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Stages of Spiritual Progress



--  There are no 10 stages. It can be 5 or 3 or 15.

--  First stage, next stage, final maturation is a full description.

--  The ten stages under each head are not rigid. They can move around.

--  The ten stages described each in a page, are based on experience or grades,

     not imagination.

--  Begin with methods, end with purity.

--  Flowers, dhyana etc. are not necessary as you go above.

--  Stages differ for different personalities, but the grades are true.

--  I do not discuss here those who are negative and those who misuse the power.

--  The diligence and humility that is there in the beginning may not be there. That is up to him.

=   What a ripe soul can receive from Mother:

     --  can experience a great siddhi that is proportionate to the receptivity.

     --  can gain prominence in the nation.

     --  can earn a lot of wealth.

     --  can gain full enlightenment.

   One needs to take the required effort for these things. That too has to be serious in nature. Even that can come midway through Grace. Man running away is the rule. One needs a positive outlook to recognise that the Mother is coming towards oneself with the intention of giving a receptivity that one does not have along with the attendant benefits. Then pettiness and bargaining tendency will leave.

   --  The first stage may come as the 10th stage or the 10th stage may come as the  first. It all depends on the person.

--  People with goodwill don't exist. If some good will exists, it may be present for   1%. Even that may be goodwill for oneself. Only when goodwill is there can one reach the 3rd or 4th stage. Those without good habits cannot even cross the 1st stage. Even for that, there are exceptions. All these gains will be in a flash, never lasting, but will come in response to deeper, greater endowments. Here I consider only general cases, not exceptions.

--  In the 1st stage itself, dangers will go away.  Life span will increase. Wealth  will double and things that don't usually happen will happen. What takes place in the 4th or 5th stage may take place once in a while even at the first stage. The results that come at the 4th stage will usually come for good, if they come at that stage.

--  One can worship all deities and do all poojas.  If the pooja is conducted perfectly one can see great results. Poojas have a limit. One can choose to stay with those poojas or give them up.

--  What can life give?

     Gods --- ?

     Mother -- ?

     Life gives an equal reward = as you take effort, so life gives. Gods give what you deserve by prayer. Mother tries to give what is maximum possible in your circumstances and you receive what your character and temperament permit which is the minimum. And that has a minimum of double and maximum of rising ten levels. Devotees find their levels in between.

--    In my experience, one or two men rose to all the 9 levels in one or two aspects temporarily, i.e. either for the occasion or for a period of 5 to 10 years. No one moved to the 2nd level permanently.

--   Man has several endowments, several weaknesses. Each endowment helps him rise for a short while. Each weakness ensures the fall from any level.

--   No good work done is ever lost.

--    Out of the 36 stories, 6 came back to express gratitude.

--   No question of moving to the next level permanently without shedding all present weaknesses.

      No industry with intransigent labour;

      No cultivation if you cannot prevent cattle trespass;

      No marriage if you stray from the path;

      No promotion if the cashier steals money.

--   Endowments that have helped rise and the level to which he rose.

      Ramapuram's industry and skill raised them to the 10th level in prosperity.

      Physical closeness precariously kept the child at all levels for a short while.

--    Defects that let down devotees:

--    Any endowment can raise one to any level.

      No endowment can do it permanently without the plane being free of defects.

--    Good news awaits at home after a visit to Ashram, dhyana, reading, prayer.

      Bad news awaits at home for those who worship hostile deities and have wanton ill will. (Those who accept defects willingly).

--    As you move up the scale, good becomes better and, if you move one or more levels in life, again it starts as good at that level and moves to be better at that level. Bad loses its edge and changes character into good and rises further.

--    We receive subconsciously from Mother. Subliminal receives more. It is the intensity of our receptivity, poise of our subconscious and subliminal, their opening, their organisation, the beliefs of the mind, the attitudes of the vital, the habits of the body that decides the result. If you need a particular result, learn to give that particular opening, in the required measure.

--    How to give a particular opening to create a particular result?

              Need money                -- examine your willingness to work

              Need friends               -- examine your attitudes

              Promotion                   -- examine how far you are willing to raise your talents

          Popularity                    -- Initially it depends on how far you deserve it, later how far you do not seek it.

              Husband doubts          -- purity of thoughts

              Disobedience in

              children                       -- Uncontrollable nature of yours

              Disease                        -- Faith in disease, medicine, doctor, lack of faith in Mother, unwillingness to give up disease creating gunam.

              Marriage                      -- your opinions, circumstances.

--    Dhyana, flower service, education, darshan, mantras etc. are not necessary. If thoughts, feelings and actions are pure on the inside and outside, then these accessories become like memorising after writing a book itself.

--    An experiment:  Take the most difficult thing in your circumstance which when accomplished will be a miracle. Don't ride fancies. Base yourself on real potentials i.e. another person in a similar position with a similar endowment should have achieved it in your experience, not in your information.

                          "If he can, why not I?"

      Then apply the principles of your deserving it in the subtle plane -- physical, vital, mental endowments -- remove the obstacles at every level. Then pray. You will achieve it. See at which level that achievement is. It means you can raise yourself to that level.

--    Include a scale of present status. (?)

--    What Mother offers is a parallel to the Society offering all professional courses, foreign education, IAS, all high posts in company, open to all, irrespective of age, experience, caste, creed etc. Added to it, She offers scholarship for you to equip yourself to qualify for it. House is offered to everyone now who disciplines himself. At another level, houses are given free.

              By simply, but truly, belonging to Mother you raise your present level so high, several levels high.

--    Life is one with a mixture of good and bad. For the successful, good is overwhelming so long as the mixture that is there is human life. A point is there which when crossed, the negative disappears. Beyond that, it is divine life. All the aspirants can shed the negative and cross the border in any one of the levels, either at number 1 or 10. The moment you cross the line, progress is swift.             

--    Grace, when explained away, never returns.

      Pettiness of mind puts a mercenary construction on really magnanimous actions. Change from the meanness to magnanimity you will receive abundantly. A bad situation is there really and your mean interpretation is right. Such a situation is there for several years. Take it and change your meanness to magnanimity and you will find the miracle of the REAL physical situation changing. E.g. a poor man joins the Ashram for food and lodging. We understand it accordingly and our social understanding is right. In that situation, if we refuse to be mean and try to know what in his soul brought him to the Ashram and succeed in that understanding, Life will give us the surprise that that man was not after all poor. Other circumstances will come to light.

--    Concentration is to separate the Force from consciousness and collect the consciousness from the surface into the depth. This way the collected consciousness becomes pure mind and is able to go to pure spirit.

      Consecration is to bring the divorced Force back to consciousness and collecting the united movement into the depth so that the entire process is kept intact. Force becoming aware of consciousness takes place at once which means one loses contact with the surface, i.e. becomes lost to the surface and the social world , not the world. That is why he is full.

      The devotee who accepts Mother feels an instantaneous fullness which comes from the fact that he is aware of the depth. This fullness increases as he moves along the 10 stages.

--    One thorough example of 10 stages, explaining both (positive & negative) aspects lingering till the end. Also explain how another half a dozen aspects change their intensities. Give minute nuances of character, behaviour, life events, others' responses and show the force of the spurt as well as the tenacious nature of habits persisting.

      Explain why it cannot be done for all items.


--    Explain enough for people to know in what stage they are at their height and at their worst.

--    Bad people sometimes continue to be bad, paying lip sympathy to change or being unaware of its need. Still, some good in their lives, either directly from them or from inheritance or  contributing factors, comes to the surface and through that, GOOD issues. This is an exception, not the rule. Grace is insistent in spite of man's folly. But such incidences are a one-time phenomenon.

--    Mother's Force acts in several ways at all 10 levels.

      1.  It energises generally all your formed faculties;

      2.  It activates all circumstances around you positively;

      3.  It makes faculties innovative, circumstances positive, man generous, events complementary to your circumstances and needs;

      4.  It makes men, matters, events receptive to Grace, open-minded to ideas, makes them generate positive attitudes towards you and in themselves, makes them give up habits that are obstacles, acquire skills and capacities that can benefit by Grace.

      5.  It brings in new persons to serve causes that are obstructed now, creates new laws to serve our old and new needs, new situations in people and environment so that they may serve Grace by receiving more.

      6.  New technological innovations that best suit your work arise.

      7.  New ideas that would serve the world occur in your mind or come to be of help to you.

      8.  Creates NEW types of organisation.

      9.  Spreads all over what you do.

      10.  Mother's Force is powerful, energetic, forceful, innovative, creative of skills, capacities, talents, energy, power, force, attitudes, opinions, understandings, work, events, organisation, institutions, laws, rules, events, circumstances at any level decided by your receptivity.

      11.  It is capable of mitigating all negative versions of these, neutralising them or even transforming them to positive ones.

      12.  Above all, it is capable of creating more of Mother's Consciousness in you.

      13.  Your understanding or opening at each level determines how it responds to you.

              Level of receptivity  --  response




















      Your present situation, position, poise determine what can come to you. Your willingness to receive determines what comes to you. Your unwillingness prevents other things from coming. Your grievance that something does not come issues out of your aspiration for something for which you are unwilling to create receptivity.

--  "I am good"   --  limits to our goodness.

      Goodness depends upon strength to be limitless goodness.

      For honesty, amount is the limit.

      For conduct, situation is the limit.

      For selfishness, pride and comforts are the limits.

      For magnanimity, prestige is the limit.

      We satisfy ourselves, saying everything has a limit. The limits imposed by situations or goodness are necessary. The limit that comes by our capacity to be good is unwelcome.

      Good qualities are not enough to do yoga.

      In order to attain the benefits of the 10 stages, it is enough we have good qualities that we have not set limits to. That is, one should not lie.

--    If things like dhyana suddenly rise in intensity, one may ascend from the first to the 5th or 6th stage. As a result of a great quality, one may permanently rise to a higher level. If one reaches a higher stage due to great efforts, the other benefits that go with that stage may automatically come.

         The progress attained as a result of our negative qualities may revert back to the original disturbed stage. We can rise higher due to any potential and make it permanent. Rising higher is one thing and making it permanent is another. When we are not disturbed, we can rise on the strength of one or more potentials. In order to rise permanently, negative traits should not be there.

What should one do to move to each level:

      1. Accept Mother as one who will solve all your problems with Faith and Devotion. (prayer for result)

      2.  Understand life, give up common beliefs, initiate into Mother's ways. (Mother is accepted)

      3.   Complete initiation to a great extent and accept Mother's beliefs.  (Complete stage No. 2 [= Mother is accepted] and get peace and silence of initial stages)

      4.   Ensure negatives of personality are never expressed. (Knowledge of His writings or their essence, peace and silence permanently of their initial intensities)

      5.   Work out Mother's beliefs in terms of your positive traits strongly. (Practise whatever you can for greater consecration, Peace and Silence)

      6.   Complete past consecration, eliminate negatives from mind.

      7.   Study social opportunities and decide to fully exploit them.

      8.   Study psychological opportunities and fully exploit them. (Ideal householder whose selflessness is limited to the family)

      9.   Fix your goal of progress and within its limits work out the above for expression. (Ideal householder fit for yoga but does not begin it)

      10.   Complete No. 9 inwardly.  (begin yoga)


--    For an upper class boy, a big job comes even for a lesser education.

--    The lucky man gets what nobody gets.

--    The influential man enjoys.

--    After coming to Mother, luck, influence and high social level have come.

--    Labour gets its compensation.

--    A good quality will fetch a good reputation.

--    If you behave properly, you can preserve what is there

--    Even if all merits are there, you may get nothing or only a little.

--    SHE gives at a higher level for a lower effort.

--    You can get anything with HER if you qualify.

--    At what level you get depends upon the level of your effort.

--    The next stage, if it comes by one's own endeavour, will be the minimum of that stage, but will last. If it comes by Grace, it will be the maximum, but one has to possess it permanently by his endeavour.

--    There are people who go to the next stage negatively. They too can rise to the 10th stage but it can only be negative. Growth is made possible. It is up to you to be positive or negative.

Levels of people who turn into devotees

      Those who lie, are crafty and those who take loans.

      We talk only of devotees with positive qualities ---

              who come once for a prayer and when it is over, they become quiet;

              who get all the problems solved and remain there;

              who see the value of Mother and do not say, "We have not come for

              Mother but only for material prosperity" and who do say, " Mother is

              of value in life and hereafter She is part of my life."

--    Analogy of human value according to money or education:

      Education, parentage, capacity, wealth, power, urbanisation, travel, are all related to character not in exact direct proportion. So also the levels of human worth cannot be exactly divided. It is certainly possible by an occult, subtle knowledge, not in our social understanding. First of all, there must be a scale against which man must be measured.

--    Chinks in character remain at all levels and can undo man at any position or height. IAS officer dismissed for stealing, for wrong conduct.

      A very rich man loses through race and gambling.

      Arjuna refusing Urvashi; Alexander resigning post of secretary; student refusing teacher's help to copy; sadhak denying a millionaire's inheritance.

--    Exceptions here are exceptions in life. This article does not reflect their positions.

      Uneducated son of a principal, family of Rs 10,000 income not able to build a house, one who loses sight by cataract, company executive suffering debt loads (highly paid person), an auditor without income, unmarried rich boy or girl, landowner's family with no rice to eat, a losing petrol bunk,

              =  the unending problems of Mother's devotees.


--    Mother offers what is not on earth or life.

--    Anyone with any endowment can benefit accordingly.

--    Anyone with defects can benefit if he wants to shed them.

--    Any defect when it is emphasised will push you down from any level.

--    Any one endowment can raise you to any level for a time.

--    Permanent movement to the next level requires freedom from defects.

--    Men with endowments who are not rewarded by life so far, will be instantaneously rewarded.

--    "This is for all.  This is not for all."

      All those who want to progress working for it as in the society. Not for  those who want to get something for nothing.

--    While life gives the minimum in your plane, Mother gives the maximum in the next plane.

      Integrity, efficiency in Taluq office or school will help you escape punishment and be popular in your area  --  Life.

      Mother makes you a gazetted officer and confers IAS too. She makes the teacher Vice-President of the World Federation of Teachers.

--    Accept Mother on your own experience, not because others tell you. Rely on your experience and anything can be tested in your experience.     

The best way to accept Mother:

--    Is on Faith, but faith is soul's knowledge.

--    Life Divine is explained rationally. Rationality can reach the absolute.

--    The faith should not degenerate into superstition.

Process of accepting Mother:

--    Understand

--    Experiment

--    Rely on your understanding.

--    Develop faith based on your understanding.

--    Give examples for 10 levels under the 10 columns of any head; test at least one aspect in your life, not for testing, but not to be superstitious.

--    Repeat it for all 10 levels and for permanency.

--    Decide whether you want it for result or Mother.

--    Spirituality is one's own awakening. Ensure it.

--    Exhaust all questions before accepting and not after it.



1.  Prayer for result.

2.  Mother is accepted.

3.  Complete the  2nd stage and get peace and silence of initial stages.

 4.   Knowledge of His writings or their essence gives peace and silence as a         

       primary stage permanently.

 5.   Practise whatever he can for greater consecration and peace and silence.

 6.   Reinforce the past with the above.

 7.   Express that strength in outer life.

 8.   Ideal householder whose selflessness is limited to his family.

 9.   Ideal householder in society  -- fit for yoga but does not choose it.

10.  Begin yoga.

2.  ANGER                                                             SILENCE

 1.  Finds vent as it arises.                                  1. Speaks naturally.

 2.  Understands it should be given up.             2. Takes full effort to cut down speech

 3.  Gives up anger in the  inappropriate            3. Mind is calm. Speech is only for      

       places.                                                                  work.

 4.  Is able to consecrate anger many times.       4. Mind is peaceful. Speech is half

 5.  Reviews past anger, gets the knowledge       the 3rd stage        

 6.  Gives up anger with inferiors.                     5. Thoughts from body do not arise.

 7.  Gives up anger with equals.                        6. Thoughts from vital do not arise.

 8.  Gives up anger when he is fooled.               7.  Thoughts from surface mind do not

 9.  Peeps out into behaviour but refused.            arise.

10. Anger is in the subtle plane, not                  8.  Speech hurts.

      expressed.                                                  9.  Thought hurts.

                                                                           10.  Mind is silent on the surface.

                                                                                  Speech is nil.


 1.  Think of Mother for the act.

 2.  Think of Mother before the act.

 3.  Able to consecrate in essentials fully.

 4.  Able to think of Mother for essentials.

 5.  Able to consecrate favourite items.

 6.  Able to consecrate favourite thoughts.

 7.  Able to consecrate favourite feelings.

 8.  Able to consecrate sensations.

 9.  Able to consecrate impulses of thought, feeling, sensation.

10. Able to fully consecrate the ACT.


 1.  As at present.

 2.  Positive relations.

 3.  Higher than positive relations.

 4.  Highest positive relations.

 5.  Relations based on affection.

 6.  Relations based on values.

 7.  Relations based on higher values.

 8.  Relations based on Mother's values.

 9.  Relations only for duty and responsibility.

10. Responsibility is only to Mother.


 1.  Prayer to solve problems.

 2.  Prayer to complete opportunities.

 3.  Prayer to create new opportunities.

 4.  Prayer to remove deficiencies.

 5.  Prayer to create better qualities.

 6.  Prayer to Mother because it is sweet.

 7.  Longs for prayer.

 8.  Constant remembrance.

 9.  Infrequent presence.

10. Frequent presence.  Presence at will.


 1.   If you pray, dangers forecast by horoscope go away. Non-existent good will come.

 2.   Mostly complications will go away by themselves. Current complications will

        leave as a result of prayer.

 3.   Danger will leave after a token reminder. Goodness that was not there will try to come.

 4.   Will have no connection with horoscope. Negative things won't be in there. Stubbornness will succeed.

 5.   Omens will lose their basis. What is not there in the horoscope will happen.

 6.   What is not possible will take place.

 7.   Hereditary poverty will give way to lucky prosperity.

 8.   Things contrary to horoscope will take place.

 9.   Prophesies will reverse.

10.  You can fix your own horoscope; it is meaningless to you.


 1.  Anticipated troubles diminish.

 2.  First in your institution.

 3.  First in the family.

 4.  First in the community.

 5.  If you move to a higher institution, there too you are first.

 6.  First in the profession.

 7.  First in the wider area of the profession.

 8.  First in the state.

 9.  First in the nation.

10. You can choose the level of status, prestige and fame.


 1.  Small, pleasant surprises.

 2.  Major surprises in job or property or alliance or wealth.

 3.  You move to the next level.

 4.  Similar things happen.

 5.  Things of a wider order take place.

 6.  Surprises that relieve the mind.

 7.  Surprises that please the imagination.

 8.  As influence follows wealth.

 9.  Those you have to seek will seek you.

10. You can choose your own surprises.


 1.  Diseases diminish and disappear.

 2.  Entrenched diseases go.

 3.  Unaffected in epidemic.

 4.  Diseases forecast by horoscope don't come.

 5.  The opposite health will be there.

 6.  Life span will increase.

 7.  When you are there, others don't get diseases.

 8.  Incurable congenital diseases too go.

 9.  You enjoy health of a 20 years younger person.

10. No relation to age and health.


 1.  Any stotra, pooja will give far greater results than before  --  Dhyana.

 2.  Dhyana will come by itself -- calling  --  good behaviour (giving up flowers).

 3.  Work will bring dhyana -- reading that gives dhyana -- good attitude.

 4.  Anything will bring dhyana  --  deeper calling, consecration --  good motives.

 5.  Giving up dhyana, silence will rise --  purity of behaviour --  good values.

 6.  Dhyana will bring Presence  --  better behaviour

 7.  Work will bring deeper Presence  --  higher attitudes.

 8.  Quiet will bring Presence  --  greater values.

 9.  Presence will be very frequent -- absence of desire.

10. Constant Presence  --  purity of mind, i.e. no mental activity -- absence of ego.


          (I do not consider the opposites here)

 1.  Stray skills, capacities, talents, patience, pleasantness, open-mindedness, faith, devotion, aspiration, honesty, integrity.

 2.  One full act fully benefiting by this organisation.

 3.  One area fully organised for effective accomplishment.

 4.  One value supporting No. 3.

 5.  One value in harmony with the profession.

 6.  One value fully supported by family or partners.

 7.  One value fully supported by family and partners.

 8.  An inner area thus organised.

 9.  Coordination of that inner and outer field.

10. Coordination of that inner and outer field centering around Mother.

*     Personality organises itself in hundreds of combinations. Basically, physical values yield wealth, vital values yield power and popularity, mental values expand your professional achievement. each fortifies the other appropriately. Above, I have shown one possible combination rising to the top. Any such combination can accomplish it.  Defects of personality can accomplish the very opposite from any height.  Defects are not my topic. They are for removal.


 1.   All external disharmony will reduce to a minimum. These people, topics go. Would disappear through the flower 'harmony'.

 2.   Others better appreciate your thoughts and position. Harmony based on it. Work of this description comes.

 3.   In-built into the atmosphere, a mechanism to prevent disharmony and promote harmony.  Disharmony is a jarring note.

 4.   Your motives are appreciated and harmony develops into unity. People who benefit by such a set-up come.

 5.   Servants, colleagues, friends etc. change into ones who are willing to promote actively harmony. The external life, as if anxious to support your harmony, supplies people of this type.

 6.   Necessity to promote cooperation arises in the atmosphere. Material supports come to build harmony, cooperation, service and an organisation for it.

 7.   Pettiness of mind disappears 95%. People change and existing people change their attitudes.

 8.   Magnanimous attitude is born around. Mother soaks into people and magnanimity is born.

 9.  Your work becomes a center and model for harmony. Life around becomes an instrument of harmony.

10. Old disharmony changes into new harmony at the present level. Reversal of consciousness takes place.

13.  LUCK

 1.   All misfortunes are subdued. Minor good fortunes show themselves. A burst of small good luck appears on the scene.

 2.   Luck comes as what is appropriate to people of next higher level materially.

 3.   Respect, status, recognition of 3 levels more come. Luck that is water in dry lands, opening at a higher level, friendship of a CM, new market in wider measure arrives.

 4.   Opportunity at the top comes for you to work and enjoy.

 5.   What was earned as profits comes as fees or commission.

 6.   All that your maximum capacities can manage comes to you to work for and get.

 7.   They come to possess without working for, by your desert.

 8.   More than what you can handle comes in the highest quality and spills over along with either status, popularity or joy.

 9.   Luck widens in area from district to state to country.

10.  You are a source of luck for others.

14.  OMEN

 1.   Bad times don't do anything. Good times come on their own automatically.

 2.   Bad times destroy bad things. In good times, what is not possible happens.

 3.   A great good starts happening at a bad time and changes its nature.

 4.   When you do an act even at a bad time, it changes that into a good one.

 5.   A bad thing takes place due to a bad omen. And then through that, a good thing comes about.

 6.   A bad omen changes its nature and becomes a good omen.

 7.   When a bad omen should invariably occur, a good omen appears as a slight trace.

 8.   A bad omen becomes an indicator of an unheard of good thing in life.

 9.   You become a good omen for others.

10.  A situation arises where everything becomes good. Whatever you are involved in becomes good. Omens lose their meaning.


 1.  Known opportunities abound.

 2.  New opportunity (coconut arises).

 3.  Higher levels of the new opportunity.

 4.  Monetary dimension (bank loan) opens.

 5.  Social support to fulfill your dreams.

 6.  Higher levels of same support.

7.  You give a new opportunity to others and the world.

8. Newer, higher, richer dimension of it  (Profit Sharing).


 1.   General happiness, prosperity and harmony to a substantial level.

 2.   Great foundations for joy, prosperity, harmony are laid (often through the opposites).

 3.   A higher level of Mother's consciousness comes either by wider participation or by intense individual devotion.

 4.   Blessings are received more widely, much more in the subconscious and JOY surfaces.

 5.   Base widens in prosperity, joy etc. or height of them sharply increases.

 6.   Greater foundation for the family is laid in the outer society.

 7.   The outer society changes into Mother's society.

 8.   Affection is replaced by devotion.

       Work is replaced by responsibility.

       Quality of work rises to its peak.

 9.   Foundation in property, attachment, responsibility, future ideals are laid in a wider and greater measure.

10.  All of them are fully realised taking the family to No. 1 position in its constitution.


 1.   What we do gets accomplished in spite of our defects. Mother supports us through circumstances.

 2.   Our work is done for us by others. We are able to do higher works.

 3.   Body has better skill, mind understands the work better. From outside, cooperation is natural and comes with ease. Efficiency increases horizontally and vertically several-fold.

 4.   Move 3, 4 or even 5 levels in operation and discover efficiency of a higher order.

 5.   Quality of skill, tools, assistants, works rise to the maximum intensity in the highest level we have moved into.

 6.   The last man under us seems to have our original efficiency.

 7.   Field of work expands horizontally and rises vertically and with it, our efficiency increases to the needed pitch.

 8.   The size and quality of the organisation continues to rise and still you find yourself in the new position as efficient as any one can be and feel there is more scope for expansion.

 9.   You become the standard for efficiency and create new fields of activity and work there efficiently.

10.  Efficiency issues out of devotion and faith, making work dedicated service.

18.  GRIEVANCES   (Grudges, ancient scores)

 1.   Simply wiped out of one's life 90%.

 2.   Suffering from surplus. Grievance of not being able to manage the newly found affluence.

 3.   People who were our source of grievance, occasionally turn into source of support.

 4.   The issue that was a grievance may change even if people do not.

 5.   Rarely the sore point of grievance turns around making it a strong point.

 6.   Life either in the next generation or when you are ready to overcome the grouse, amply rewards you, compensating for your complaint.

 7.   Fulfills the childhood ambitions exactly as you have dreamt on a scale appropriate to your level of consciousness.

 8.   The role of your rivals, enemies, detractors reverses in several ways. They are punished, they reverse out of necessity or out of understanding.

 9.   Those who punished you are willing to honour you.

10.  Such grudges disappear once and for all in your set-up.


 1.  All unhappiness and their sources disappear upto 90 or 95%.

 2.  Settled conditions of happiness of 1st level come in. Occasionally joy issues.

 3.  Mental ideas about unhappiness change and their occasions almost disappear.

 4.  Vital attitudes about unhappiness change and their incidences almost disappear.

 5.  Physical sensations of unhappiness change and they too disappear almost.

 6.  Higher level of No. 1. Where unhappiness was, now there is corresponding happiness and such conditions are there.

 7.  Higher level of No. 2.

 8.  Higher level of No. 3.

 9.  Higher level of No. 4.

10. You become a source of joy for all whom you meet.


 1.   Present business doubles.

 2.   Business goes to the maximum level you can wish for, i.e. profits of today touch the sales of yesterday.

 3.   Move to a higher level as to wholesale from retail or from wholesale to manufacture. Or, expand from local to district or district to state.

 4.   Go into higher type of business, more respectable, more profitable.

 5.   Chaos goes. Get organised at a higher level. Either quantity of work expands or quality of work rises.

 6.   No. 5 doubles.

 7.   Rise in social status.

 8.   Status is added by power.

 9.   Powerful people come under your influence.

10. You can choose the ways and extent of functioning.

21.   DHYANA

 1.  Can meditate for a fixed time.

 2.  Dhyana comes by itself.

 3.  It comes by itself several times.

 4.  Dhyana deepens so as to make the being still.

 5.  Stage of No. 1 becomes a habitual state.

 6.  It goes to the next stage of depth, i.e. calm of the 1st level settles in the mind.

 7.  Calm deepens into peace and moves to the nerves.

 8.  Both spread all over the body.

 9.  Calm, peace go down to the body.

10. Dhyana becomes superfluous.

22.  FRIENDSHIP       

 1.   Dimensions of the friendship will deepen into one of family relationship.

 2.   Friendship in both ways will be able to accomplish what family cannot.

 3.   Becomes a bond for service to Mother. Social relation becomes purely psychological.

 4.   Acquires the shade of discipleship either way.

 5.   Can receive or give (or both) spiritual solace to the other.

 6.   Psychological relationship becomes relationship in Mother.

 7.   Trust deepens and makes higher achievement possible in the fields where there is relationship.

 8.   Is able to take living to heights of inner achievement not possible in our life or human life.

 9.   A bond is formed based on which NOTHING is impossible.

10.  One becomes a slave of another in affection.


 1.   On the first visit to Samadhi, all surface existence of a complex will disappear.

 2.   Obstacles in life created by a complex will negatively go or positively leave.

 3.   Opportunities unpredicted in the horoscope will appear.

 4.   Projects executed by you will touch the sky and the results will come to you if you do not insist on sticking to the complex.

 5.   Complex will reward, reversing its composition.

 6.   Complex will dissolve in the depth opening an unheard of life for your level.

 7.  The reversed complex will yield social rewards in material or psychological terms.

 8.  The reversed complex will yield psychological rewards in material and psychological terms.

 9.  Complex will reveal as a source of status, success etc.

10. You, as well as the society, will forget there was a complex.


 1.   What used to bother him till now either is not there or when it's there, it doesn't bother him. He is able to endure without feeling the pain.

 2.   All items that bothered him earlier now disappear.

 3.   Opinions that irritated him beyond measure, he is now able to consider.

 4.   Attitudes that irritated him before he is now able to consider.

 5.   Sensitivities that used to bother before,  now no longer bother.

 6.   He is able to see the other man's point of view in the opinion that hurt him earlier.

 7.   He is able to see the other man's point of view in the attitude that hurt him earlier.

 8.   He is able to see the other man's point of view in the sensitivity that hurt him earlier.

 9.   At the present level of life, he is able to bring people of opposite opinions together.

10.  At the present level of life, he is able to bring people of opposite attitudes and sensitivities together.

25.  FAITH

 1.  Has faith in The Mother generally.

 2.  Has more faith in The Mother than in society.

 3.  Has more faith in The Mother than in his own beliefs cherished so far.

 4.  Has more faith in The Mother than in his own attitudes.

 5.  Has more faith in The Mother than in his own sensitivities.

 6 - 10.  What he did in stages 1 to 5 with tension, he is now able to do without tension and he feels the joy of functioning this way which seems to be the only way to exist.


 1. Gives and receives more loyalty than before.

 2.  Offers loyalty outside the frame of authority.

 3.  Offers loyalty without material gain.

 4.  Offers loyalty without social sanction.

 5.  Offers loyalty without psychological gain.

 6 - 10. All those in 1,2,3,4,5 come from higher social, (more intense psychological situations) positions. He is himself able to offer loyalty similarly.


 1.   Half of the general urge would die away.

 2.   It would entirely disappear in one area where you are disciplined.

 3.   In other areas, another 25% would subside.

 4.   Whenever it dies fully, part of it would have converted into energy of discipline.

 5.   Such converted energies express themselves as efficiency at a level far superior to ours.

 6.   When more of the energies come under control, the general  person moves away from the efficiency of energy to being quietly efficient.

 7.   This process is completed.

 8.   Based on that, higher progress issues.

 9.   Should it be organised, there is nothing he cannot accomplish.

10.  All his movements lose even traces of restraint and become smooth expressions of quiet power.


 1.  Several things happen that belie our common beliefs.

 2.  One or more major accomplishments of ours is in defiance of such beliefs.

 3.  Mind loses faith in most of them, but habit persists in several things, especially in times of crisis.

 4.  Events happen so as to challenge our faith in such moments.

 5.  We break through in some essentials and several less momentous events.

 6 - 10.  Life takes us to the next higher phase of work or profession or accomplishment where these 5 stages repeat in that context.    

29.  EGO

 1.   Man's pride is his ego. His accomplishment is the accomplishment of his ego. Mother does not touch it.

 2.   Life prospers beyond measure, even 10-fold, where his ego is not formed or not expressive.

 3.   His progress in new areas where he has no ego is vast, while his ego meets with crude refusals in its own area.

 4.   Ego is blunted, vanity dissolves, areas where ego cannot assert open up.

 5.   Ego is slaughtered in its own areas, tragedies take place but life reveals as a wonder elsewhere.

 6.   Ego takes the back seat. Vital ego almost disappears.

 7.   Physical ego revolts silently. Mental ego gives way.

 8.   Following vanity, mental ego almost vanishes.

 9.   Even the physical ego is now somewhat willing to consider suicide, but the vital and mental egos move away from essential work.

10.  Outwardly one appears egoless in his work and duty.

30.  LET THY WILL BE DONE, NOT MY WILL   (Refer Entry  5, Prayer)

 1.  Pray for a particular result.

 2.  Pray for good.

 3.  Mother will do only good. So, let Her will be done.

 4.  Even if I lose, if it is to my good, let Her will be done.

 5.  Even if my enemy gains, if it is to my good, let Her will be done.

 6.  Even if my right goes, if it is to my good, let Her will be done.

 7.  Even if my prestige goes, if it is to my good, let Her will be done.

 8.  Even if my attachment goes, if it is to my good, let Her will be done.

 9.  Even if my honour goes, if it is to my good, let Her will be done.

10. It is not me who knows the best for me, but you. Because you will, it will be best for me.


1.  If we insist on what is due for us, we will get it.

2.  If we ask, it will take place.

3.  If we want it, it will get done.

4.  If we think about it, it will get done.

5.  If we don't even think about what is due for us, still it will come.

  [ Even if we reach the 10th stage, in a particular area, in other areas we may be in

   previous stages or even in the initial stage]

6. It is beyond our rights.

7.  What is not within our right will take place.

8.  What is fit for the next stage will come now.

9.  What we don't think about will happen.

10. What we cannot think about will happen.


 1.  Worship, involvement.

 2.  Moved feelings -- deep involvement.

 3.  Rapture in meditation.

 4.  Remembering Mother brings rapture.

 5.  At important times the body feels a thrill.

 6.  Worship becomes a physical thrill.

 7.  Frequent physical thrill and more or less steady rapturous condition.

 8.  Memory becomes a seeing and feelings become thrilling.

 9.  Worship becomes a seeing, feeling becomes a physical thrill and rapture becomes permanent.


 1.  General faith in Mother as the Divine.

 2.  A faith that what usually does not happen will happen.

 3.  A faith that does not seek benefits.

 4.  A faith that persists even when there are no results.

 5.  A faith that sees a special meaning even when contrary results come.

 6. - 10.  A similar faith at a higher level in life.


 1.   Generally the level of safety and consequent protection rises considerably.

 2.   All prediction in horoscope of accidents and the like move away unless one believes in horoscope.

 3.   Even catastrophes will go without our knowledge. There will be a token only when you believe in karma or horoscope.

 4.   Will be miraculously moved away from general catastrophe like cyclone etc. or hartal, violence etc.

 5.   Even in a tornado you will be fully protected.

 6.   Protection from hostile forces will be there.

 7.   Will be immune to virulent black forces or will be able to remove them by calling Mother for 3 days.

 8.   Those related to you will be miraculously saved from sure tragedies.

 9.   In all work you are in, tragedies, mishaps etc. will change into their opposites.

10.  Long after you have left a place, the influence of protection will linger.

35.  VISION   (not necessarily for all)

 1.   Knowledge will become somewhat subtle.  Occasional foreknowledge will be there.

 2.   Subtle vision arises in the mind.

 3.   Inner voice issues  --  not adesh.

 4.   Clear, precise foreknowledge in certain matters is born.

 5.   Spiritual aspect of people you meet reveals to you in one of the subtle forms.

 6.   Spiritual aspects of things and people that will not soon surface will reveal to you.

 7.   You can correct the future in certain minor matters by correcting the vision.

 8.   The entire environment fully reflects your future.

 9.   You know very clearly, not as a vision, the shape of things to come.

10.  In your own affairs, because you predict, things happen.


 1.  All unfair dealings of others disappears 75%.

 2.  A new phenomenon of fair dealings arises in your life.

 3.  Several occasions and people who were unfair reverse partly or fully.

 4.  Fairer dealings at a higher level.

 5.  Fair dealing resembling luck.

 6.  Your own life comes into a position where the dominant member was unfair to you.

 7.  Subordinates are unfair taking advantage.

 8.  Your not being unfair to one is taken as unfairness to his rival.

 9.  All dealings either way are FAIR.

10. No act falls below the fairest standard.


 1.  All those who suspected us will change.

 2.  New people will develop a trust in us.

 3.  Some of those who previously suspected us will develop a special trust in us.

 4.  Only confidential assignments will come.

 5.  Level of confidence will rise.

 6 - 10.  At the next higher level these same things will come in greater measure.


 1.   You will have the prestige of 10 years elder to you or one level higher in the society.

 2.   Prestige of content without the content.

 3.   Prestige in the family and company will in one aspect rise to that of the chief.

 4.   Wider social prestige in the town or the profession, not in the context, will come.

 5.   It will rise to the top levels of the organisation or town or profession.

 6.   Prestige will enable you either to do service at that level or help those who serve.

 7.   Negative prestige at a low level, if it had been there, will now be positive at the present level.

 8.   Prestige for what you are not doing will show.

 9.   Prestige from prestigious people at the new level will come.

10.  You will be a source of prestige to others.


 1.   Your personal strength to accomplish will become double.

 2.   You will have strength to accomplish at the next higher level.

 3.   Strength to accomplish 20 times wider or 10 levels higher will accrue.

 4.   You move into not higher levels of your society but levels of higher quality and there you accomplish.

 5.   That doubles.

 6.   People who can accomplish at level 5 are at your disposal.

 7.   They move from colleagues to subordinates.

 8.   You move into a far higher height which has no resemblance to your plane.

 9.   Men and matters here come more under your control.

10.  You see you have the strength to achieve at any level.

40.  WISH FULFILMENT  (This is not a rule but does happen)

 1.   Subconscious aspiration is fulfilled without prayer or your knowledge.

 2.   9 out of 10 wishes, small or big, with or without effort, get fulfilled.

 3.   One wish, intensely desired long ago, now forgotten, is fulfilled out of the blue.

 4.   One wish after another of forgotten childhood gets fulfilled by itself.

 5.   What wishes cannot be fulfilled in you now are accomplished in your children.

 6.   You outgrow and turn down certain wish fulfillments out of satiation.

 7.   Your wishes are fulfilled in a higher way. (more than you wished)

 8.   During the accomplishment of one wish, a few others too are accomplished.

 9.   Your fanciest wish long forgotten now in the course of discharging the duties, is abundantly accomplished.

10.  The sorest social stigma is removed.

41.  MARRIED LIFE  (If the marriage has taken place after coming to Mother if both are  devoted to Mother)

 1.   So intimate as to excite attention.

 2.   Spouse serves as colleague or partner.

 3.   Reach an intimacy and trust not known generally.

 4.   The spouse fulfills what Mother alone is known to give.

 5.   When the spouse is unable to give something, Mother gives it.

 6.   Unexpressed lack of confidence in the other disappears.

 7.   Affection is replaced by devotion.

 8.   Possible causes in the early background that surfacing can hurt, now disappear.

 9.   Defects at the time of wedding become strengths.

10.  Devotion is reinforced by dedication.

42.  MARRIED LIFE  (Prior to coming to Mother, when both are devotees)

 1.  Several negative aspects disappear.

 2.  What conflicts were given up as not resolvable now resolve with effort.

 3.  New aspects of life enter so that either greater understanding is born or earlier conflicts are pushed aside.

 4.  Material dependence becomes psychological attachment.

 5.  Genuine affection, not dependent on material position issues.

 6.  Circumstances come for each to elevate the other.

 7.  Whatever you try to do to your spouse, at once it is done.

 8.  Life rises for each because of the other.

 9.  Find a greater solace in the other than in anything else.

10. One comes to believe that married life is not what the literature described, but is truly great and enjoyable


 1.  All your affairs so far not clear will now be clear. What lessons were not clear will now be clear.

 2.  This will rise one level more.

 3.  A higher understanding will be born (e.g. the lawyer's clerk will understand what the lawyer may not )

 4.  Original understanding.

 5.  Higher original understanding.

 6 - 10.  Same grade at a higher level or higher levels.


 1.   Present work will be fully organised.

 2.   Immediate extension to family or office will be achieved.

 3.   A higher efficiency there will be achieved.

 4.   Will permit horizontal expansion.

 5.   Will permit vertical expansion. Special aspects of organisation that enlivens will appear.

 6.   Capacity will rise to higher levels.

 7.   Theoretical clarity at that level.

 8.   Practical efficiency at that level.

 9.   Consequent Power issuing out of it.

10.  You can acquire any level of organisation.

45.  PROBLEM    

 1.  Most of the present problems will lend themselves to solution either by prayer or without it.

 2.  All but one type will disappear and their basis will dissolve. (stubbornness)

 3.  Some problems will change into opportunity or generate fresh opportunities.

 4.  Where problems abounded, opportunity will abound.

 5.  Problem of availing of opportunities will be there.

 6 - 10.  Same grades at higher levels.

46.  TEJAS

 1.  Oily face will disappear.

 2.  Brightness

 3.  Brilliance

 4.  Light

 5.  More light

 6.  Others can see light in the face or inside.

 7.  Inner light frequently seen.

 8.  Inner light in several parts.

 9.  Higher grades of light.

10. Golden light inside (Mother and HE in gold).


 1.  Enough to go around, wiping off scarcity.

 2.  Create small substantial assets.

 3.  Double or triple or quadruple amounts of cash flow.

 4.  Bigger assets with cash crunch.

 5.  Bigger assets without cash crunch.

 6 - 10.  at the next levels

48. CAPACITY  (Organisation is external. Capacity is internal organisation written in 11.)


 1.  Cruelty is toned down to teasing which reduces in quantity.

 2.  Get entirely new circumstances partly where these are absent.

 3.  Encouragement, support, appreciation, kindness arise in the place of their opposites.

 4.  All negatives disappear, and positives establish themselves considerably.

 5.  A few who earlier teased etc. come under your authority.

 6.  They become repentant at your non-teasing attitude.

 7.  No. 3 increases in intensity and quality.

 8.  No. 4 increases in intensity and quality.

 9.  The very opposite to NO. 1 comes in great measure.

10. You find teasing etc. disappears in all places similar to yours.


 1.  All rivals, enemies become powerless.

 2.  New circumstances of friends and admirers.

 3.  Cooperation, material support in place of rivalry and enmity.

 4.  Rivals and enemies receive what they wanted to do to you.

 5.  Some of them seek your help to bale themselves out of situations they created for you.

 6.  A few turn into friends and supporters.

 7.  No. 3 increases in quality.

 8.  You get the opposite of what the rivals planned for you.

 9.  No. 8 becomes a rule of life.

10. Rivalry and enmity for all those in your earlier position reduce or disappear.


 1.   Able to concentrate on Mother for a short while of 5 to 10 minutes.

 2.   It matures into full 1/2 hour concentration with difficulty.

 3.   Becomes enjoyable, difficulty passes, occasionally extends beyond 30 minutes to 40 or 50.

 4.   The base of restlessness disappears and concentration continues for an hour or more at will.

 5.   Able to repeat this 2 or 3 times a day.

 6.   No. 1 or 2 level concentration spreads all over the day and sittings are rich.

 7.   General level raises to 3 and sittings are richer, sweet and full.

 8.   General level rises to 4. Sittings are richest hour of the day and the duration of richness extends considerably.

 9.   General level rises to 5 and sittings are superfluous but when resorted to are extraordinary.

10.  Scales new heights.


 1.  Phenomenon of life response arises in life, perhaps to answer a prayer.

 2.  Witness several life responses daily but life response appears through an opportunity.

 3.  Life is full of responses. Is able to use the mechanism to solve problems.

 4.  Is able to use it to create opportunities.

 5.  Life response acts as bringer of luck.

 6.  Life reveals a field of responses.  Process of Luck is clear.

 7.  One is able to create luck once.

 8.  One is able to create in one field fully.

 9.  Able to change life into luck.

10. Able to offer appropriate level of luck to willing recipients.


 1.  Betters the existing cleanliness.

 2.  Gives visitors a feeling of a very clean home.

 3.  Dust and dirt are missing from anywhere we can see.

 4.  Places inside almirah etc. are clean.

 5.  Periodical cleaning is instituted in hidden places.

 6.  Period is shortened.

 7.  Cleanliness is extended to painting the house.

 8.  Cleanliness periodicity is shortened.

 9.  Cleanliness expressed as orderliness too.

10. Immaculately clean.

54. RASI

 1.  Whatever bad aspect we have will lose its strength.

 2.  The good aspect that was hiding in a corner will surface.

 3.  The bad aspect will dissolve and things contrary to it will happen.

 4.  That is, a good aspect will develop.

 5.  Our activities will increase.

 6.  Good things will come to us on their own in intensity equal to what we suffered from our bad aspect.

 7.  Because we do it, a positive quality will come to these acts.

 8.  Those people who are aligned with our present disposition will come to us.

 9.  Those around us will enjoy the same changes.

10. Our life will be led in such a manner as to suggest that Mother has given us a new life.


 1.  All failure will disappear  (90%).

 2.  Success in areas not used to will show.

 3.  A little of old failures will now convert themselves into success.

 4.  Success in higher levels.

 5.  Success of a newer type and newer quality.

 6.  Conversion of old failures into new success.

 7.  Success where no old capacities existed.

 8.  Success where circumstances now exist.

 9.  Success, independent, capacities, circumstances etc.

10. Success is only our due.


 1.   We are known to be true at home and among our friends.

 2.   Socially, we refuse to speak or do what many others like us do (example with warning against fad).

 3.   Conscientious.

 4.   Take the side of social wrong in defence of the true, speaking  untruth.

 5.   Spiritually true (Arjuna's position in miniature).

 6.   Understand oneself the truth in Arjuna's position without Paramatma explaining.

 7.   True to our origin, i.e. 'I shall do my duty in spite of the other.'

 8.   Psychic truth  --  scooter accident.

 9.   Higher psychic truth  --  not helping him.

10.  You cannot do anything but what is true.

57.  PEACE

 1.  More calm generally than before.

 2.  Calm enters mind generally in spite of the situation.

 3.  Occasionally calm touches the nerves.

 4.  Established calm in the nerves.

 5.  Calm touches the physical.

 6.  Mind is full of Peace.

 6.  Nerves are full of Peace.

 7.  Body's surface is full of Peace.

 8.  Peace touches the being.

 9.  Being is filled with Peace.

10. Parts are saturated with Peace and being is in Peace.


 1.  More than before.

 2.  In all important matters.

 3.  In all matters in our control.

 4.  Matures into regularity.

 5.  Wider application to it.

 6.  Your family or organisation takes to it at one level.

 7.  Is followed in spirit.

 8.  Spreads to many unrelated things.

 9.  Punctuality is supported by regularity and orderliness.

10. Earn the reputation for it. You refuse to push it down others' throats.


 1.  More than before.

 2.  Traditional humility in full.

 3.  In inner spirit.

 4.  Before equals.

 5.  Before smaller people.

 6.  Before all men.

 7.  Before events.

 8.  Before objects.

 9.  Before arrogant, mean people.

10. Humble because you cannot be otherwise.


 1.  Where it is due.

 2.  As tradition and conscience needs even where it is not due.

 3.  To equals.

 4.  To smaller people.

 5.  In spirit.

 6.  In duty, irrespective of the attitude of another.

 7.  In fairness, irrespective of the attitude of another.

 8.  To events.

 9.  To objects.

10. Dasyam is the least of worship. God in humanity.


 1.  To family

 2.  To near and dear

 3.  To customers

 4.  To all

 5.  To God

 6 - 10.   In deeper spirit


 1.   Bad disposition will diminish and leave.

 2.  What is due for good disposition will come without it.

 3.  A bit of good disposition will develop.

 4.  A mental good disposition will develop.

 5.  An emotional good disposition will develop.

 6.  A receptivity pertaining to life will develop.

 7.  A physical receptivity will develop.

 8.  Spiritual receptivity.

 9.  Next level.

10. Peak  (Our words will come true. Unthought of, good things will happen.)


133-man generous-men

133-man generous-men generous

135-makes them generate positive attitudes-makes them generate positive attitude

452- A great good starts happening at a bad time and changes its nature-

A great good happening starts at a bad time and changes its nature

523-Get organised - Gets organised


563-will forget there was a complex-will forget that there was a complex

711-rise to that of the chief-Is this correct?

880-All failure-All failures

881-Success in areas not used to will show-Success in areas not used to, will show

888-Success, independent, capacities, circumstances etc.-Is this fine?I dont get the meaning of this.

957-A mental good disposition -Mental good disposition

958-An emotional good disposition Emotional good



story | by Dr. Radut