in which the work was done - calm, quiet, expansive mental attitude.
  • Add this to the work, and at once the flat result will turn into an expansive result.
  • More than learning the Process, one needs to learn the elements of the Mystery and be able to repeat it every time.
  • For the purposes of the theme taken up by this book - Spiritual Opulence - I shall stop here, though it is not the end.
  • I shall speak of the next step, though I will not take up its practice. The further step is the essence - Brahman. It belongs entirely to the domain of the yogi. Achieving the essence, one will be able to transmute one object into another. In our tradition it is called alchemy. That is not the topic here.

There was an occasion to discuss theoretically the practical affairs of a 1000 crore company. After the founder, the next generation took over. In a few years the company became a losing concern. As any company has an immense reservoir of several descriptions - financial, monetary, social power issuing from status, good will, trade contacts, reliability, the need of this company for the suppliers, etc. - they could borrow extensively and came to a halt, a dead stop. Efforts were taken to revive the spirit of the original company. It proved successful in several places, but not in cash flow. For a company of this size, they were literally not in a position to raise one crore of cash, as every known source was drawn upon using all market mechanisms. Now that the company had witnessed dramatic improvements in many sectors, the proprietor was desirous of doing something to relieve the stress. His desire traveled and reached a table of the above mentioned discussion. The following was the discussion, which was only of theoretical significance.

Is there any valid idea that can be seriously considered here?


Do you mean to say it will work if practiced?

There is no doubt about it. Our discussion can only be theoretical as neither of us are the decision makers.  

Assuming I gain the ear of the decision maker...

Gaining the ear is far different from his coming forward to implement it.

Assuming he implements it.

Certainly it will work.

What will happen?

All the money you need will come.

When, how? How is it possible? You have no idea how much they need.

It is not the volume of money that matters. What matters is the seriousness of the decision-maker's decision.  

Today the company is all right, very much all right in several respects. The past burden is a drag. Everyday the pressure increases. It is a wonder the company survives. Losses increase due to credit purchases.

How much extra cash will be needed to stop the credit purchase?

It is quite a sum. About 300 crores. At least 200 crores of rupees.

What are the monthly expenses?

Around 80 crores.

Now what do you do? How do you meet it?

About 60 crores of money is actually spent every month. Actually they postpone as much as they can, but somehow ultimately it is met.

Which means actually 60 crores flows in and keeps the operations up.

It does come in, belatedly. It is like pulling teeth, but it does come in.

If what you say is true, some three months of expenses can certainly come in.

Come in' means, how?

Any expert in finance will tell you a way out.

Having handled a straitened situation for a number of years, you cannot think of a better expert than the proprietor. He knows no way out.

An expert will have a wider experience. Your proprietor will have a great experience of one situation.

No, this proprietor belongs to a community of such experts.

Better consult a real expert or retired people in this field.

The proprietor along with this person consulted an expert. He said, "The rules permit 200 crores to be issued against your future receivables. You have to reach the top decision maker of a sympathetic bank." It turned out to be true theoretically.

There are a few things at this juncture. They are: If the proprietor believes what you have said, he will get the money.

What else is there besides that?

If you ‘will' on behalf of the proprietor, it will also work, though not effectively. Sometimes it may be more effective.

Is there more?

Yes, it depends upon how that money comes.

You mean through whom?

No, it can come through a loan or income.

Are you serious?

Please recollect our experience 25 years ago. First, all the needed money came as a loan. Next, it came as income.

Yes. I can never think of that experience in this light. Is there more?

There certainly is more. It is for a later occasion.

I used this incident, as it suited my theoretical purpose. When there is a need, a genuine need, and the person is a serious personality, whatever the situation, all the needed money will come unasked. Whether it comes as a loan or income or gift depends upon what YOU believe in. If you believe," I can only get a loan" it will come as a loan. Allowing no thoughts in the mind, it will come as income. Faith will evoke a response from life to bring it as a gift. Further, how soon will it materialize? Let me simply say it can happen at once or later. That too depends on your faith. These are theoretical discussions. In the Experiment every movement will be an experience. Each will be a practical fact. No room for speculation. When such an experiment is made successfully and the process learnt and the mystery unveiled, what next?

The very first thing is, you will see no problems around you. You will be surrounded by opportunities which you are not anxious to avail of.

The personality that was praying for this thing or that thing will no longer be there.

You will be a new person, a new born person born into something pleasant and sweet. It is the higher consciousness. Most of us would like to stop here and it will be right to stop. Some may like to go ahead. How did we arrive at this blissful condition?

Beyond the Scriptures

Our scriptures - Vedas, Upanishads, Gita - are sacred. The world outside has not yet known that Spiritual wisdom. All lead us to Moksha. Gita has given a quicker path. Sri Aurobindo has gone beyond all of them and offers us what they never could dream of. Shall we say HE offers us here on earth the Bliss of Moksha? Maybe it is that or better than that. HE has laid it down in The Life Divine as philosophy, in The Synthesis of Yoga as practice of yoga, in Savitri as poetic vision, while The Mother has recorded all these practices in Her body and the cells. It is called Agenda. I would like to explain how any of these books or all of them can be used so that one receives the MESSAGE of these books. Before that I wish to suggest another Experiment for those who have successfully conducted the first experiment.

An Experiment based on the Experiment

The Divine Mother speaks of children of the Mother. Some give their souls, others their lives to divine service. Yet others offer their work and others their wealth. She says the true children of the Mother offer their souls, lives, work and wealth. Others are to Her valueless ciphers. This experiment is for those who aspire to become the true children of the Divine Mother. She also says those who are capable of service to the Divine should not waste their energies in national service. I am not addressing this experiment to those exalted souls who are the true children of the Mother capable of directly serving Her. The less exalted souls are the patriots. This experiment is for them.

If you are one who is seriously interested in one of the national problems such as water scarcity, lack of good schooling in your place, good hospitals, road accidents, border conflict on the boundaries of Pakistan, low income, Cauvery water, etc., I wish you do this experiment on behalf of India in your life.

The only spiritual qualification to do such an experiment is that you should be directly affected by the problem. It cannot be a theoretical interest. In that case the results cannot be seen in practice. Whether it is an issue where you want to solve a problem or an opportunity you want to avail of, do the experiment not for your own personal benefit, but IMPERSONALLY do it in all purity and truthfulness. You will see that problem will be solved for the nation or that opportunity will be availed of by the entire nation. Suppose you are an industrialist, you constantly meet with situations where things are to be accomplished by using influential contacts or bribes. If you shift your reliance to Mother and only to Mother, you will witness the miracle of meeting officers of integrity, incorruptible politicians and work will get done smoothly and faster.

  • If you take it as a convenience, you alone will get the results.
  • Suppose you want that benefit to reach the whole population, you must act as a citizen, not as an individual.
  • You will witness the miraculous phenomenon of corruption disappearing in that particular sector.
  • The wider the emotional identification, the wider the result.
  • Should you be so successful, this is not a power you can go on using in this fashion for every other problem. The next step for you is to shift your service to the Divine, to look to Her to solve the problem of the nation in the way She deems best, not in the narrow, personal fashion of our own understanding.

In the case of the theoretical discussion on a company's cash requirement, we saw the theoretical validity of a certain argument. Now that the above argument's practical value is seen in some measure in the national experiment, we can consider the further stages of such an argument. Below it can be theoretically explained as it is the essence of these BOOKS. They are not to be further experimented upon. Their theoretical validity is their practical effectivity. If you are not of that frame of MIND, the following will be empty words for you. For a right attitude, the following will be valid.

  • The company needs money. If so, that money will come. If the proprietor is one who will receive those funds and pay off other pressing liabilities to relieve himself, it will not come. Those further funds are meant to generate fresh profits. The mind should be disciplined to use those funds for the intended purpose. Then it will surely come.
  • In what manner - loan, profit or gift - it will come depends on the belief of the proprietor.
  • This is a true principle in any walk of life.
  • Money needed for any genuine work will come in good abundance.
  • What is true of money is true of other types of assistance.
  • The extent of your effectivity depends upon your emotional identification - selfishness or selflessness, etc.

When Sri Aurobindo was in jail, Swami Vivekananda appeared before Him and showed Him the Supermind, but did not tell him how to reach there. When the government released Him, His heart was in politics and the Freedom Movement. God asked Him to do another work, giving up politics. That is how Sri Aurobindo took to yoga. It began in the jail when HE had the Supramental vision that everyone and everything is Narayana. The Vishwarupa Krishna showed to Arjuna had two sides, good events as well as the evil of life. Sri Aurobindo's vision did not have the wrong side, as it was Supramental vision. For the next ten years HE worked to discover a path to the Supermind. These four books describe His path to us. The various experiments I spoke of will qualify one spiritually to comprehend these books in toto, as the experiments open spiritual depths in us. No longer will one share the general response of the readers that Sri Aurobindo's writings are incomprehensible.

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