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038. Spiritual Power of Flowers

Flowers occupy an important place in our worship. Being subtle and tender, they are receptive of the spiritual force. The Divine Mother has given spiritual names to 800 flowers and described their spiritual qualities in detail.

Flowers can intensify our concentration in all cases while those who are unable to concentrate will draw ready help using them. One who lost six ventures into which his father-in-law helped him heard of the flower PROSPERITY. In Tamil this is called Nagalingam, a red flower with four or five petals with a hood in the centre. As this flower is a favourite of God Shiva, it is generally found in Shiva temples. On offering this flower to God, this man who was bankrupt got a job and his salary was doubled the next day. He cherished the flower and collected a lot of them to be offered to God. In two years his income rose to 16 times his salary. The red flower is called selfish prosperity while the same flower of whitish red is called unselfish prosperity. Jasmine is purity, rose is surrender, Cotton rose is GRACE, Bougainvillea is protection.

Among those who invoke the Spirit, the flower PROTECTION has become popular as nowadays people travel more than before. Carrying this flower protects from accidents. Such stories are numerous. A lady whose income was very small used Nagalingam and was frustrated as there was no results at all. Her dirty house prevented the beneficial action of the force. On cleaning the house, she saw a sudden spurt in her income which in a year led her to buy a house. If an important flower is unavailable, one can imagine the flower in his heart with the same effect. Depression is common. Chrysanthemum (Samandhi) is called Life Energy. On taking the flower in hand, after offering it to God, one can see energy entering his system.



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story | by Dr. Radut